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The World of Changing Fan Behavior at ESPN

ESPN Research & Analytics spent more than two years
researching how to tailor SportsCenter
for its legions of devotees in a world of changing fan behavior. The project
was among the most extensive and expensive we’ve undertaken but also one of our
most impactful. In June 2014, ESPN opened a brand new SportsCenter studio as
well as implemented all kinds of new content and innovative features within the

At TMRE last year, Barry
Blyn, VP Consumer Insights, at ESPN, Inc., told us about the strategy for this
‘We work for an entertainment company. Everything we see and
do seems to involve some form of entertainment,’ he explained. ‘When we sit
down with our clients, we can’t sit down with white paper and black lines. We
need to do creative stuff in our deliverables, and we also need to do creative
stuff in order for them to want to come to the research.’
According to Blyn, the researchers who get you into trouble are
the ones that ones that pound their finger into your chest and say ‘No, the
data says this, so this what you need to do.’ That’s not the way the relationship
should work, he said.

Watch the full video
interview below:

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Top 10 People Impacting Market Research Right Now

This year’s TMRE speakers making a huge impact on the state
of market research. With the right mix of inspiration, instigation, and
application, these industry leaders, movers, and shakers will bring you
unforgettable presentations this Fall.
 Here are the top 10 people impacting market research who
also happen to be speaking at TMRE:
Dan Ariely, Best-Selling Author of ‘Predictably
Irrational’, Behavioral Economist, and Professor at Duke University: Dan will
be presenting ‘Why We are Predictably Irrational.’
Seth Godin, Best-Selling Author and Disruptive
Marketing Guru: Seth will be presenting ‘Invisible or Remarkable’?
Hilary Mason, Founder and CEO, Fast Forward Labs
and Data Scientist in Residence, Accel Partners: Hilary will be presenting ‘How
Big Data is Changing the Way we Work, Live, and Dream.’
Jonah Berger, Best-Selling Author, Contagious:
Why Things Catch On: Jonah will be presenting ‘Contagious: How to Make
Products, Ideas, and Behaviors Catch On.’
Duane Varan: Chief Research Officer, ESPN Lab:
Duane will be presenting ‘Cultivating Ad Receptivity ‘ Strategies for
Countering Ad Avoidance.’
Caspar Barry, Risk Taking & Decision Making
Expert and Professional Poker Player: Caspar will be presenting ‘Risk Taking
and Decisions Making in Poker, Business, and Life.’
Kumar Mehta, Ph.D., CEO of Blueocean Market
Intelligence: Kumar will be presenting ‘Generating Insights in a
Hyper-Connected and Data-Driven World.’
Maxwell Luthy, co-author of ‘Trend-Driven Innovation’
and Director of Trends & Insights at Trendwatching: Maxwell will be
presenting ‘Thrive in the Expectation Economy: The Most Exciting and Urgent
Trends for 2016 and Beyond.’
Bill Hoffman, Chief Analytics Officer, US BANK,
Former SVP of Insights at Best Buy: Bill will be presenting ‘Shaping the
Future: A Moment of Truth for the Insights/MR Industry.’
David Krajicek, CEO,
Consumer Experiences Na at GfK: David will
be presenting ‘The Future of Insights.’
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