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Increase Touch and Engagement Using Social Marketing ‘ Scott Chappell / Sessions College Podcast Interview

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In this episode we talk with Scott Chappell, who is the Chief Marketing Officer for Sessions College of Design (Sessions.edu), and a presenter at the MeasureUp Conference in Chicago on March 10, 11, & 12th, 2010. Sessions.edu offers online classes for the design community from real experts (author, educators and others) in an asynchronous format, pairing student with instructors in a meaningful dialog about how to develop your design sense and knowledge of the industry. His presentation at MeasureUp is titled ‘Blog, Tweet, Repeat: How Social Media improved lead acquisition, sales and the lifetime value of your customers’ and in this episode, we get to meet Scott an find out about the Sessions.edu social media efforts.

Scott talks about how social media is used by Sessions.edu and how it has supported an almost 10 fold expansion of the number of monthly ‘touches’ with the Sessions Design College audience of prospective student, current students and graduated alumni. Scott explains how he has embraced the premise of Marshall McLuhan in that ‘the medium is the message’, but he cautions that too many contacts to an audience can cause them to disengage. In Sessions case, while social media has allowed them to dramatically increase the number of messages, the reality is that there needs to be quality and sincerity otherwise you run the risk of turning off the audience.

The biggest understanding that has come from the use of social media is that a successful launch has to be gradual and that he needed to segment the conversation to be able to increase the touch points. Sessions.edu established messaging in three different categories ‘ Culture, Industry & Sell. With this segmented messaging schema, Scott talks about how each has a particular characteristic and supports a conversation or connection in a specific area of the relationship with the audience. The recipients have been very open to the connections because each communication is about something different and Scott says it has ‘enriched the conversation’ and allowed the brand to flourish.

Under lessons learned, he cites trying to use every social tool for everything ‘ he’s come to recognize that the content has to match the discussion and the relationship you want to have with your audience. He suggests that your listeners, followers, and community members need to get something from the conversation and that is a more a function of the quality of the conversation and message than the quantity of messages delivered.

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Empowering a Team and Thinking Outside the Corporate Box = Success in Social Media ‘ An Interview with Aneta Hall / Pitney Bowes ‘ Podcast Episode 3/3

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Our conversation with Aneta Hall / Emerging Media Manager for Pitney Bowes (PB) has been very informative to say the least.
If you would have told me a year ago that a 90 year old company would be an innovator in enterprise social media, I’m pretty sure I would not have believed you. After the time spent with Aneta, I can tell you that a 90 year old company is being really innovative in the enterprise deployment of social media and they’re showing a measureable ROI.
In the last two episodes we’ve covered elements of how PB has done it too. First, they approached it from an understanding that social media is not a set-and-forget proposition; they recognized a need for needed a sustainable program that at the same time, did not inhibit individual participation. They also understood that they needed to put some tools in place, watch key performance indicators (KPIs) and apply metrics, looking for the ROI; those efforts have led to a $300K saving in call-center deflections in a 3 month period.
I know that Guy and I are looking forward to connecting with her at the MeasureUp event in Chicago next month and to put a live presence with the enthusiastic personality she has shown in the podcast series here.
In this episode Aneta lets us know that while they do set certain measures and metrics in place, they are certainly open to evaluating them and updating policy as PB learns what actually makes a difference to their customers and to the bottom line. We open the discussion referring to the Twitter, Facebook and online forums that PB maintains, but Aneta tells us that social media at PB is not about an overarching corporate social presence. At the end of the day social media is about people connecting to people, and it needs to be a sustainable level of one-on-one social media interactions with PB employees taking the lead.Play / Download Aneta Hall / Pitney Bowes Episode 3 Podcast Here

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Measure Up Speaker Spotlight: Aneta Hall, Pitney Bowes

Over the next few weeks, in preparation for the Measure Up Marketing conference we’ll be highlighting conversations focusing on marketing measurement best practices. Our first speaker is Aneta Hall, Pitney Bowes.

Read Aneta’s Podcast Transcript here.

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Social media in the enterprise is creating a huge shift in many companies, but what happens when a 90 year old company decides to invest in a process of listening to their customers and actually letting them talk to one another?
As part of the series around the ROI of Social Media, and leading up to the 2010 MeasureUp Conference in Chicago next month, we interview Aneta Hall, the Emerging Media Manager at Pitney Bowes. She is a presenter at the 2010 MeasureUp Conference in Chicago, where her topic is ‘From Fear to Trust ‘ Employee Engagement in Social Media’.
Aneta introduces us to the processes Pitney Bowes (PB), as a 90 year old company, has adopted using social media to connect with prospects, customers, employees and stakeholders around their mail and information needs. The changes have driven real change in the various business units, particularly as in the last 10 years they have acquired a variety of businesses. PB now provides a broad range of solutions to the market, not only in mail instruments and document management, but also location intelligence, traffic pattern analysis, predictive intelligence, and relationship marketing. Aneta shares how sees social media technology supporting the ability to tell the PB story to the market.
The role of the Emerging Media Manger at Pitney Bowes is to help the organization understand and constantly analyze the evolving landscape of social media. In her role, Aneta teaches other how to use the technology and she often presents the model outlined in Chris Brogans’ awesome book, ‘Trust Agents‘. She also maintains the strategic roadmap for PB and is often glued to the PB Radian6 console, because of the value she places on listening to the conversation in social media versus trying to use social media as just another channel to broadcast the same messages used in traditional media.
Pitney Bowes is using the information Aneta manages for several of their business units. As you might expect, some are more advanced than others in their use, but most are looking to up their social media investment in 2010 and take advantage of what social media can provide.
The major topic she finds herself discussing with business unit leaders is in the sustainability of the social media effort. Aneta sees covering this issue as a key component of her work and that means the units find they need to invest in training, guidelines, tools and tactics that support users, and providing a ‘loose governance’ structure that does not stifle the conversation between PB and it’s audience.
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Measure Up 2010: Being an Innovator in Social Media; 1800Flowers.com Experiences ‘ an Interview with Lewis Goldman / 1800Flowers.com Episode 2/2

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In this episode Lewis Goldman of 1800Flowers.com shares some of the successes 1800Flowers.com has had along with some of the lessons learned. The first is the booming growth in the adoption of mobile, their application for placing orders on a variety of mobile platforms is growing rapidly. Today you can use your Blackberry, Android, or iPhone to place an order from the 1800Flowers.com Mobile Gift Center in several categories for personal or business. 1800Flowers.com has not been afraid to try out new ideas has often been a first mover in many areas to stay connected to their audience and they try a lot of things, sometime uncertain of the outcome; case in point was the effort in creating a 1800Flowers.com store in the 3D social platform of Second Life, which they discovered was not the right platform at the time to connect them to their audience. A success is the development of the ideal customer model, which they have named ‘Tina’. Tina is the aggregate persona of the ideal 1800Flowers.com customer, which embodies the characteristics of the buying behavior they see in the market overall. Lewis shows us how they referenced Tina in the ‘Spot-a-Mom’ campaign leading up to Mothers Day in 2009.

Listen to the podcast here.
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Measure Up 2010: Social Media and e-Commerce: Fad or Fundamental Change? An Interview with Lewis Goldman of 1800Flowers.com

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In this episode, we get to talk to Lewis Goldman of 1800Flowers.com. Lewis is a keynote speaker at the MeasureUp Conference (www.MeasureUpEvent.com) in March 2010 in Chicago. Guy and I were able to get a few minutes of his time before the event and find out how 1800Flowers.com is using and measuring their social media presence. Lewis shares a little on the background of 1800Flowers.com founded in 1976 by Jim McCann (still Chairman and CEO), who started the venture when he was looking to extend his income. They have been an mover in the online commerce space, even in the early days by support their customers by helping them ‘express and connecting with the important people in their lives.’ They do that by providing a quick and easy way to let people easily give flowers, chocolates and small gifts to one another using the phone or on the web. Jims topic at the MeasureUp Conference is titled ‘Social Media and e-Commerce ‘ Fad or Fundamental Change?‘ and he shares some of the points he will present in his presentation, all based on his 14-year background in online, ecommerce initiatives. He suggests that social media is not new and points out the community and ecommerce experience in the early days of the web ala Geocities and online networks. The difference today, he points out, are 2 key component differences – the demographics have changed on the web, and people are a lot more comfortable using ecommerce and accepting the recommendations of ‘trusted authorities’ from social media communities. He observes that the use of Facebook is the next step beyond the use of email, albeit with rich media components. He shares his own experiences in using Facebook to connect with friends and how he’s used the 1800Flowers.com product to extend a relationship and how the social media platform supports a more meaningful connection.
Listen to the first part of the podcast here.
Download the first part of the podcast here.