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Want Successful Market Research Presentations? Think Like a Teacher

Think back to high school.  Was your favorite teacher your favorite
because of the subject they taught? 
Probably not. Most likely that teacher possessed some traits that would
have made them a great teacher no matter the subject.  Market researchers can learn some important
lessons from this.

You may already be doing many of the
things great teachers do. Consider:
  • Focus on prioritization:  Do you always have clear objectives for
    your presentations?
  • Focus on comprehension: Do you spend time designing
    content so that it will be understandable?
  • Focus on retention: Do you put great effort into making
    sure that your clients will retain key pieces of information?
  • Focus on engagement: Do you strive to be engaging when
    presenting research?

For example, just as teachers focus
on comprehension and retention, so do we as researchers. After all, our presentations
are pretty pointless if people don’t understand and remember the key findings.

So let’s try a little exercise.

Step 1: If you were a school
teacher, how might you address these challenges?
  1. Students are having trouble staying focused during lectures.
  2. Students aren’t retaining the key lessons from a given
  3. Students are not applying the lessons.  

Write down one possible solution for each of the above before
proceeding. And give yourself at least five minutes for this task.

Step 2: Can you apply those
solutions to your market research presentations?

Now let’s apply this to market
research. Take the solutions you identified above and see if they apply to each
of the following:
  1. Clients are having trouble staying focused during
  2. My clients aren’t retaining the information from my presentations.
  3. My clients are not applying the research’s key findings
    to real decision making.

Did the solution you came up with
for 1 apply to A? 2 to B? And 3 to C?

For item 1, one solution might be,
‘make classes more engaging by having questions prepared to ask the students
after each major point.’ In a market research context, for item A, this could
translate as, ‘make presentations less boring by asking the audience what they
think the result was to a key question before showing them the actual data; did
they guess right’? For example, in presenting a branding study, you might ask
‘What percent of our customers describe the company as ‘family friendly”? What
the audience guesses before you reveal the results can be a great segue to a
memorable presentation.

we ‘delivering’ or ‘teaching’ research results?

One of our greatest challenges as
market researchers is in getting people to use our research. But if they don’t
really understand it, and haven’t really retained it, it simply won’t happen.
Be inspired by the best teachers you had growing up; you may be able to apply
their methods to your next market research project presentation.
By Kathryn Korostoff, Founder and Lead Instructor at Research Rockstar LLC. She can be reached at KKorostoff@ResearchRockstar.com.


CALL FOR PRESENTERS: The Market Research Event 2012

CALL FOR PRESENTERS: The Market Research Event 2012
November 12-14, 2012 * Boca Raton, Florida
Email kschram@iirusa.com by Friday, February 3, 2012.

** ** **
NOTE: Presenters are accepted on a rolling basis so early submissions are encouraged.

About TMRE
The Market Research Event (www.themarketresearchevent.com) is all about the business value of market research. With more than 140 sessions and 175 speakers, it is by far the most comprehensive market research conference in the world. Multiple tracks and symposia allow participants to truly customize their experience based on their unique learning goals.

Presenter Qualifications
TMRE is seeking client side executives to join the speaker faculty. Speakers can come from any department within the organization. Content must be original and not have already been presented at this or any other industry conference. Note: ONLY client-side submissions will be reviewed. If you are a market research firm, vendor, or consultant, please see below.

The Audience
In 2011, TMRE drew more than 1000 participants with more than 60% representing client side companies from all major industries including: CPG, Media & Entertainment, Finance & Insurance, Travel & Tourism, Durable Goods, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare, Retail, Energy & Utilities, Telecommunications, Technology, & Automotive and more.

Attendees have backgrounds in market research, consumer insights, marketing, intelligence, brand insights, marketing analytics, R&D, product development, innovation, customer experience, strategic planning, shopper insights and advertising among other related areas.

Suggested Topic Areas

  1. 1. Social Media & Communities
  2. 2. Shopper Insights
  3. 3. Consumer Trends
  4. 4. Segmentation
  5. 5. Biometrics & Neuroscience
  6. 6. Ad & Media Research
  7. 7. MR Leadership & Strategy
  8. 8. Market & Brand Insights
  9. 9. Insight Driven Innovation & Product Development
  10. 10. Business to Business Research
  11. 11. Data Analytics
  12. 12. Innovation in Tools & Techniques
  13. 13. Strategic Global Expansion
  14. 14. BRIC
  15. 15. ROI & Measurement
  16. 16. Activating Insights
  17. 17. Big Data
  18. 18. Mobile & Technology

We are also happy to consider topics not listed here that you feel would add value and be appropriate for the audience.

Submission Guidelines
Those who wish to be considered for the TMRE speaker faculty should send the following via email to Kelly Schram, Conference Director at kschram@iirusa.com no later than Friday, February 3, 2012:

  1. 1. Benefit oriented title of session
  2. 2. Summary of session (no more than 150 words)
  3. 3. What is NEW about the presentation
  4. 4. Full contact details for speaker including name, title, company, email, phone and mail

If your submission is selected, portions of your summary will be used to promote your participation. In an effort to ensure the utmost quality, all final presentations will be subject to review by our content review board prior to the event.

Past Speakers Include:

Stan Sthanunathan, Vice President, Marketing Strategy & Insights, The Coca-Cola Company, Paulette Kish, Strategic Insights Officer, Mars Petcare, Julia Oswald, Vp, Strategy & Insights, Domino’s Pizza, John Wright, Director, Consumer Insights, Safeway, Renee Pezzi, SVP, Research, Citizen’s Bank, Mike Greco, EVP of Strategic Insights, A&E, Bill Hoffman, SVP, Consumer Insights Best Buy, Susan Wagner, VP, Global Strategic Insights, Johnson & Johnson, Stan Turek, VP Customer Strategy & Shopper Insights, PepsiCo, Dan Zigmond, Technical Lead & Manager, Ad Quality & Pricing Group, Google TV, Joel Aach, VP Consumer Insights, Darden Restaurants, Barry Blyn, VP, Consumer Insights, ESPN

Benefits to speakers
Each speaker receives the following:

  1. 1. Free pass to the event including access to all pre-conference symposia and workshops
  2. 2. Continental breakfast and lunch
  3. 3. Admittance to exclusive networking activities
  4. 4. Unique discount code entitling anyone who uses it to 20% off the standard conference rate

Special notices to market research firms, vendors and solutions providers
This call is limited to client side presenters. If you are a vendor, consultant, solution provider, or technology provider and would like to speak at TMRE, please contact Jon Saxe at jsaxe@iirusa.com or 646-895-7467 or Sarene Yablonsky at syablonsky@iirusa.com or 646-895-7474.