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Top 10 People Impacting Market Research Right Now

This year’s TMRE speakers making a huge impact on the state
of market research. With the right mix of inspiration, instigation, and
application, these industry leaders, movers, and shakers will bring you
unforgettable presentations this Fall.
 Here are the top 10 people impacting market research who
also happen to be speaking at TMRE:
Dan Ariely, Best-Selling Author of ‘Predictably
Irrational’, Behavioral Economist, and Professor at Duke University: Dan will
be presenting ‘Why We are Predictably Irrational.’
Seth Godin, Best-Selling Author and Disruptive
Marketing Guru: Seth will be presenting ‘Invisible or Remarkable’?
Hilary Mason, Founder and CEO, Fast Forward Labs
and Data Scientist in Residence, Accel Partners: Hilary will be presenting ‘How
Big Data is Changing the Way we Work, Live, and Dream.’
Jonah Berger, Best-Selling Author, Contagious:
Why Things Catch On: Jonah will be presenting ‘Contagious: How to Make
Products, Ideas, and Behaviors Catch On.’
Duane Varan: Chief Research Officer, ESPN Lab:
Duane will be presenting ‘Cultivating Ad Receptivity ‘ Strategies for
Countering Ad Avoidance.’
Caspar Barry, Risk Taking & Decision Making
Expert and Professional Poker Player: Caspar will be presenting ‘Risk Taking
and Decisions Making in Poker, Business, and Life.’
Kumar Mehta, Ph.D., CEO of Blueocean Market
Intelligence: Kumar will be presenting ‘Generating Insights in a
Hyper-Connected and Data-Driven World.’
Maxwell Luthy, co-author of ‘Trend-Driven Innovation’
and Director of Trends & Insights at Trendwatching: Maxwell will be
presenting ‘Thrive in the Expectation Economy: The Most Exciting and Urgent
Trends for 2016 and Beyond.’
Bill Hoffman, Chief Analytics Officer, US BANK,
Former SVP of Insights at Best Buy: Bill will be presenting ‘Shaping the
Future: A Moment of Truth for the Insights/MR Industry.’
David Krajicek, CEO,
Consumer Experiences Na at GfK: David will
be presenting ‘The Future of Insights.’
Don’t miss this amazing lineup and more at TMRE 2015
November 2-4 at Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, Florida. Learn more about the
event here: http://bit.ly/1MeLwXe
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We hope to see you in Orlando!
The TMRE Team

Can Researchers Join The Social Video Party?

Social media has been a part of our lives for about
a decade now (maybe more if you were an avid MySpace or
Friendster user), but still there appear to be few research companies harnessing its true
power to get in touch with consumers and capture their opinions in real time.
On the topic of new social tech, there is an abundance of pushback. “What is the data telling me?” “How can it be coded/normalized/interpreted?” “Does it fit with our current approach?” “How can I filter inappropriate content?” — these are just a few of the many valid concerns around using new media in research. Social data is unstructured, and doesn’t give us access to probe users in the way we might
in our current research platforms, both in the qual and quant world.
But are we leaving something on the table? Can we leverage the fact that hundreds of millions of people are on Instagram, willing to share their lunch with you, show you what their #OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) is? Don’t we want to know what consumers
are eating and wearing?
A newcomer on the social scene that has my gears turning is Periscope. The app lets users live stream video from their mobile device, and lets their followers on Twitter know when a broadcast begins. Could we tap into an app that is already gaining popularity (it made headlines for amassing 1 million users in only 10 days), and let the consumer tell us when she is ready to take us along for a
shopping trip, brush her teeth, or engage in whatever ritual/experience we are interested in?
What is this couple shopping for? I bet they’d be willing to show you!
There is no question that logistical issues abound, to which I say “bring it on”. This is what we in the online MR space do daily — tackle logistical and technical issues to get access to our consumers where they work, live, and play. 
As an industry we are creative enough to sort out the logistics, and researchers everywhere should be paying attention to an app which, on its homepage, implores us to “Explore the world through someone else’s eyes

About the Author:
Anthony Germinario is Director of Technical Product Management at BuzzBack, where he is focused on developing
and integrating unique respondent and reporting experiences for online
research. He has earned his PMP certification and holds a B.S.B.A from Boston
University’s Questrom School of Business. You can keep up with him on Twitter @AGermBB and on LinkedIn, as well as
on BuzzBack’s blog

The Market Research Event 2015: the event FOR you, created BY you

TMRE needs YOUR help!

This is your opportunity to help shape the 2015 program for the best MR/Insights event out there!

Below is a form that allows The Market Research Event community to provide their input on key challenges they’d like to see addressed on the program. Your commentary and insights will be used to create the final program.

Let’s build something amazing, together.


 Share the form: http://goo.gl/forms/s6OSY6K0Mb