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Threadless looks to FaceBook for Customer Support

Internet Retailer recently turned to Facebook to support their customer service. By teaming up with Parature, Inc, they were able to create a “Support” tab on their Facebook Fan Page that hosts FAQs. If customer questions aren’t answered in the FAQ questions, customers can contact employees for answers. Not only does this get many of the questions answered, it allows Threadless to monitor what customer service issues need to be handled more quickly than others.

Brianne Hattaway, director of customer support for the online retailer, stated, ‘Our approach to support is shaped by our online community and their need for transparency and immediacy. We can reach out to our customers on Facebook even more than before and give them a fluid support experience across different channels with the personalized support that Parature enables on our site.’

What other kinds of innovative services have you seen to support customers on Facebook?

Verizon’s Online Community Forums

In a press release issued today, Verizon said that its new online community forums have proven to be a great place for customers to connect about service issues and even to reach the customer service department. According to the release, one of the growing base of super users is Justin McMurry of Keller, Texas, who describes his involvement as growing from a natural interest in Verizon’s FiOS TV and FiOS Internet services. Formerly a technical support expert for many years at a major technology company, McMurry said he enjoys solving problems and answering questions for others who visit the Community Forums in search of real-time feedback from fellow customers.

Are online forums a passing fad or here to stay?