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Recruitment of participants for Online Research Communities, the role of Online Access Panels

you know the business of online access panels maybe because you sometimes need
that kind of service, you may know that providers of online access panels
position themselves on the ground of huge panelsizes or because
of delivered quality. The respective
underlying business model is correspondingly
either quantities or it is
defined by the quality of respondents’ information.
models of course have several advantages and disadvantages.

Even small audiences with low incidence rates can be reached adequately
High demands on field time and costs can be met
- Large numbers of cases
are possible

- Higher fluctuation
and “panel-mortality”
- Only
few qualifying information about the participants available
- Recruitment
methods are not always transparent
Only little knowledge about the influence of the panel model on panelists self-perception
as survey participants

High quality responses on more strict rules of access to new panel members (eg
- Extensive screening
Qualitative analysis of the panelists (eg minimization of screen-outs as the
basis of the relationship management)
- Limitation
in case of low incidences are needed
- Limitation on
the number of cases to be achieved
- Slightly higher costs
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In the
context of online research community projects it is necessary to recruit
participants not only to because of their target-group characteristics. You
rather put demands on communication skills beyond ‘tip-the-box’ as well as sufficient
intrinsic motivation to participate.

it is generally a good idea to recruit participants via online access panels,
we prefer those providers with a
quality-driven approach. Results
always are extremely high response rates, low drop-out rates over time (even in
communities with longer durations) and last but not least positive effects in
terms of ??panelists’ appreciation being a participant in market research. Without
participants and their willingness to share their experiences, attitudes and
preferences, we would have a hard time. 
So it is always a
pleasure to read feedback like this after completion of online research
‘Thanks a lot to the moderators and creators of
this community. I had a lot of fun and I have learned a lot. I’m happy that I
was able to exchange with others and there were a lot of good hints. You, the
scribblers, have been a great group! Thanks a lot. I wish all the best to all
participants and perhaps we will meet one day on the internet or even in real
Make sure to join the discussions about panels and communities at the upcoming The Market Research Event  in Florida, hosted by IIR, USA. We’ll have plenty
to discuss…
About the author: Christian D??ssel is blogging about market research in German language here and here.
After having worked for TNS, TBWA and other strategy and market
research agencies he now holds the position of Senior Research Director
at MM-Eye in Hamburg / Germany with special responsibilities for MM-Eye’s new media and online research approaches

Symposia Session – The State of Online Research Panels

Don Bruzzone, Bruzzone Research
Steve Gittelman, Mktg Inc.

Don begins his presentation by stating that there is a reluctance to reply in panels. Out of an example panel of 19, only 12 answered the 1st inquiry, yet after 3 attempts 17 had answered. Many objected calling the questions intrusive and incredibly invasive just to name a few. Don also suggests putting direct limits on panel invitations.

The most important problems as stated by Don:
- Minimize the number who have been on the panel for years
- Minimize the number doing it for the money
- Eliminate the straight-liners
- Eliminate speeders
- Avoid panels that send excessive invitations

Steve Gittelman starts off his speech with this quote from Ron Gailey, ‘In every study examined’people with more panel tenure gave lower demand.’

What is a researcher to do?

Uncontrolled variables can drive inconsistency:
- Respondent tenure
- Professional respondents
- Speeders
- Consistency erros
- Satisficing
- Shifting sample sources

New Online Tool from MarketTools

MarketTools announced today that they’ve created an online platform, MarketTools.com, that will bring together survey tools, online panels and communities into one place.

Mark Frost, EVP and general manager, had this to say about the new site:

“With MarketTools.com, companies are now empowered to conduct the highest quality, professional research on their own and can also obtain support from our in-house team of leading research experts. Given the current state of the economy, we’re delighted to provide our customers with an extremely efficient and cost-effective means of gaining an understanding of the needs of their customers or clients’ customers.”