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Speaker Profile: Keynote Martin Lindstrom

We’re excited to have Martin Lindstrom on board for The Market Research Event this year. Until then, though, Lindstrom, who is an expert in neuromarketing, has a few things around the web to keep the TMRE attendees satisfied until the conference. Read an exerpt from Martin’s book Listen to Martin’s podcast at NPR An excerpt from the podcast: Question: Comment on free will being subverted by old marketing methods and campaigns that employ these new techniques.

Lindstrom: …… neuromarketing is a little bit like a hammer. You either hang up a beautiful painting on the wall and it’s pretty positive or you can use it as a weapon. That’s exactly the case here as well. When I decided to write the book and conduct this study, I wanted to do this study because people are fearful of neuromarketing. Can we place a Bible in consumers brains? Is this the next generation of manipulation? Can we get the best of consumers? I wanted to find out mainly because if we never find out (this may become a monster). We many not be aware of it and can’t stop it. Here’s the good news, none of those things are possible. The good news now is we can actually stop bad advertisers from doing bad things and one of the industries I’m attacking in a big way is the tobacco industry. In fact, now we’ve proven that from the biology is wrongly using subliminal advertising, which was banned in 1957. That means you are affected by subconscious signals around you every day. (Let’s use London Pops as an example.) They were using small red tiles in the bathrooms. They’re doing that funded by tobacco companies that make you want to smoke more on a subconscious level.