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New Market Research Tool for eBay

As announced in this article, eBay has decided to ‘retire’ their market research tool in favor of Terapeak’s tool. The official launch date of the new tool, and end of the current is September 15. Terapeak will be increasing the number of reports and features available to better serve the requirement of users of their tools. They already provide information to sellers on eBay listings that have been completed Fred Speckeen, CEO of Terapeak/AERS, released this statement: “The transfer of research responsibilities to Terapeak reflects our longstanding business relationship with eBay, and our company’s commitment to providing the best market research product possible. Although most eBay sellers know us for our Terapeak product, AERS was the first licensee of eBay data, and also provides e-commerce analytics based on eBay data to the larger Fortune 1000 community. We are proud and excited to be invited to offer Terapeak as an alternative to eBay Marketplace Research.”

MobileVerbs gets live feedback for NBC Olympics webpage

MobileVerbs was able to develop a plan for NBC to obtain feedback from mobile users surfing their Olympics site, according to this press release at PR Web. Visitors simply click on the banner link that then leads them to the surveys on their mobile phones. Mobile Verbs modeled the web page after the Olympics web page, and the responses obtained from this venture have exceeded expectations. MobileVerbs has been able to target a specific segment of the market with this campaign management tool.

New Marketing Research Tool

A new patent pending research tool has hit the market thanks to Synergy Research Group as mentioned in this press release from marketwire. It is called Synergy Interactive Analysis (SIA), and is a web 2.0 tool that will help users ‘SIA leverages the wealth of market intelligence Synergy has developed over the last decade in the Networking and Telecom industries. SIA allows clients to instantly create any type of report or chart, using any unit of measure, for any company, anywhere in the world.’ SIA will cost users $499 per seat per service, and will provide consumers with 38 separate SIA Market Share, and Forecast services. In order for individuals to experience the value of their tool Synergy will be offering 2 SIA Market Share and Forecast services free, for a limited time. The potential benefit to organizations is that this will allow them to efficiently gather and manipulate important market research. As Troy D. Jensen, from Piper Jaffray stated “SIA is an incredible new tool which helps us quickly and intuitively access Synergy’s highly regarded market research. Synergy’s SIA research tool is a great example of what happens when entrepreneurship and technology come together. Synergy has created a powerful and easy to use Web-based research application that will enhance our research efforts and save us time.”