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Four Need-to-Knows About the Millennial Mindset from Target

Podcast delves into research
shifts, loyalty, mobile and more at the bullseye brand!

By Marc Dresner, Senior Editor,

The Millennial consumer has four
core needs/expectations. Fail to meet every one and you risk losing him/her.
That’s according to Michael Abata,
multicultural marketing manager and consumer futurist at Target Corp.

Michael Abata
is defined much differently by consumers today.’
‘Loyalty is defined much differently by consumers today,’ Abata told the Research Insighter.
‘They might be loyal to you for a few months,
but then something better might come along that appeals to one of those four core
needs and they could quickly move on,’ he added.
Abata also shared some thoughts, tips and
observations that researchers should consider, notably around mobile…
often feel like the client isn’t holding research companies accountable to
ensure that whatever we’re putting out is actually mobile-friendly.’
‘I often feel like the client isn’t holding research
companies accountable to ensure that whatever we’re putting out’especially in
quantitative research’is actually mobile-friendly and that it looks good and
works well on a mobile phone,’ he remarked.
In this wide-ranging interview for the
Research Insighter podcast series, Abata takes us inside research at the bullseye
brand, covering:
‘ Four need-to-knows
about the Millennial mindset

‘ Why ‘friendship
groups’ trump focus groups

‘ Target’s shift
from proprietary communities to commercial platforms

‘ New rules for
engaging Millennial respondents in research…and much more!
Listen to the
podcast here!

Download the
transcript here!

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Marc Dresner is IIR USA’s sr. editor and special communication project lead. He is the former executive editor of Research Business Report, a confidential newsletter for the marketing research and consumer insights industry. He may be reached at mdresner@iirusa.com. Follow him @mdrezz.

Consumers want to be a part of the creation process

According to Gongos Research, 92% of consumers surveyed want to be a part of the product development process. They would like to be work with companies in new products and packaging in categories including snacks and beverages, consumer electronics and health and wellness.

The survey also found that:
‘do not necessarily expect recognition or direct compensation’ for their contribution, 73% would expect to receive a sample product. Seventy-six percent said that they would be willing to forgo acknowledgement or creative license for their ideas, protecting the company from claims based on intellectual property rights of royalty expectations.

Read the full article here.

Using Online Collaging to Better Engage Research Respondents ‘ A Case Study

BuzzBack Research in conjunction with the Market Research Event will host a complimentary web seminar presented by Brendan Light, SVP of BuzzBack Market Research. This web seminar will take place on Thursday October 2nd from 2:00 to 3:00 PM EDT. Reserve your webinar seat by registering now. Mention priority code MWS0014BL. Here’s a brief recap of the webinar: While the Internet has become the predominant mode of data collection for market research, the industry focus to date has generally been on using it to do research ‘quicker and cheaper’ versus ‘better.’ Over the past 10+ years we’ve seen industry after industry use the Internet to reinvent the type and quality of interaction. It’s easier and better now to book travel arrangements, stay in touch with friends and pay bills online. Meanwhile, the market research industry has largely ignored the Internet’s power to engage and interact with respondents in more meaningful ways ‘ ways that drive greater understanding and insight.

Using a case study approach, BuzzBack will showcase its recent research on US and UK

What you will learn by attending: consumer attitudes to Sustainability and ‘Being Green,’ and how unique interactive techniques were used to combine traditional quantitative data with new types of qualitative insights to yield new levels of understanding. Examples given will show how improved digital approaches can infuse your research and help you think about online research in a totally different way. This approach was awarded the 2007 MRS/ASC Technology Effectiveness Award.

  • Understand new online research techniques to gain richer, more emotional understanding of respondents’ attitudes
  • See how to use the Internet can be used to change your research from the boring, click-a-radio-button survey to a respondent interaction that is much more interesting and engaging
  • Review examples of research findings from recent research on US and UK consumer attitudes towards what ‘being green’ means to them

Don’t miss your chance to view this free webinar. Click on the link below to register. https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/346754906