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Your company and market research

In the latest issue of the TMRE LinkedIn Roundup, we asked several questions of our readers. Now is your chance to weigh in, too! Results will be posted in March’s edition of the TMRE LinkedIn Roundup. If you haven’t had a chance to join our LinkedIn group, join now!

Do you believe your market research budget will be cut?

Has the research sector of your company downsized in the current recession?

Has your company downsized because of the economy?

What type of research can you get from social networks?

David C. Skul has a great video up about how to use the data you get from your social networks as research. You can ask those in your targeted group for their opinions, collect data through polls, you can see the exact demographics that your targeting (as they are in your group) and it’s a way to get traffic to your site.

Watch the video here:

Benefits of Online Surveys

The benefits of the internet have blossomed throughout the past decade. One area the internet is making much more efficient, is data collection for market research. According to this case study at Marketing Minds Research, they have found that better research comes when research is polled online. They also found that the following proved to be benefits when gathering data online: faster results, less expensive, the ability to affordably interview lots of people, better customer insights, better reach, better targeting, better respondent selection, easy to get verbatim comments, able to use multi media, to ensure respondents answer in context, more comprehensive, fewer drop-outs, greater relevancy, no “interviewer effect”, and avoiding diminishing returns on research investment.