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2015 TMRE: Seth Godin Question and Answer Session

Seth Godin Question
and Answer Session: TMRE, Orlando 2015
Seth Godin is the author of 18 books. His blog is one of the
most popular in the world.

After a keynote about the Connection Economy, Godin made
time for a Q and A for 50 people.

Q: Companies are risk averse and market researchers are even
more risk averse. What is your advice?
A: Reframe the questions. See how people respond. Companies
aren’t conservative; they are afraid. They all want someone to stand up and
shed light. They mistake their purpose as making the stock rise, instead of
making something meaningful. Take actions on small things, build courage, take
responsibility, give credit. Things will change.
Q: What your view of where marketing will be in five years?
A: This is the next big thing’market to the edges, the
freaks, forget mass’market to individuals. The meta trend is the smartphone.
Most teenagers would rather give up their car than their cell phone’amazing.
Q: Can you talk about scarcity verses Abundance?
A: The source of the scarcity mindset is two fold: 1.
Evolution (not enough food for 1 million years and 2. Limited shelf space. Zero
sum game ‘ the shift is that attention is the scare-est resource. How do you
get more attention? Ideas are abundant. You need to build trust.
Q: What is your view on Twitter?
A: The two stupid things Twitter can do is go public and
sell ads’I wrote this in a post before Twitter went public. Instead, they
should offer a tiered platform with power users who don’t see ads. Twitter will
be less fun to use.
Q: You mentioned about The Weird. Please explain.
A: People move away from the center when given a choice.
Look at people’s browser histories. This was inconceivable 50 years ago when we
had three TV channels to choose from. Now, it is fragmented beyond conception.
Q: When you look at market research, you think about the
push tactics you don’t want. So, what can market research do?
A: Start with reframing the questions, make sense of trends,
not history, but pattern matching. You are charged with taste, not data.
Q. Discuss the art and humanity a little more.
A: Understand patterns. As soon as someone creates an
algorithm, humanity changes, outmodes it. 
It’s the quality of the experience of living, of life, of work.
Q. Thank you for using words like generosity or art in the
realm of marketing. Can you help bring value?
A. I would say you wouldn’t say it yet. But I see it at many
companies. Look at Spotify’the CEO knows that if he hires humans at their edge,
it will bring the company more value. When I say generosity, it doesn’t mean
give it away, it means recognize the humanity of the market.
Q: How do you take it personally when you’re told not to
take it personally.
A: They don’t have to like it, but I made it and I have
proud of it. You can say ‘I made it.’
Q: Turning strangers into friends’can you explain?
A: My book Permission Marketing is about this topic.
Marketing you want to get works better than spam. Would the consumer miss you
if you were gone? Do you have permission. The challenge is how you build a brand
where people want to here from you. It requires humility. Find products for
customers, instead of customers for products. Earn that asset first, and the
other stuff falls into place.
Michael Graber is the
managing partner of the Southern Growth Studio, an innovation and strategic
growth firm based in Memphis, TN. Visit
www.southerngrowthstudio.com to learn more.

The Future of Insights According to GfK

David Krajicek, CEO, Consumer Experience, NA, GfK, took the
keynote stage this morning at TMRE 2015 to share some key takeaways from GfK’s
Future of Insights Survey
that is being released at the conference this
‘At no other time in history have we had information that
allows us to better understand human behavior. But, are we able to use this data
to its full potential to understand our consumers? Where is market research
going’? Krajicek said.
Accordng to Krajicek, market researchers really need to
understand that the future
of insights
is today. So, what do we do? First, appreciate and understand
that date-driven decision making is needed. And we need to understand that the
collection, curation and communication of insights will fundamentally change
over the next few years. Secondly, we need to align with a few imperatives and
pain points that the insights industry need to deliver on in the next two
years. We need to realign in the right ways that will keep us innovating as an industry.
The five key
imperatives include:
We need to walk, run and chew gum at the same
time ‘ There is a struggle to balance a need for innovative methodologies with
the desire to generate insights faster.
Focus on return on insights ‘ Clients are three
times more likely to focus on replacing traditional market research, but with
what? Buyers are looking to replace the traditional mix of what they do, with
something completely different.
Develop talent for tomorrow, today ‘ Filling through
leader’s shoes while keeping pace with innovation and identifying the right
talent while keeping pace with consumers.
Embrace the changing currency of insights ‘ By 2017
passive data will be as important a source of insights as direct questioning.
Drive activation through powerful and impactful
stories – 30 percent believe that storytelling is the biggest gap in the

TMRE attendees
received a brief summary of top line findings during Krajicek’s session.
Download a copy here. GfK plans to release an in-depth report soon. Stay
About the Author:
Amanda Ciccatelli, Social Media Strategist at IIR USA, has a background in digital and
print journalism, covering a variety of topics in business strategy, marketing,
and technology. Amanda is the Editor at Large for several of IIR’s blogs
including Next Big Design,  Front End of Innovation and The Market Research Blogs.
She previously worked at Technology Marketing Corporation as a Web Editor where
she covered breaking news and feature stories in the technology industry. She
can be reached at aciccatelli@iirusa.com. Follow her at @AmandaCicc.

GfK’s Market Research Survey Reveals Industry Insights at TMRE 2015

In less than 2 weeks, market research leader GfK will be
revealing the results of its Future of Insights Survey at The Market Research Event (TMRE), November 2-4.
The survey reveals in depth insights into the state of the industry. Register
now to see the unveiling LIVE: http://bit.ly/1M51td4
Here are some
highlights that have come out of GfK’s Future of Insights Survey so far:
Is the market research industry revolutionizing
or just evolving?
It depends on where you sit!
Clients want to revolutionize the way that research is done, while
suppliers are looking to evolve.
Are clients and suppliers aligned on their top
goals for 2016?
When generating actionable insights, difficulty in being timely is a top impact
for clients, while adopting new, innovative methodologies is a leading impact
for suppliers.
Which is more important: innovation or speed?
Turns out research innovation is still
important, but not at the expense of speed! Suppliers are focused on new
methodologies to create insights, but are misaligned with clients on the
importance of delivering impactful insights quickly.
What is the market research industry craving?
The industry is craving leadership!
Clients feel a more imminent change in the
market research industry, while suppliers are pressured to keep pace with a
focus on new, innovative methodologies that can deliver impactful and timely
This is just a sample of the insights into the state of the
industry that GfK and IIR will be revealing at TMRE 2015 taking place November
2-4 in Orlando, Florida, as we release the results of Future of Insights
Survey. Follow #FOInsights on Twitter and Facebook for more survey results
at TMRE.
As a valued member of
our LinkedIn community, you get an exclusive $100 off the current rate when you
use code TMRE15LI. Register for TMRE 2015 now to see the unveiling LIVE: http://bit.ly/1M51td4
We hope to see you in Orlando!

The TMRE 2015 Team


Target, Hershey, Clorox and More Prepare You for the Future of MRX at TMRE 2015

The highly anticipated Market
Research Event 2015
is almost here! For the past 13 years, The Market
Research Event has been the insights industry’s annual meeting place, known for
its ability to connect you with the very best in insights from around the
With unprecedented access to 150+ research and insights
speakers, 125 content-driven sessions, and 100+ cutting edge solutions
providers, TMRE once again lives up to its reputation for being the
“world’s #1 insights event.” We are so excited for you to see all the
creative new ways TMRE 2015 addresses your newest challenges- helping you
translate insights into bottom line impact.
Jam-packed with sessions presented by global market research
leaders, TMRE’s Trends, Foresight & Growth Track on Monday, November 2nd
gives you the tools, techniques, and methodologies you need to be future-ready.
Here’s a full list of
the Trends, Foresight & Growth track sessions:
Strategy for the Next Generation for
Multi-Cultural Milennial-Identity
Mildred Carrasquillo, formerly
Insights from the Future: How to Leverage
Strategic Foresight
How to Communicate Superior Value through your
Product Claims
Jee Ahn, THE CLOROX COMPANY and Paul Jannsen, SKIM
Who is the RealLGBT Consumer?
Michael Abata, TARGET and Mehreen Hussain, TARGET
The Art of Trends
Claudia Lieshout, PHILIPS
And the featured
speakers you don’t want to miss:
Cultivating Ad Receptivity: Strategies for
Countering Ad Avoidance
Duane Varan, Chief Research Officer, ESPN LAB
Contagious: How to Make Products, Ideas and
Behaviors Catch On
Jonah Berger, Professor Marketing, THE WHARTON SCHOOL OF THE
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA,Author, Contagious: Why Things Catch On
Risk Taking and Decision Making in Poker,
Business and Life
Casper Berry, Risk Taking and Decision Making Expert and Professional
Poker Player    
Shaping the Future: A Moment of Truth for the
Insights/MR Industry
Bill Hoffman, Chief Analytics Officer, US Bank, Former SVP of
Insights, BEST BUY
BV Pradeep, Global Vice President, Consumer and Market Insights-Market
How Big Data is Changing the Way we Work, Live
and Dream
Hilary Mason, CEO and Founder, Fast Forward Labs, Former Chief
Scientist, BITLY
Generating Insights in a Hyper-Connected and
Data-Driven World
Reed Cundiff General Manager MICROSOFT CORPORATION
We Are Predictably Irrational
Dan Ariely, Best selling Author, Predictably irrational and The Upside of
Irrationality, Behavioural Economist
James B. Duke Professor of Behavioral Economics DUKE
Download the brochure
for the full program: http://bit.ly/1Pj7eKE
Also, this year, TMRE has reached 70% client side
participants- the highest client-side participation of any large-scale
market/research insights event. So what does that mean for you? It makes
the networking, story sharing and connections THAT much more valuable both
onsite and after the event. Making connections matters.
Drive your future and
shape the industry’s future at TMRE. Use code TMRE15BL for $100 off the current
rate. Register today: http://bit.ly/1Pj7eKE
We hope to see you in Orlando!
Don’t miss ORC International’s FREE upcoming webinar ‘Virtual
Reality: The Key to Understanding Shopper Decisions’ taking place Wednesday,
October 28th at 11:00 AM EST. Join InContext Solutions’ Rich Scamehorn and Liz
Cox to learn the latest trends and applications of virtual reality research,
and how virtual technology is allowing retailers and manufactures to optimize
assortment and eliminate traditional decision tree barriers. Register here: http://bit.ly/1LvvQgP

The TMRE 2015 Team

Digital Learning Options for the Market Research Professional Who Can’t Leave the Office

Is a 3-day event out of your budget? Or are you too busy
this month to leave the office for a conference?
We understand and want to help you become better at your job right from your
office chair.
Here are 4 pieces of digital content to help you accelerate
in your career:
The OmniShopper Digital Package
For the first time, you can reap the benefit of the
visionary knowledge shared at OmniShopper from your own office. Don’t let
geographic and budget limitations stand in your way, take the necessary steps
to ensure your future relevance by commercializing vision by purchasing the
OmniShopper Digital Package.
Buy the video package here: http://bit.ly/1Ltymo9
Webinar On New Ways CX Researchers Predict Customer
In this webinar on October 8th at 1:00 PM EST,
John Georgesen, Ph.D. and Senior Director, Research Analytics and Decision
Sciences at Convergys Analytics., will discuss how three Fortune 100 companies
are tapping into new technologies and using linkage methodologies to uncover
customers’ needs, wants, and actual behaviors ‘ and turning those insights into
business cases for action.
Register for the webinar here: http://bit.ly/1fRmxL4
Podcast Interview with Target Head of Mutlicultural
The Millennial consumer has four core needs and
expectations. Fail to meet every one and you risk losing him or her, according
to Michael Abata, multicultural marketing manager and consumer futurist at
Target. He shared some thoughts, tips and observations that researchers should
consider, notably around mobile.
Listen to or read the full interview here: http://bit.ly/1NR9dpg
We hope these digital learning options give you the tools
you need for success!
Interested in more of this content in person? Attend TMRE 2015 November 2-4 in Orlando, Florida.
TMRE if the number one insights event that gives you access to the most
insights professionals in in one place at one time.
As a valued member of our blog community, you get an
exclusive $100 off when you use code TMRE15BL at registration.  For more
information about the conference or to register, click here: http://bit.ly/1YOugfL
The IIR Market Research Events Team


The World of Changing Fan Behavior at ESPN

ESPN Research & Analytics spent more than two years
researching how to tailor SportsCenter
for its legions of devotees in a world of changing fan behavior. The project
was among the most extensive and expensive we’ve undertaken but also one of our
most impactful. In June 2014, ESPN opened a brand new SportsCenter studio as
well as implemented all kinds of new content and innovative features within the

At TMRE last year, Barry
Blyn, VP Consumer Insights, at ESPN, Inc., told us about the strategy for this
‘We work for an entertainment company. Everything we see and
do seems to involve some form of entertainment,’ he explained. ‘When we sit
down with our clients, we can’t sit down with white paper and black lines. We
need to do creative stuff in our deliverables, and we also need to do creative
stuff in order for them to want to come to the research.’
According to Blyn, the researchers who get you into trouble are
the ones that ones that pound their finger into your chest and say ‘No, the
data says this, so this what you need to do.’ That’s not the way the relationship
should work, he said.

Watch the full video
interview below:

Insights without impact are worthless. TMRE is the most
trusted, supported insights event in the world and delivers more proven value
than any other of its kind. Beyond “how to,” TMRE is always focused
on the business value of insights – the meat that really matters.

TMRE has grown to be the most comprehensive insights conference in the world.
Focused on the business value of insights, we unite leaders across market
research, consumer insights, strategy, innovation, marketing, analytics,
shopper insights, media research, UX, customer experience, business
intelligence, competitive intelligence and more. We Connect The Best In
Insights From Around The World!

We invite you to join us this year! TMRE
2015 is taking place November 4-6 in Orlando, FL. Use code TMRE15BL and get
$100 off the current rate: http://bit.ly/1NUge8y

Breaking News – TMRE 2015 Reaches 70% Client-Side Attendance!

For the past 13 years, The
Market Research Event
has been the insights industry’s annual meeting
place, known for it’s ability to connect you with the very best in insights
from around the world.

The TMRE 2015 event has just reached 70% client side participants- the highest
client-side participation of any large-scale market/research insights event. So
what does that mean for you?

It makes the networking, story sharing and connections THAT much more valuable
both onsite and after the event. Making connections matters. Bottom line:
you’re not just meeting people… you’re meeting the RIGHT people to move your
business forward. Learn more here: http://bit.ly/1Yg7o8A

Here are all the companies
who will be in attendance:
AARP Services Inc
AcuPOLL Precision Research Inc
Added Value
Alcoa Inc
American Greetings
Amway Corporation
Analytics Quotient
Angelfish Ltd
Angie’s List
Applied Marketing Science
Bayer Health Care
BBC Worldwide
Bedford Industries/ElastiTag
Behr Process Corp
Bel Brands Usa
Bellomy Research
Beta Research
Black Bamboo
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
Blueocean Market Intelligence
BMO Financial Group
Boehringer Ingleheim
Borderless Access
Bounce Exchange
Brunswick Group
Buffalo Wild Wings
Burke Inc
C Space
C&C Market Research
C+R Market Research
Campbell Soup Company
Carhartt Inc
Centrac – a Division of Veris Consulting
Chadwick Martin Bailey
Charles Schwab Corp
Cint USA Inc
Clear Seas Research
Client Insight Inc
Comcast Spotlight
Constellation Brands Inc
Consumer & Customer Insight LLC
CraginCube Consulting LLC
Critical Mix
Cross Marketing Group Inc
Cuna Mutual
Custom Intercept Solutions
Daimler Trucks North America
Darden Restaurants
Dawn Food Products
Decision Analyst Inc
Del Taco Inc
Diageo North America Inc
Directions Research Inc
Discovery Research Group
Dr Pepper Snapple Group
DTE Energy
Duke University
Edward Jones
Eli Broad College of Business, MSU
Eli Lilly & Company
EMI Research Group
Environmental Defense Fund
Erickson Living
ETeam Executive Search
Evaluative Criteria Inc
ExecuteNow LLC
Federated Sample LLC
Fidelity Investments
First Insight
First Quality Consumer Products
FocusVision Worldwide
Forbes Consulting
Foremost Insurance
Fresh Intelligence
Fusion Hill
Gap Inc
General Motors
Genworth Financial
Gillian Kenny Associates Ltd
Global Market Research Group
GMO Research
GOJO Industries
Google Inc
Grendene SA
Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation
Hallmark Cards Inc
Hamilton Beach Brands Inc
Hasbro Inc
HBO Latin America
Heart+Mind Strategies LLC
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
HMC Advertising
Honda R & D Americas Inc
Hulu LLC
Hypothesis Group
Hyundai Motor America
Imagitas a Pitney Bowes Company
IMAX Corporation
In Vivo BVA
In4mation Insights
Ingather Research
Ingredion Inc
Insight Evolution LLC
Intouch Holdings PLC
Ionis Education Group
Jester & Genius LLC
JM Smucker
Johnson & Johnson
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Inc
JP Morgan Chase
K12 Inc
Kellogg Company
Kimberly Clark
Kohler Company
Kraft Foods
L & E Research
Land O Lakes Inc
Lands End
Levi Strauss
Liberty Mutual Insurance Group
Lightspeed GMI
Lincoln Financial Group
Lionbridge Technologies Inc
Lowes Companies Inc
Lundbeck Canada
Luth Research LLC
Lynx Research Consulting
M/A/R/C Research
Mark Travel Corporation
Market Probe International
Marketing Systems Group
Marketry Inc
MarketVision Research
Marriott International
Mars Drinks
Mavens of London
McKee Foods Corporation
Meredith Corporation
Millward Brown
Morpace Inc
Motivequest LLC
Motorola Solutions Inc
MSW/ARS Research
MTD Products Inc
MTV Networks
Mullen Lowe Group
Murphy Research
Mutual of Omaha
National Rural Electric Cooperative
National Sporting Goods Association
Navy Federal Credit Union
NCM Media Networks
Nestle Purina
Netflix Inc
NextON Services
Novo Nordisk Inc
Now What
O’Connell Group
OFD Foods
Opinions, Ltd
Optimization Group
Optimum Solutions Corporation
ORC International
Over the Shoulder
Paradigm Sample
Passenger Inc
Paychex Inc
Pert Group
Pfizer Consumer Healthcare
Phoenix Marketing
Pitney Bowes Imagitas
Poplar Partners
Porsche Cars North America
Precor Inc
PT Kadence International
Publix Super Markets Inc
Pulte Group
Pure Fishing Corporation
Quest Mindshare
Radius Global Market Research
Research & Marketing Strategies
Research House
Research Now
Research Panel Asia
Research Results Inc
Researchscape International
Rich Products Corporation
RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company
Sacoda Serve International
Sands China Limited
Saputo Dairy Foods USA LLC
SC Johnson & Son Inc
Schlesinger Associates
Schmidt Market Research
Scotia Bank
Scripps Networks
Sealed Air Corp
Sentient Decision Science
Sheetz Inc
Society of Actuaries
Socratic Technologies
Southern Company Services
Sparks Grove
Standard Life
Steinway & Sons
Store Financial
Strategic Research Partners
Subaru of America Inc
Summit Holdings
Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada
Sun Products Corporation
Survey Sampling International
Survey Sampling International (SSI)
Survey Technology & Research Center
Survox | CFMC
T Rowe Price
Taco Bell
Takasago International Corp
Takeda Pharmaceuticals USA Inc
Tango Card
Tec Laboratories Inc
Temple University
Teva Pharmaceuticals
Texas Instruments
TGI Fridays
The Center for Strategy Research
The Clorox Company
The Garage Group
The Institute of Internal Auditors
The Mix
The Olinger Group
The Research Boutique
The Wonderful Company
Thoroughbred Research
TiVo Inc
Tobii Pro
TracFone Wireless Inc
Travelers Insurance
Triad Retail Media
Ugam Solutions
Under Armour
Union Panels
Universal Music Group
Universal Orlando
University of Georgia MRII
US Cellular
VF Jeanswear
Virtual Incentives
Vision Insights Group
Vital Findings
Voya Financial
Warner Brothers
Weber Stephen Products Company
Wendy’s International Inc
Western Union
WestRock Company
Wilson Jill Associates Inc
World Kitchen LLC
XTRAC Solutions
Zeldis Research
Don’t get left behind as together, we shape the future of
the insights industry.

Check out the agenda here for more information: http://bit.ly/1Yg7o8A

You get exclusive $100 off when you use code TMRE15BL to
We hope to see you in Orlando this fall!
The TMRE Team

10 Ways to Drive Survey Engagement

By Melissa Moxley,
Lightspeed GMI

According to a spring 2015 study from Microsoft, the average human
attention span has fallen below that of goldfish — and you can blame it on the
gadgets we use to watch YouTube videos and play “Crossy Road.” The researchers clocked the
average human attention span at just 8 seconds in 2013, falling 4 seconds from
the 12-second average in 2000, and putting humans just 1 second below goldfish.
We made the transition from CATI to online, but now we need
to make the transition from online to mobile. But, how do we keep survey
respondents engaged in a way that captures their attention? Can we carry them
past that eight second threshold?
From a questionnaire design perspective, we need to balance the
marketing research hat with the respondent hat. Yes, we need to ensure our
paired comparison questions are all implemented for proper analysis, but let’s
grab the attention of our respondents with some color and images, bringing life
to our questions. Let’s be their distraction.  
Regardless of whether or not respondents are on-the-go or
planted in their office or home, distractions are all around them. Have you
tried to take a survey while emails are accumulating in your inbox? Your
messenger pings are flashing and your boss is seconds away from walking in for
your 2:00p.m. meeting? How about taking a survey while cooking dinner, briefing
your husband on the day and pacifying the toddler pulling at your leg? While
these are exaggerated situations, reality isn’t too far off. Respondents
nowadays are taking surveys from anywhere and at any time. We need to capture
their attention and retain it.
Be the Distraction

So how do we do it? While we can’t sit next to every
respondent as they enter in their answers, we can take measures to prevent them
from closing their browser and moving on. Your survey should serve as the
distraction; your respondent shouldn’t be distraction from your survey.
Below are the 10 ways to design an appealing survey. Remember,
you only have eight seconds to engage.
1.     Scrolling
= Work = Dropouts
??  No one
wants to work to read an attribute list or find the ‘next’ button in order to
progress. The key here is ease, try
to limit your response lists to 15 points and minimize scrolling as best as you
2.     Be
Concise: The Shorter, The Better
??  I like
to promote the Twitter mentality: 140 characters, short and concise and easy to
3.     Avoid
Repetition: Didn’t I Already Answer That?
??  Nothing
is worse than being mid-survey and thinking just that. Don’t ask respondents to
rank their top three brands and then turn around and rank their top six. 
4.     Spacing:
Feng Shui Your Survey
??  The
spacing between the question text, response lists and images needs to be optimized
and balanced within the screen so that there is balance and symmetry.
5.     Sizing:
Bigger Isn’t Always Better
??  This
applies to font size throughout the survey (consistency is key) as well as
image sizing. There needs to be a middle ground between squinting in order to
read the question and scrolling in order to see the entire ad or concept being
6.     Consider
Compatibility: Are respondents going to be taking the survey on a PC? Tablet?
Mobile? All of the above?
??  Test
surveys on all potential devices and don’t allow mobile or tablet usage if the
survey isn’t compatible; it’s not worth jeopardizing the data or the
respondents experience
7.     Question
Types: the right question yields the right answers
??  If you
are asking respondents to ‘select all that apply’ ensure they can do so. In
turn, respondents should be able to visually tell which options they’ve
selected, getting rewarded for their answers
8.     Get
Active! Designing ‘active’ questions = engaged respondents
??  It’s
not just for physical health anymore. Mentally, respondents want something to
do when giving their opinion, they like dragging logos in order to rank them or
sliding the scale to the number ’10′ because they really do ‘strongly agree’
with that statement.
9.     Find
your inner artist: Colors, visuals and design elements go a long way.
??  Using
these features effectively in a survey locks the respondents’ attention and
keeps it from click to click.
10.  Survey
Experience: Taking the time to remove your researcher hat and put on your
respondent hat helps ensure the experience is an enjoyable one
??  Once
you’re positive you’ve got the survey of your dreams in place, take a step back
and look at it from a high level. Are the colors consistent from page to page? Was
that Arial font on question 10 when the rest of the survey was in Times Roman?
When the instructions say ‘roll over image to zoom,’ is it really working?
Still with me? If you’re at the end of this list, you’ve
made it past the eight second mark and are clearly engaged!
About the Author:  Melissa Moxley serves as Lightspeed GMI’s
Global Product Marketing Manager. As a key member of the Global Marketing and
Business Strategy Team, Melissa drives the adaption and implementation of
QuestionArts, Lightspeed GMI’s survey programming and design. As an escalation
point for regional teams, Melissa strategizes on commercial and marketing based
engagements and ensures global compliance.

Top 10 People Impacting Market Research Right Now

This year’s TMRE speakers making a huge impact on the state
of market research. With the right mix of inspiration, instigation, and
application, these industry leaders, movers, and shakers will bring you
unforgettable presentations this Fall.
 Here are the top 10 people impacting market research who
also happen to be speaking at TMRE:
Dan Ariely, Best-Selling Author of ‘Predictably
Irrational’, Behavioral Economist, and Professor at Duke University: Dan will
be presenting ‘Why We are Predictably Irrational.’
Seth Godin, Best-Selling Author and Disruptive
Marketing Guru: Seth will be presenting ‘Invisible or Remarkable’?
Hilary Mason, Founder and CEO, Fast Forward Labs
and Data Scientist in Residence, Accel Partners: Hilary will be presenting ‘How
Big Data is Changing the Way we Work, Live, and Dream.’
Jonah Berger, Best-Selling Author, Contagious:
Why Things Catch On: Jonah will be presenting ‘Contagious: How to Make
Products, Ideas, and Behaviors Catch On.’
Duane Varan: Chief Research Officer, ESPN Lab:
Duane will be presenting ‘Cultivating Ad Receptivity ‘ Strategies for
Countering Ad Avoidance.’
Caspar Barry, Risk Taking & Decision Making
Expert and Professional Poker Player: Caspar will be presenting ‘Risk Taking
and Decisions Making in Poker, Business, and Life.’
Kumar Mehta, Ph.D., CEO of Blueocean Market
Intelligence: Kumar will be presenting ‘Generating Insights in a
Hyper-Connected and Data-Driven World.’
Maxwell Luthy, co-author of ‘Trend-Driven Innovation’
and Director of Trends & Insights at Trendwatching: Maxwell will be
presenting ‘Thrive in the Expectation Economy: The Most Exciting and Urgent
Trends for 2016 and Beyond.’
Bill Hoffman, Chief Analytics Officer, US BANK,
Former SVP of Insights at Best Buy: Bill will be presenting ‘Shaping the
Future: A Moment of Truth for the Insights/MR Industry.’
David Krajicek, CEO,
Consumer Experiences Na at GfK: David will
be presenting ‘The Future of Insights.’
Don’t miss this amazing lineup and more at TMRE 2015
November 2-4 at Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, Florida. Learn more about the
event here: http://bit.ly/1MeLwXe
You get exclusive $100 off when you use code TMRE15LI to
We hope to see you in Orlando!
The TMRE Team

How Etsy Established the Value of Market Research as a Growing Startup

Long known for its highly experimental and data-driven
engineering culture, Etsy recently
established a Research team to deepen its understanding of its global
In an interview with Marc Dresner at TMRE last year, Alex
Wright, Director of Research at Etsy, explored the challenges of building a new
team and establishing the value of UX and market research practices in a
rapidly growing start-up environment.

According to Wright, research is a fairly new thing at Etsy
so he and his team have been trying to figure out where the need is and how to
staff against a number of different research initiatives.
‘The biggest challenge has really been, as it’s a brand new
function, is getting good people in place and getting them to work together,
what the roles are, how we distinguish different roles. And, at the same time
the company is growing, so it’s a little bit like trying to stand up in a boat,’
explained Wright.
Watch the full video interview

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