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What is the Future of Social Media?

Jim Tobin over at Ignite Social Media posted 5 trends to look for in the future of Social Media. His focus is exclusively on corporate social media marketing and the list provides a neat insight into where the industry is headed in seemingly uncertain times. I am particularly fascinated with his prediction that we’ll see fewer “Shiny New Tools.” Marketers and corporations are working with less and its important to not be sidetracked by something new that may not prove to be an alternative to tried and true applications. Check out his list and think about your own list. What do you see happening in 2009? Post your comments and share with us on LinkedIn.

Predictions for Social Media

I was combing through the Internet in search of future trends for online communities when I came across this article. According to the author, Jim Tobin, social media is still in the early stages of development. While some may disagree with him, here are his views on where the evolution of social media could lead.

  1. Ratings will become an expectation
  2. Content aggregation will boom
  3. New tools will replace some of the first movers
  4. Social Networks become portable
  5. Virtual worlds gain traction

What are your opinions on which growth stage social media is in? Do you still believe that it is in its fledgling stage? Also what do you think are trends that will catch on for the future of this industry?