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Reasons for poor customer service

Jay Goltz recently wrote a piece at the New York Times looking at three main reasons why customer service sometimes fails in today’s business world.

1) Health Insurance Costs — The cost to insure full time workers is expensive, so many stores have part time staffs which leads to not enough training and high turnover.
2) Pricing changes — The massive sales that occur every other week create a situation where large staffs are needed, yet when stores are not having these sales, much of the staff is sitting around with a lack of things to do.
3) No more merchants — The children of the merchants have gone on to receive educations and haven’t returned to the family businesses. There is also an occurrence of overeducated decision makers who may be looking at things other than customer service when they are pulling numbers together.

Read the full article here.

Customer Service Expectations

Gethuman.com conducted a survey on customer expectations regarding customer support as reported here. One interesting point that the survey found, is that 60% of customers “expect” responses within 4 hours of initial contact. While many consumers complain frequently about a lack of customer service, it is apparent, that the expected level they set is still quite high. The full report can be found at www.fuze.com. Make sure to post any comments on interesting findings here!

Cable Customer Service

In this previous post we had discussed a new position that had been created by Comcast called “digital care manager” whose responsibility was to manage customer service through new media methods. This latest news report, however, gives no indication that customer service is looking up for the cable industry. As the article states, cable customer satisfaction score is 60 out of 100 with 70% of respondents citing that they would have no qualms about jumping to a competitor. The article also reports that:

“the industry average was was weighed down by the scores of Comcast Corp. (58) and Charter Communications Inc. (51).”

In addition to the threat of changing to competitors Customers also cited, that they would

“dump cable, given the chance, because of poor customer service.”