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Must See Talks from KNect365′s Spring Insights 2017 Events

From former gang leaders, to cyborg anthropologists, to
biomimicry experts- KNect365′s Must See Talks will challenge you to look at
problems in a whole new way and become an ignitor of change for your organization.
‘The Centrality of a Detailed Understanding of your
Audience’ ‘ Haile Owusu, Chief Data Scientist, Mashable
Marketing Analytics & Data Science
April 3-5, 2017
San Francisco, CA
Use code MADS17LI for $100 off.
Buy tickets to see Haile: https://goo.gl/YqXZdx
‘The Consumer Influence ‘ and Impact ‘ of Virtual
Reality’ ‘ Jeremy Bailenson, Founding Director of Stanford University’s Virtual
Human Interaction Lab at Stanford University
TMRE in Focus
May 1-3, 2017
Chicago, IL
Use code FOCUS17LI for $100 off.
Buy tickets to see Jeremy: https://goo.gl/c2UdIv
‘Originals: How Non-Conformists Rule the World’ ‘ Adam
Grant, Professor, Author of Give and Take and Originals at The Wharton School
of Business at the University of Pennsylvania
June 20-22, 2017
Minneapolis, MN
Use code OMNI17LI for $100 off.
Buy tickets to see Adam: https://goo.gl/oUB85g
‘Underdogs, Misfits
& the Art of Battling Giants’ ‘ Malcom Gladwell, Best-Selling Author of
Outliers, The Tipping Point and David & Goliath
TMRE: The Market Research Event
October 22-25, 2017
Orlando, FL
Use code TMRE17LI for $100 off.
Buy tickets to see
We hope to see you this

The KNect 365 Event Team

The Ruthless Efficiency of Algorithms is Advancing Digital Frontiers

We recently caught up with Alistair Croll, Visiting
Executive at Harvard Business School as well as our Marketing Analytics &
Data Science Conference keynote speaker, to discuss the state of marketing
analytics and data science, and where it’s going in the future.
Today, Croll helps to accelerate startups, and works with
some of the world’s biggest companies on business model innovation. As an
entrepreneur, he co-founded Coradiant; the Year One Labs accelerator; and a many
other startups. Not to mention, he’s a sought-after speaker, and has launched
and chaired some of the world’s leading conferences on emerging technology,
including Startupfest, Strata, Cloud Connect, and Pandemon.io. Croll is also the
author of four books on technology and entrepreneurship, including the
best-selling Lean Analytics, which has been translated into eight languages.
What is the state of
the data science and analytics industry in 2017?

Croll: There is a realization that data itself doesn’t lead
to answers. This is really maturity: It’s asking the right question that’s
hard. Big data is replacing business intelligence, but most of it is still
being used to run reports and batch processes’rather than to find advantage or
At the same time, feeding the corpus of data into learning
algorithms holds promise. Those with the authority to do so are pointing
machine learning at their data seta to find correlations, then testing those
for causal relationships they can exploit.
What have been the
biggest changes data science and analytics since you started your career?

Croll: I’m not an analyst by trade. But the biggest change
is clear: once, we first defined the schema, then collected data. Now, we
collect the data, then define the schema.
In other words, “Collect first, ask questions
later.” This is a huge difference, but it has sort of snuck up on us. It
means we can iterate more, answering questions and adjusting our lines of
Have the influx of
social media and mobile made your job easier or harder?

Croll: More data sets mean more potential insights, but also
more spurious correlations. So it’s a two-edged sword.
How is data science
and analytics transforming every industry right now?

Croll: The simple, and somewhat terrifying, truth is that AI
gets unreasonably powerful, very quickly. Whether driving a car, or playing a
video game, or diagnosing a disease, or optimizing the design of an aircraft
part, algorithms are better than humans. They don’t get tired; they make fewer
mistakes; they don’t take breaks.
And what do we feed such algorithms? Data. There is no
industry that will not be changed by the ruthless efficiency of algorithms
advancing its digital frontiers.
Why is data science considered
the ‘sexiest job of the 21st century’?

Croll: Data science is the intersection of statistics,
critical thinking, and engineering. It requires a sense of narrative, and the
ability to build something. It’s that element of engineering that distinguishes
it from simple analytics, because it builds things that become products, or
processes. Rather than running a report, it improves the report’s results.
If big data is oil, data science is the refinery that makes
it usable.
What is the biggest
challenge in data science and analytics today?

Croll: We are still, sadly, trying to replace opinions with
facts. My good friend Randy Smerik argues that there’s no such thing as big
data: An airline that knows you’re running late fails to update your hotel;
false positives about in credit card management.
His point is that while we have tremendous amounts of data,
we seldom apply them to significantly improve the business or the customer
experience because doing so means making fundamental changes to the organization,
job descriptions, customer policies, and so on.
Where do you see data
science and analytics moving in the next 5 years?

Croll: Democratization, with the help of smart agents.
Pundits have been saying that for a long time, but in the last couple of years
tools like Cortana, Google Now, Siri, and Alexa’as well as various chat
interfaces like Slack, Sophos, and Skype’are going mainstream.
I also think that insurers will put significant pressure on
companies to implement better analytics and algorithms because it will be too
risky to do otherwise. If the organization can know everything about itself all
the time, it will be expected to do so. “We didn’t know this was
happening” will no longer be an excuse. And consequently, algorithms that
can parse all of that data and reduce risk will be mandatory.
Hear more from
Alistair during his keynote session, ‘Don’t’ Get Duped by Data’ at the
Marketing Analytics & Data Science Conference April 3-5, 2017 in San
Francisco, CA.

Data science and marketing analytics are transforming every
industry. There is a reason why it is being called the sexiest job of the 21st
century. Calling all professionals that want to harness analytics and data
science! Do you realize how critical you are to the future of your organization?
Learn more here: https://goo.gl/CbYosj

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Full Agenda Revealed – Marketing Analytics & Data Science 2017

When Data Science and Marketing Analytics are at their best,
they can give the business super powers.

But ‘with great power, comes great responsibility.’

The Marketing Analytics and Data Science event
ensures you walk away armed and ready to elevate yourself with in the business:
learn how your peers have applied analytics and data science to solve complex
problems; enable improved decision making; and uncover new opportunities and
increase ROI.

Rare Speaking Appearances by the Best in the Industry:

Including Hal Varian ‘ Chief Economist at Google, Hilary Mason ‘ Former Chief
Scientist at BIT.LY, and Stan Sthanunathan – Executive Vice President -
Consumer & Market Insights at Unilever.

3 Days & 30 Sessions designed for learning and networking. Build stronger
impact, understanding and knowledge to present ideas in a way that maximizes
the impact of your work.

Explore the 2017 Program Now: https://goo.gl/l3QgRS

Hone your craft with the latest tools and techniques in data
science and analytics. Build stronger impact, understanding and knowledge to
present ideas in a way that maximizes the impact of your work. Become the Data
Science and Analytics superhero you always knew you could be.
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We hope to see you in San Francisco!
The Marketing Analytics & Data Science Team

Big Data Maven David Plouffe Joins Marketing Analytics & Data Science Conference Lineup!

We are extremely excited to announce David as one of the
distinguished Keynote speakers at The 2016 Marketing Analytics & Data
Science Conference.
From Strategic Advisor to the President of the United States
to Chief Advisor to one of the most successful startups in recent history,
David Plouffe is no stranger to turning data into strategy to successfully
drive a vision forward, and produce actionable outcomes.
Join us June 8-10 in San Francisco to hear David Plouffe’s
keynote on Big Data: Knowing Instead of Guessing.
Widely referred to as the “architect” of President
Obama’s two presidential campaign victories, David will share his experience as
to how to use big data smartly to drive results. He will also share his recent
experience at Uber, where he has won plaudits for the use of technology and
pioneering new applications.
David Plouffe joins an impressive roster of marketing, data
and technology experts who will demonstrate how to deploy analytics and data
science to drive the business forward, including:
Ian Kalin Chief Data Officer of the US
Department of Commerce
Beena Ammanath Executive Director, Data Science
at GE
Brian d’Alessandro, Lead Research Scientist,
Jim Thompson, VP Analytics, Audience Development
- Billboard | The Hollywood Reporter
The Marketing Analytics & Data Science Conference
program is continually expanded to meet your needs.  Now featuring even
more stories, panels, and discussions in the three key areas of Best Practices,
Tools & Techniques, and Innovation & Trends.
Click here to view
our updated brochure:
Use code MADS16BL
for $100 off the current rate. Buy your ticket here:

We hope to see you in San Francisco!

The MADS Team


How the US Government is maximizing the positive impacts of data

The Federal government has a mission to maximize the
positive impacts of its data.  With strategic objectives of fueling
economic growth and creating a data-driven government, Commerce data fuels jobs
and saves lives.

With hundreds of terabytes of data being produced daily, the US Government is
one of the leading creators of information globally. 

At The Marketing Analytics & Data Science Conference, we are excited to
bring you face to face with the man charged with making that data actionable
and successfully driving the vision. 

Marketing Analytics & Data Science Conference
June 8-10 | Hilton Financial District | San Fransico, CA

We welcome the US Department of Commerce’s first Chief Data
Officer, Ian Kalin! Join us on Thursday, June, 9 for his keynote address
“Department of Commerce as “America’s Data Agency.’
Hear first-hand, the challenges Ian faces as he works with
all 12 commerce bureaus to unlock more data and help support a data-driven
department and economy and how you can leverage those learnings back in your
office to drive growth.
Joining Ian at the conference is an all-star line-up of
analytics and data science experience including:
Theo Priestley, Technology Evangelist, Futurist
& Forbes Contributor 
Beena Ammanath, Executive Director, Data
Science, GE
Brian Dalessandro, Lead Research Scientist,
David Plouffe, Chief Advisor, Uber; Senior
Advisor to President Barack Obama (2011-2013); Campaign Manager, 2008 Obama for
President; and New York Times Best-Selling Author
Download the brochure:
Buy Tickets: http://bit.ly/1qjF4pf
We hope to see you there!
The Marketing Analytics & Data Science Conference Team

Measure Up Podcast Series: Lise Brende of Bing & MSN

This post has been cross-posted with our Community 2.0 blog.

Over the next few weeks, in preparation for the Measure Up conference, we’ll be highlighting conversations focusing on marketing measurement best practices in a Measure Up podcast series. In today’s edition, Measure Up conference chair Guy Powell and Steven Groves, co-author of the recently launched book ROI of Social Media, interviewed Measure Up keynote speaker Lise Brende of Bing & MSN.

For a sneak peek at Lise Brende’s keynote session ’360 Marketing Accountability,’ listen to the podcast here.

To learn more about Measure Up, visit the event webpage. Plus, follow us on twitter for continued updates @MeasureUpIIR.

We hope to see you at the conference this June ‘ Register with code MEASURE11BLOG for 15% off the standard rate. Register here.

Measure Up Brochure Released

Taking place June 6-8, 2011 in Boston, MA, Measure Up is the world’s most comprehensive cross-dimensional view of marketing measurement best practices. With a focus on return on investment (ROI) as it relates to the integration of traditional, online and mobile activities; specifically, Social Media, this event is designed to answer business critical questions of today and tomorrow:

How are customers using Social Media to drive their marketing activities?

How can companies measure, manage and improve social media activities?

And most importantly, how can companies understand the analytics across the entire marketing mix and incorporate those results into improved marketing strategies and tactics to drive higher revenue, profit and brand share?

Download the Measure Up brochure here.

Rather than reinforcing the separation between digital versus traditional media, Measure Up promotes the integration of all marketing measurement, analytics and operational processes to drive the brand strategy. This can be best achieved by adding a new universe to the mix, Marketing Operations. Marketing Operations help to support not only the smooth functioning of the business of marketing, but also the measurement, accountability and systemization of marketing processes.

Industry professionals will go back to their office with a better understanding of how measurement, analytics and optimized resource allocation can drive their marketing strategies and tactics.

As a reader of The Market Research Event Blog, we’re offering you an exclusive discount of 15% off the standard price when using discount code TMREBLOGMU. Register here.

We hope to see you in Boston this June!
The Measure-Up Marketing Analytics Team

The Measure-Up Event webpage: http://bit.ly/i6QXuK
Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/TMRE

Measure Up Conference 2011 – Official Call for Presenters Now Open

Measure Up – The New World of Marketing Analytics: The Integration of Traditional & Social Media
June 6-8, 2011

Due to the high volume of submissions, we suggest you submit your proposal early and no later than Friday, December 17, 2010 to Stacy Levyn, Conference Producer at slevyn@iirusa.com or 646.895.7335.

About the Event
The 2011 Measure Up Conference is a business event structured around integrating many fractured pieces of measurement analytics into one effective marketing strategy. Specifically, the event will focus on return on investment as it relates to online activities; exclusively, Social Media. Rather than reinforcing the separation between digital versus traditional media, Measure Up promotes the combination of all marketing measurement analytics processes. Learn how companies are using cross channel integration to create business value through the use of Social Media Analytics.

Measure Up will be holding a unique symposium which will showcase:
B2B Social Media Metrics AND Next Generation Marketing Mix Modeling.

Event Focus & Key Themes:
‘ B2B Social Media Metrics
‘ Marketing Accountability
‘ Setting Clear and Measurable KPI’s
‘ Brand Measurement
‘ Customer Strategy
‘ Linking Customer Insight to Financial Value
‘ Digital Advertising
‘ Social Media
‘ Mobile Marketing Analytics
‘ Twitter ROI
‘ Marketing Mix Optimization
‘ Cost Marketing
‘ Marketing Operations
‘ The Agency Relationship

Past Speakers Include:
‘ Lisa Wellington, Marketing Sciences, THE COCA-COLA COMPANY
‘ Greg Michaels, Director, Analytics Kraft Foods International, KRAFT FOODS, INC.
‘ Robert Harles, VP, Community, SEARS HOLDINGS COMPANY
‘ Jason Ferrara, VP, Corporate Marketing, CAREERBUILDER.COM
‘ Esmee Williams, VO, Marketing, ALLRECIPES.COM
‘ Lewis Goldman, SVP, Brand Marketing, 1800FLOWERS
‘ Yardena Montague-Rand, Market Research, FIDELITY INVESTMENTS
‘ Gretchen Harding, Senior Marketing Manager, INTUIT
‘ Melanie Davis, Director of Marketplace Insights, AMERICAN EXPRESS
‘ Shannon A. Balliet, Recent Director of Database Marketing & Customer Data Integration, CARNIVAL CRUISE LINES
‘ Alicia Z. Rankin, Head of Research and Fan Insights, NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE
‘ Tomas Emmers, Consumer & Market Insights Director, Home & Personal Care Categories, Brand Building, North America, UNILEVER
‘ Julie L. Propper, Director, Advertising Analytics, ESPN

The Audience:
Marketing science, analysts, marketing, finance, strategy, branding, market research, marketing communications and media.

Speakers receive FREE admission to the conference as well as any pre-conference activity such as workshops or symposium.

Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities:
If you are interested in sponsorship or exhibit opportunities please contact Jon Saxe at jsaxe@iirusa.com.

Interested in Becoming a Media Partner or Featured Event Blogger?
Contact Alexandra Saland at asaland@iirusa.com

Call for Presenters:
For consideration, please email slevyn@iirusa.com with the following information by Friday, December 17, 2010.
‘ Proposed speaker name(s), job title(s), and company name(s)
‘ Contact information including address, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail
‘ Talk title
‘ The main theme you plan to address
‘ Summary of the presentation (3-5 sentences)
‘ Please indicate what is NEW about the presentation
‘ What the audience will gain from your presentation (please list 3-5 key ‘take-aways’)
‘ Previous conference experience
‘ Short bio

Due to the high volume of responses, we are unable to respond to each submission. All those selected to participate as speakers will be notified shortly after the deadline.

Thank you for your interest in the Measure Up Conference. Check for updates and discussion related to the event at www.iirusa.com/measureup. We look forward to receiving your proposal!