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Google and Facebook to join music distribution

According to the New York Times, Google and Facebook are teaming up with some of the music labels in order to make music easier to learn about music types, as well as find and sample music from different musicians. Google’s initiative to team up with Capitol Records is expected to be announced next Wednesday. The different sites will not actually host the media, but will create partnerships with other sites such as iLike to stream the media.

What do you think? This is the first time we’ve seen the music industry join forces with someone on the internet to publicize their artists on the internet. I believe that by creating communities where artists are readily available for the public to hear will only increase the number of CDs purchased by buyers.

Number One Social Network for Online Music

As the San Francisco Chronicle reports after signing deals with four major labels, Imeem has become the number one streaming music site as reported by Compete, a web analytics company. ComScore also noted that they Imeem is the third largest social networking site behind Facebook, and Myspace, with more than 27 million unique visitors, and approximately 65,000 new users signing up everyday. The impressive list of companies that they have managed to strike deals with include: Universal Music Group, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, EMI Group, and Viacom’s MTV Networks for videos from Comedy Central, MTV and VH1. Some are saying they have experienced so much success, by launching ahead of the much anticipated MySpace. In reviews, ReadWriteWeb had this to say about Imeem and it’s competitor
You cannot of course count out MySpace Music, it is a joint venture after all with 3 of the 4 big record labels. But Imeem’s growth rate and buzz is reminiscent of that of YouTube just before it got huge. CNet had this to add about Imeems success:
It’s not the social networking, it’s not the ADD-inspired interface, it’s not the wide range of opportunities for personal expression. It’s simply that you can find almost any song on Imeem.

It will be interesting to see how this site fares in the long run since it is still relatively new. What are your impressions of Imeem’s viability?