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Meet Community 2.0 Speaker: Matt Warburton

We’ve started our podcast series for Community 2.0. This will be a chance for you to hear from some of the speakers that will be joining us this year in San Fransisco.

In our first podcast, we speak with Matt Warburton the Interim Director, Enterprise Community Marketing at LinkedIn. Matt will be presenting ‘Voice of the Customer Programs-Using Insight Communities to Drive Your Business’ on Wednesday, May 13.

Listen here.

How to analyze a podcast for advertising?

Measuring the micro media of today is a big challenge. For marketers there is this ever pertinent challenge of how to measure mediums like blogs, wikis and podcasts.

With Social Media Channels like blogs and podcasts, the traditional metrics of reach and frequency won’t work, and more often than not, you will have to justify by qualitative metrics at best. So here I attempt to highlight the right metrics for marketers. And hope that user generated content is monetized in a way that it is worthy of.

I have always thought that podcasts and blogs need to be monetized- in a way that is appropriate. I think one major hurdle to achieve that objective is marketers ignorance. Another one is the content creators incapacity to market themselves well. But that is another story. The main issue is the lack of standards and ignorance. Chicken and egg situation actually. Usually problems like this wait for ‘scale’ to be solved. Marketers scramble for answers only when the right scale is achieved.

I just put together a podcast series on www.chasingthestorm.com and attempt to put together a set of metrics and parameters to analyze podcasts. What better way to put up an analysis through the medium itself. Hence a podcast to analyze podcasts. There actually is going to be a series of webisodes on this one topic- three to be exact. Following which, we will have other topics- hopefully some suggested by you. To take a perspective- I am going to analyze three of my favorite podcasts from Singapore.I analyze them on the basis of their

  • Web “weightage” (Page Rank),
  • Blog buzz (inbound links from other blogs),
  • Buzz within the podcast channel (Comment to webisode post ratio),
  • Frequency of posts, and average time per podcast.
  • And of course I will be covering some qualitative criterion as well

Not perfect. But in the absence of any other criterion- should give you a reasonably good insight rather than go by gut feel. Or worse- scrap spending on this media at all- because there are no parameters or justifications. In the first podcast of this series- I cover a technology podcast/videocast by a bunch of young lads. Some details and how they fare on each of the above highlighted parameters. Do let me know what are the other things that interest you- in case you are marketer or a content creator. Meanwhile, I get down to creating some more content and putting in more distribution channels for the podcast. Can only get better with time. Till then- Enjoy!Shalabh PandeyChasingTheStorm

Podcasting Relationship to Social Media

This blog post from Social Media Today, brought up an interesting topic: Is podcasting considered a part of social media? The authors response was no, and that the distinction for podcasting was that it is a form of new media and not social media. He cited his reasons as that this medium is considered to be a one way dialog and to qualify as social media there needs to be more than one person engaging in conversation. This then begs the question of what is social media then. According to Wikipedia the definition is:
the use of electronic and Internet tools for the purpose of sharing and discussing information and experiences with other human beings.’
What do you consider to be social media? Do you disagree with the author on his stance on podcasting and its relationship to social media vs. new media?

Plenty of podcasting and Twittering ahead

I’m packing my bags and flying out to Las Vegas early tomorrow morning. And much like Aaron and Jim, I’ll also be conducting plenty of podcast interviews throughout the Community 2.0 Conference.

In addition to speaking with the presenters and panelists, I’d also like to record the impressions and reactions of the conference attendees. If you’re one of them and you see me roaming the halls of the Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa with a microphone in hand, come up and say hello. I’m this guy:

Headshot of Bryan Person, podcaster at the 2008 Community 2.0 Conference

You can also contact me on my cell phone at (781) 413-5846.

Conference Twitterings

You can follow my — and everyone’s — conference-related Twitter posts at Hashtags.org and Twemes.com. These links will compile all Twitter messages marked with the #C20 hashtag.

Talk to you tomorrow from Las Vegas!

Podcasting plans for Community 2.0

As a guy who’s done a fair bit with podcasting over the last couple of years — both producing my own show and editing episodes for clients — I’m a strong advocate of using audio and the power of the human voice as a channel for sharing news and stories from conference and other live events.

And since I’ll be the guy sporting the brand-spanking-new Zoom H2 digital audio recorder at this year’s Community 2.0 Conference
(I just put in the order on Amazon yesterday!), I’m going to make sure we do just that while I’m in Las Vegas next month. My plan is to post a series of short audio interviews throughout the event, as I capture the thoughts, reactions, and learnings from presenters and attendees.

To give you a sense of how other conferences have incorporated podcasting into their events, check out these three examples:

Conference podcasts are never a true substitute for attending the actual event, but they can serve a number of useful purposes, depending on when they’re released and who’s listening: building buzz for an upcoming event, keeping attendees in the loop about alternate sessions or last-minute schedule changes, giving non-participants who are following the event online a sense of what their missing and whetting their appetite to attend the next time, and creating a digital audio repository that will live on in the long tail of the Web.

Bryan Person is a community organizer and social media evangelist from Boston. He blogs at BryanPerson.com.