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Research is Critical in Internet Marketing

Pushing your product and services through the internet is not an easy task, even though one might initially think that. One of the factors most commonly overlooked when forming an internet marketing campaign is market research. This post on The NMP Network highlights some basics to internet marketing. Researching the market is the first step in starting an effective e-campaign. You must first identify your target market, think of ways to reach them, and convey a message with value to these prospects to better explain what you are offering. Identifying the target is important because essentially you are trying to maximize your hit. The second basic listed on the post was search engines. A lot of patience is needed to get your rankings on the 1st page on a natural search, but by spending some money you can easily list your business on the top results using paid searches. Finally, email promotions are the last basic for internet marketing. This technique can be quite effective since many users opt-in for communications such as newsletters. Market research is the basis for effective internet marketing. Without good research, businesses can not reach their target market. Take a quick glance at the post to see if your business has all the basics covered.

Disconnects between C-Level Execs and Customer Service

This article on Marketing Charts displays the latest result from this customer service survey compiled by Genesys Telecommunications Lab. According to this survey, there is a disconnect between what C-level executives promise and what customer service can actually deliver.

Here are some common misconceptions CEO’s have as stated my Marketing Charts:
Most C-level executives underestimate the emphasis their organization places on efficiency, and overestimate how easy their organization makes it for customers to purchase during interactions.
There is a major (16 percentage point) gap between C-level execs who believe they are capturing important customer feedback, and the views of customer service professionals.
Some of the cures mentioned include adding a ‘click for a call back’ capability and improving existing systems to provide real-time customer data across the entire enterprise infrasctruture.

Social Media and Market Research Go Hand in Hand

Marketers have long used demographics compiled by market research firms, but social networking sites provides a great opportunity to access information in real-time. David C Skul, CEO of Relativity, details a couple of points in this YouTube video Use Social Networking for Market Research

  1. Direct feedback and direct sampling groups are one of the benefits of social networking sites. Businesses can easily send mass messages to all of their friends asking for honest opinions on products and services. Rewards may be given as an incentive for people to give their feedback.
  2. Polls can be created in networking sites, given users an opportunity to vote amongst several choices. This is one of the quickest ways to compile information.
  3. Demographics such as name, age, gender, and income are shown on networking sites, and in turn it helps to ensure that messages are reaching targeted groups.

Are you using social media in your organization to find out more about your customers? Take a look at this informative video. It’s a must see’

How about some good old fashioned customer service?

In a post on The Marketing Minute, the discussion of customer service came up. Are they bored with your service? As customers, we are used to ok service as a standard. Even bad service has been accepted into our society. So as marketers, why do we let it slide? Always trying to find a way to keep the customers coming back is the perfect example of why customer service should be more of a priority. Once someone innovates a little and sees that all good customer service takes is being genuine and generally caring about the people who buy your product, the value of your product will go beyond why the customer is buying it, they will keep coming back because of what you’ve done for them in the store. A current industry dealing with customer services issues is the airline industry. The New York Times wrote an article on this. With most airlines cutting back on leg room, food on board, and even free entertainment options, one airline is striving to be different. Midwest Airlines‘ tagline is ‘The Best Care in the Air.’ It’s not hard to see why when according to their website, they were ranked #1 in a variety of categories in the Cond?? Nast Business Traveler Awards of 2007: #1 Domestic Airline, 2007 (Single Class), #1 Seat Comfort/Legroom, 2007, #1 Food, 2007, #1 Cabin Service, 2007. In a struggling industry, they’re finding a way to give the customers the service they want. Good customer service goes a long way when it comes to attracting and retaining your customers.

The Teen Shopping Experience

An important factor to business success is how effective your communication is with your customers, and potential customers. The main point from this article on Customers Rock is that teens may very well be using other forms of media rather than the company website to learn about new products. This survey (conducted by Bizreport) tells us that most teens do their purchasing in stores, but where do they find out about all these cool new products. That’s right ladies and gentleman, the World Wide Web. This blogger’s son actually had a tough time viewing the iPod Touch demo on the company site, and that’s when he turned to YouTube instead. Marketers must first find out where teens are doing their research for products. Then they must assess whether the company website has easily accessible demos and videos, or if they should put together a YouTube video about the product in order to reach customers. What about existing customers? Well, a simple email campaign letting the customers know about their new products would make any teen feel special. The way in which we reach teens is constantly changing. The simple truth here is that teens are finding information for products on the net, so we must learn to adapt to these changing times in order to effectively communicate on their level.