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The Youth & Family Marketing Event Symposium Highlight: Technology and Social Media

Technology and Social Media Symposium: Kids and youths are early adopters of technology- how do you win them over early to keep them as life long consumers? Likewise, how are kids, youths and families using technology and social media today? Why do some technologies like the Wii and iPhone transcend life stages while others do not? On a marketing end, just because social media is free, does not mean you have to use it as a marketing tool. What are the best ways to incorporate social media and other technologies in your plan?

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May 10-12, 2010
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Takeaways from event sessions:

* The opportunities available through the use of social media
* The risks inherent in using social media as a research platform
* Creating an overall strategy for your social media program
* Social Media Measurement
* Social Ecosystems That Ignite Audiences
* Using social media to reach mom


* How kids influence the purchase decision
* Making Meaning of immersion data
* Family 3.0: Rethinking the American Family
* Understand changes in family dynamics
* The role of technology in a kid’s life
* Tapping into the anthropological analysis


* Developing effective model to increase the active participation of your brand
* Mitigating risk in conversational marketing
* Mobile Marketing- Where Your Consumers Are
* Communicating new product offerings on a very limited budget
* Connecting your Brand with the Next Generation of Viewers
* Reaching today’s urban youth consumers

Live from The Market Research Event: The Skinny on Marketing Research at Facebook

We’re live this week at The Market Research Event 2009 and we invite you to follow along with us via our blog and Twitter. Among our great presentations this year, we’d like to share one with you that’s specific to social media, written by our guest blogger, April Bell.

The Skinny on Marketing Research at Facebook

Well, I am here for my first session at The Market Research Event in Las Vegas. What a great first session to blog about: Facebook. Meg Sloan, research lead at Facebook and Brant Cruz of Chadwick Martin Bailey shared a little glimpse of what life inside Facebook is like.

Currently, Facebook has 300 million users worldwide and at least 1/2 of their users go to the site daily! Wow! How do they do it? Here’s a tidbit….
Their guiding principles include:
New School
Synthesis & Story-telling
Meg also gave us insight into how they view their small marketing research team:
1. Try our best to act like the rest of the org
2. Radical focus on the roadmap and prioritization
3. Making sure we all are doing things we feel strong at each day (staying motivated)
4. Supporting each other/sharing information/work etc.
5. Be nimble and use our resources and relationships to their fullest.
And last but not least: Ruthless Prioritization as well as Have Fun and create an awesome workplace. Their Q3 planning meeting involved pedicures–sign me up!
You can see more about life inside the marketing research team at Facebook. Check out this video about “life at facebook.” Oh, and by the way, they currently have a marketing research position open for anyone who is interested…
I’m now a little more motivated to spend time on my facebook page

Two-Thirds of Marketers Now Use Social Media

Mashable.com reports today that, “a recent study from the Association of National Advertisers reveal that 66 percent of marketers have now used social media in some capacity in 2009.” Looking through the report we can see this interesting breakdown of social media use by marketers:
Among social networks being embraced by all marketers, the top sites used are:

  • Facebook (74 percent)
  • YouTube (65 percent)
  • Twitter (63 percent)
  • LinkedIn (60 percent)

In 2009, the most effective newer media platforms were as follows:

  • Search engine marketing (SEM) (65 percent)
  • Own Web site (59 percent)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) (55 percent)
  • E-mail marketing (45 percent)

What do you think? Surprising?

New ANA/B2B Magazine Study: Marketers Embrace Newer Media Platforms

STUDY: Two-Thirds of Marketers Now Use Social Media

Market Research Group IDC Reports 5% Decline in Internet Ad Market

According to The Wall Street Journal, market research firm IDC is set to publish a report that outlines a 5% shrinkage in the internet ad market during the 2Q.
For the second quarter, IDC said worldwide ad spending was down 5% to $13.9 billion from $14.7 billion in the same period a year ago. The results are included in IDC’s forthcoming Worldwide and U.S. Internet Ad Spend Report 2Q09. The downturn hit most areas of the world, with the exception of the Asia Pacific region, including Japan, which saw slight gains in the most recent quarter. U.S. Internet ad spending also declined for the second time in a row, down about 7% to $6.2 billion from $6.6 billion a year earlier. The pain was felt across all major formats, with search ads being least affected, display ads losing 12%, and classifieds shrinking 17%, the research group said.
Why the decline? We’d like to hear your thoughts.
Internet Ad Market Suffers Second Straight Decline In 2Q

Email marketing to balloon by $2 Billion

‘By 2014 direct marketers will waste $144 million on emails that never reach their primary target,’ said Forrester Research Vice President and Principal Analyst David Daniels. ‘Successful Direct Marketing pros will alter their tactics to overcome inbox clutter and increase relevancy.’

This comes in a business wire release today as Forrester forecasts that, spending on email marketing in the US will balloon to $2 billion by 2014 ‘ a nearly 11 percent compound annual growth rate.

The report notes some of the growth areas shaping the future of email marketing:

* Retention email ‘ email that recipients have blessed with their permission ‘ will continue to replace paper communications and will make up the largest share of marketing messages. Retention emails will account for more than a one-third of all marketing messages in consumers’ inboxes by 2014, representing increased competition for marketers.

* While the bulk of the market will continue to deploy email marketing on a self-service basis, the growing complexity associated with data integration and new tactics to increase relevancy will drive healthy growth in use of email service providers.

* Spending on ad-sponsored or ad-supported newsletters will double over the next five years as traditional print publishers face falling circulation and ad revenue.

For more information on Forrester’s report, please click here.

Forrester Forecast: US Email Marketing Spending To Reach $2 Billion In 2014

LG enlists director Edward Zwick for ‘Life Looks Good’ campaign

According to Brand Republic, LG has enlisted director Edward Zwick for ‘Life Looks Good’ campaign. Andrew Warner, marketing director UK & Ireland, LG, said: ‘Previously our adverts have promoted individual LG products, but the ‘Life Looks Good’ campaign focuses specifically on building an emotional connection with the brand. To create this, we have used subtle branding and made Mr. Zwick the focal point of the campaign, bringing a personality to the brand.’ It sounds a lot like the American Express campaign, or even the Visa Check Card campaign from a few years ago? Are people really going to respond to celebrities in a finicky environment?