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Reaching niche markets with social media

AdWeek recently looked at the new niche-market products that are now on the market due to the access that social media provides to these communities. Traditional marketing models put products out there with mass market appeal, but now that social media allows companies to identify and communicate with small markets, new products are rising in popularity. The article uses the line of Gluton Free products which they have marketed almost exclusivly digitally:

“We felt that this was a product that was going to be marketed almost entirely digitally,” said Kelli Ask, interactive-marketing manager at General Mills. “We knew this was a group of very passionate consumers, always talking to each other and looking for solutions.”

Read the full article here.

Gaining Readership by Joining Niche Social Networking Sites

I came across this post on ProBlogger that highlights a few simple ways to increase your blog circulation and readership by joining niche social networks. Here’s a summary of the recommendations posted on the blog.

  1. Interact with members of community sites for about 10-15 minutes a day, people will stumble upon and discover your blog.
  2. Share your knowledge with smaller more niche social networks and you can be considered a guru quickly.
  3. Make sure to fill out your profile in the social networks, and include your blog links there! You will be surprised by steady traffic it can bring to your blog site.
  4. Join social news voting sites and forums like Digg and Redditt, research shows that for these sites conversion from visitor to subscriber is high.

These are just a few recommendations to helping improve your blog’s readership. What are some other tips that can help boost traffic?