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Study Says Stay-at-Home Moms Dominate Social Media

The Denver Business Journal reports today that The Retail Advertising and Marketing Association study released Wednesday showed that more than 60 percent of stay-at-home moms are more likely to use Facebook, more than 42 percent are more likely to use MySpace and nearly 17 percent are more likely to use Twitter. That’s compared to average adults ‘ 50 percent of which use Facebook, 34 percent that use MySpace and 15 percent that use Twitter. The article says that, the findings show retailers what advertising and marketing opportunities can be found on the Internet and within social media sites.

We’ve seen the introduction of “Mommy Blogs” and frugal homemaking blogs, but do stay-at-home moms really dominate the social media sphere? We’d like to hear your thoughts.

Study: Stay-at-home moms dominate social media

Moms Using Social Media Grows

According to Mike Shields of Progressive Grocer, moms–especially new moms–are flocking to social networking sites. In a report by BabyCenter, moms of young children have reduced their time with magazines and newspapers and converted to the online networking sphere. Shields reports that many times moms have two sets of friends, the online group of peers and their friends and family. “Because these women are so social, and so information hungry, they often meet other mothers in similar child-rearing stages on sites like BabyCenter and all sorts of mommy blogs.”

How can social networking sites cater to new moms?