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Ways to Benefit from the Power of WE

Barry Libert, CEO of Mzinga, looks at the composition of our leadership across our companies and the failure of our leaders in grasping the value of their communities behind them and their organizations. This was a very free flowing presentation. I think the best way to capture it in all honestly, are some of the great tweets coming from attendees:

DawnL: I respect Barry Libert: “Mzinga has done a lot wrong and some right”. An exec who can see both and says it. #c20

templedf: @blibert: “Every business is nothing more than the sum total of their communities.” #C20

podolsky: listening to an awesome speech by ceo of mzinga at #c20

aaronstrout: RT @templedf: @blibert: It’s about relationships and communication. “It ain’t about selling shit.” #C20

mlees: Barry Libert, Mzinga, telling it like it is. AT&T, Chevrolet, others. Do you know what business you’re *really* in? (#C20)

templedf: So far, so good. @blibert makes the point that America’s leadership doesn’t get it because they’re dinosaurs. #C20