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Measure Up 2010: Social Media and e-Commerce: Fad or Fundamental Change? An Interview with Lewis Goldman of 1800Flowers.com

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In this episode, we get to talk to Lewis Goldman of 1800Flowers.com. Lewis is a keynote speaker at the MeasureUp Conference (www.MeasureUpEvent.com) in March 2010 in Chicago. Guy and I were able to get a few minutes of his time before the event and find out how 1800Flowers.com is using and measuring their social media presence. Lewis shares a little on the background of 1800Flowers.com founded in 1976 by Jim McCann (still Chairman and CEO), who started the venture when he was looking to extend his income. They have been an mover in the online commerce space, even in the early days by support their customers by helping them ‘express and connecting with the important people in their lives.’ They do that by providing a quick and easy way to let people easily give flowers, chocolates and small gifts to one another using the phone or on the web. Jims topic at the MeasureUp Conference is titled ‘Social Media and e-Commerce ‘ Fad or Fundamental Change?‘ and he shares some of the points he will present in his presentation, all based on his 14-year background in online, ecommerce initiatives. He suggests that social media is not new and points out the community and ecommerce experience in the early days of the web ala Geocities and online networks. The difference today, he points out, are 2 key component differences – the demographics have changed on the web, and people are a lot more comfortable using ecommerce and accepting the recommendations of ‘trusted authorities’ from social media communities. He observes that the use of Facebook is the next step beyond the use of email, albeit with rich media components. He shares his own experiences in using Facebook to connect with friends and how he’s used the 1800Flowers.com product to extend a relationship and how the social media platform supports a more meaningful connection.
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Measure Up Speaker Spotlight: Alicia Rankin, NFL

Over the next few weeks, in preparation for the Measure Up Marketing conference we’ll be highlighting conversations focusing on marketing measurement best practices. Our first speaker is Alicia Rankin, Head of Research and Fan Insights, NFL.

Listen to the conversation:Discover Simple, Private Sharing at Drop.io

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