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Symposia Session – The State of Online Research Panels

Don Bruzzone, Bruzzone Research
Steve Gittelman, Mktg Inc.

Don begins his presentation by stating that there is a reluctance to reply in panels. Out of an example panel of 19, only 12 answered the 1st inquiry, yet after 3 attempts 17 had answered. Many objected calling the questions intrusive and incredibly invasive just to name a few. Don also suggests putting direct limits on panel invitations.

The most important problems as stated by Don:
- Minimize the number who have been on the panel for years
- Minimize the number doing it for the money
- Eliminate the straight-liners
- Eliminate speeders
- Avoid panels that send excessive invitations

Steve Gittelman starts off his speech with this quote from Ron Gailey, ‘In every study examined’people with more panel tenure gave lower demand.’

What is a researcher to do?

Uncontrolled variables can drive inconsistency:
- Respondent tenure
- Professional respondents
- Speeders
- Consistency erros
- Satisficing
- Shifting sample sources