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Successful Retailers Drive Emotional Connections with Consumers

We recently sat down with Bridget Brennan, Author, Why She Buys and CEO, Female Factor. In
our conversation, she shed some light on how omnichannel is impacting retail,
how shoppers are shaping the future of retail, where retail is going in the
next five years, and more.
Here’s what Brennan had to say:
What can retailers do
better to embrace the omnichannel customer journey and experience?
Brennan: Staying
centered on the very human reasons of why people buy (and why they don’t) is
the best compass for anyone. No matter what channel or technology is being
used, retailers that drive an emotional connection with consumers do it through
elements like great service, inspiring experiences, excellent products, good
value and a brand that people want to be a part of. The opportunity is to
play to the strengths of each channel to deliver these elements. One of the
most effective ways to stay in tune with the modern consumer journey is to
conduct qualitative consumer research on a regular basis.
How are shoppers
shaping the future of retail?
Brennan: One of
the big shifts we see across age groups is the desire for services and
experiences. For brick-and-mortar locations, there is an enormous opportunity
to deliver the kind of experiences that people can’t get through a screen. My
local Nordstrom now has a beautiful bar on the second floor, right in the
middle of the men’s section. Every time I go, it’s full of people who are
clearly enjoying themselves. I predict we’re going to see more and more
retailers add both experiential elements and helpful services to their
brick-and-mortar locations.
How is digital
reinventing retail?
Brennan: In too
many ways to count.  Here’s just one: e-commerce has changed the very
definition of ease and convenience.  Which means it won’t be long before
brick-and-mortar retailers change the very definition of what it means to be a
What are some key
points attendees can expect to take away from your session at the event?

Brennan: People
will walk away understanding the most important trends driving women consumers,
and how they can leverage these as a blueprint for meeting women’s wants and
needs.  Women drive 70-80% of consumer spending with their combined buying
power and influence. My goal is to provide actionable insights that help
retailers stay relevant with the world’s most powerful consumers in 2016 and

Report Reveals What’s Hot and What’s Not in Back-to-School Shopping Trends

By: Kazon Robinson

Like with all things sales come and go, bargains come and
go, and clearance prices come and go. Whether it is the craze-induced Black
Friday sales or Cyber Monday, all companies will agree that they want their
products to be bought.
However, that plan won’t always work and sometimes there
will be less consumers wanting to buy a company’s products that season.
Sometimes people won’t want to invest their money into those sales despite the
occasion. An example of that is scene in back to school shopping seasons.
In fact, a recent
from Retail Customer Experience tells of the change in consumers. The
report references the use of annual Deloitte’s and National Retail Federation’s
survey on school related spending. Some of the information from Deloitte
Compared to college students, shopping for K-12
is seen as less important. Plus college students are more likely to buy
throughout the school year.
Consumers are not as driven by discounts
Consumers are more likely to make purchasing
decisions prior to being at the store with digital services playing a stronger
Consumers are no longer driven solely by
Next up is the National Retail Federation which lists its
own pieces off information:
The average family with children grades K-12
will spend less. The number going from $669.28 to 630.36
The total amount of spending expects to reach
24.9 billion.
Due to the economy over 76.4 percent of families
with school-age children will change their spending.
Families will spend up to $117.56 on new shoes.
Deloitte summarizes one similar point which is about the
consumer’s changing patterns. Unlike the previous year where they had gotten
better results. Deloitte LLP Vice Chairman and Alison Paul state in a report, ‘Consumers
are sending a message to retailers that says the back-to-school shopping season
just isn’t that important anymore”
As for the National Retail Federation they also imply this
change in the consumer’s patterns. NRF President said in a release, ‘As seen
over the last 13 years, spending on ‘back-to-school’ has consistently
fluctuated based on children’s needs each year, and it’s unlikely most families
would need to restock and replenish apparel, electronics and supplies every
Sales come and go, but like with all things, so do customers
thoughts on what should be bought and what shouldn’t be bought. The digitalized
marketplace and the impact of the economy show how the customer is effected in
so many ways beyond the surface level. With that in mind corporations must
always be ready to innovate and seek ways such as free shipping or same-day
delivery to entice customers.

About the Author:
Kazon Robinson is currently a Marketing Intern at IIR USA and a high school student at
All Hallows. Kazon helps oversee and revise the data entry of spreadsheets with
information relating to investors, twitter handles, and conferences. He also
has experience interacting with other writers from participating in the AH
Writers and Authors Club. He has previously worked at Bronxworks Betances
Community Center as an Office Assistant where he provided professional service
and directions for callers. He can be reached atkrobinson@iirusa.com 

Best customer service according to shoppers

The National Retail Federation spoke with 8,000 shoppers and asked which stores they believed had the best customer service. The Top Ten listed were: Amazon.com, Coldwater Creek, HSN, J.C. Penney, Kohl’s department stores, Lands End, L.L. Bean, Nordstrom, Overstock.com, QVC and Zappos. A number of these recently spoke at the NACCM: Customers 1st Conference. Click to read more about Zappos’ customer service and HSN’s customer experience. The winner will be released on January 12. Read more here.