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NACCM 2010: “Breakfast of Champions” Outdoor Roundtables

Roundtable: Gina Debogovich, BEST BUY

Best Buy’s social strategy has really taken flight over the past three years. Here are a few of the key points from her roundtable:

  • -Her team creates videos on a biweekly basis. It is all done in house by her employees. They produce videos that often see the highest call volumes and questions to their call center, which often reduces their incoming calls.
  • -Through all of their platforms, they continue to engage with their customers and answer customer service questions first.
  • -With all of their social media platforms, they have to cater the voice that is used on the platform. Messaging and conversations aren’t’ the same from Facebook to Twitter to their online message boards.

Best Buy’s Social Media policy can be found at bestbuysocialmediapolicy.com.

Wyndham Hotels Leads Loyalty: NACCM 2010 Spotlight

Join Jill Noblett, Senior Vice President, Loyalty & Direct Marketing at Wyndham Hotel Group at 11am, Monday, October 25th for her presentation, “Wyndham Hotel Groups Leads Loyalty Amidst a Disruptive Business Environment.”

About the session:
What can differentiate your business in the minds of customers? How can you truly be unique? Learn how you can adjust your strategies to balance long-term profitability while aligning it with the best interests of your greatest asset ‘ your customers.

It’s not too late to register for next week’s event! Check out the NACCM 2010 website to download the brochure and register today!

Customers will pay extra for outstanding customer service

Customers are willing to pay extra for outstanding customer service. That’s what a recent survey by fifth annual Customer Experience Report reported this week. BusinessNewsDaily reports, that the survey revealed three main reasons consumers stop doing business with companies were rude staff, issues weren’t resolved quickly, and unknowledgeable staff.

More than four-fifths of consumers have quit doing business with a company as a result of a negative experience, and three-quarters of them never return, according to the report.

Check out the original article here: Top 3 Ways to Annoy Your Customers

What industries do you think think customers see the most benefit of paying extra for outstanding service?

TheStreet’s 5 Best, 5 Worst Customer-Loyalty Programs

TheStreet.com took a look at customer-loyalty programs and rated the 5 best and the 5 worst out there for customers. From high-end retailers like Neiman Marcus to the corner Starbucks, find out what loyalty programs customers should sign-up for and which they should avoid. Reporter Jason Notte writes, according to marketing firm Colloquy’s Loyalty Census released last year, membership in U.S. customer-loyalty programs has reached 1.8 billion, up from 1.3 billion in 2007. The census showed that the average U.S. household has signed up for 14.1 loyalty programs, but only participates in 6.2 of them.

We’ve highlighted two of the best and two of the worst – you’ll have to visit TheStreet.com for the rest!

Neiman Marcus
Neiman Marcus’ rewards program isn’t for everyone, but neither are its offerings. First, InCircle’s best benefits don’t kick in until a shopper spends $3,000, which is roughly the amount of a middling offering in the wish book. At that level, the valued customer receives invitations to members-only shopping events, advance notices for sales, double points on a day of your choosing (not much of a sacrifice, as it takes roughly $5,000 in spending to earn back $100), free gift packaging and various literature.

National’s Emerald Club
National’s fast lane for frequent renters that not only gets them from plane to car faster than most folks can call up their rental agreement, but also gives renters their pick of any car on the lot once they arrive.

Celebrity Cruise Lines’ Captain’s Club
While behind-the-scenes tours and increased access is nice and all, it looks flimsy when compared to the $75 to $400 credits that customers receive on competing lines like Oceania.

Amtrak Guest Rewards
Even when a traveler reaches Amtrak’s upper echelon — Select Plus — he or she only get a 50% bump in point accrual, club access and blackout availability. When a points program gives a customer more incentives to deal with partners — Select Plus members get double points at Hertz and Hyatt — its value goes off the rails.

What loyalty programs do you know work the best, what work the worst? Let us know! DM @customerworld

Kmart to post customer reviews on store shelves

According to Kmart’s blog, the retailer will now put customer reviews directly on the shelves of their games department.

In order for the review to be displayed on shelves they must be:

* Helpful and constructive
* Unique and well-written
* Written for an audience that may be made up of non-gamers; your review will be read by gamers and non-gamers of all ages
* About a title released in the last month or so, or a more “evergreen” title (Example: Red Dead Redemption or NCAA Football 11) that will be prominently featured on store shelves for several months.
* Abide by the MyKmart terms of service
* We won’t post reviews that simply say whether a game is good or bad. Reviews that describe gameplay, graphics and storyline are more likely to be featured. (This way, we can cut down on any potential abuse of our program.)

What do you think of Kmart’s move to put customer reviews directly on store shelves? Will this help to improve the customer’s experience while in store?

Register for NACCM by this Friday and Save $100

There’s still time to Save $100 off the registration fee – Register by THIS FRIDAY, October 1st.

We’re so excited about the 2010 NACCM storytellers and their amazing customer initiatives, that we just couldn’t wait until the event to give you a sneak peek! This week we’re highlighting Gina from Best Buy (who will be taking part in the Breakfast of Champions at 9:00 on Wednesday, October 27th). For the full list of speakers, click here.

Gina Debogovich
Best Buy
Under Gina’s leadership as the Senior Manager of Communities and Social Media Strategies, Best Buy has positioned itself as the leader in the technology retail space in part because the company isn’t afraid to take risks with new customer support platforms.

That means making social media a priority as a customer experience tool, instead of considering it an afterthought for someone to do in their spare time.

The company’s original goal for its online activities was to decrease customer support calls into the call center and reduce expenses. But new benefits soon emerged. More than 60% of forum posts are product discussions, something Gina saw as an opportunity to increase and influence customer spending. In addition, social media platforms help build retention and loyalty, and the user comments help Best Buy gain new insight into the customer experience. “Every contact is an idea”, she says.

Download the brochure for full conference details.
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Customize your Experience – Mix and match sessions geared to Leadership, Company Culture & Employee Engagement or Crowdservicing & Customer Experience. View the agenda-at-a-glance for an overview of everything NACCM.

Second-to-None Customer Service! Making the conference a success for you is the goal of the entire team at NACCM. Not sure where to start? Simply the download the conference brochure and review the sessions – still have questions? Contact our event concierge, Alexandra Pagano at MyNACCM@iirusa.com

Relax! How to handle angry customers without losing your cool

Sue Shellenbarger’s post on the WSJ.com blog, Work & Family outlines tips that customer service representatives can use to help keep their cool in the midst of an angry wave of customer complains. The post notes that customer service takes a heavy toll. Turnover ranges from 25% to 300% a year. Part of the problem is having to fake happiness, according to a German study. Call-center workers who were instructed to remain polite and friendly with angry, rude customers had elevated blood pressure long after ending a call, researchers found. Those allowed to react naturally and defend themselves were far less stressed.

Shellenbarger’s tips include eye exercises, keeping calm, keeping a vacation photo nearby, and exercising to alleviate some of the stress from the job.

In your work, what tips help you to keep your cool while staying focused on the customer’s needs?

How to Keep Your Cool in Angry Times

Apple speeds customer service with Express Lane

Express lanes are no longer for those with less than 12 items in their shopping basket. Apple device users can now access the company’s new Express Lane service if and when they have difficulties with an Apple product. The streamlined interface allows users to see their registered devices alongside any customer service complaints. Customers can stay on top of their requests and track requests that they’ve previously sent in to Apple.

What do you think of the new service offered by Apple? How can other companies use this functionality to streamline their customer support?

Learn more: Apple speeds up its device support site with Express Lane

Reminder: Complimentary Webinar, CCOs Reveal Their Secret Killer Customer Strategies for Long-Term Profitability

Space is filling quickly for our complimentary webinar with Curtis Bingham, who is the leading authority on CCOs, having worked with more than 70 CCOs over the last decade. Curtis shares some of the most profound strategies and tactics that these elite CCOs have used to attract, retain and grow profitable, long-term customer relationships also create a powerful competitive advantage for their organizations.

Thu, September 16, 2010
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST
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Lessons shared include:

  • Winning executive support for loyalty initiatives
  • Creating an unstoppable customer culture’so you aren’t the only customer advocate
  • Letting data tell you which customers to keep happy, and which ones to let go
  • Giving more to customers counter intuitively generates MORE revenue

We hope that you join us!