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Free Web Seminar – Three Innovation Trends That Could Redefine Sustainability

Join us for a Complimentary Web Seminar
Thursday, October 14th from 2:00 PM – 3:00PM EDT

Space is limited.
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Sustainability has been called the first megatrend of the 21st Century. And as sustainability moves beyond eco-efficiency, it will become a major force for innovation.

But what constitutes world-changing ‘green’ innovation? And how can corporations embrace it for maximum returns?

There are three trends that are proven indicators of successful innovation. Understanding and embracing them is vital for any company embarking on a path of green innovation.

In this webinar, Mike Maddock and Marc Stoiber will provide the big picture on these trends, and outline their role in creating successful ‘green’ innovation.

Featured Speakers:
Mike Maddock, Founder, Maddock Douglas
Marc Stoiber, VP of Green Innovation, Maddock Douglas

Mike is founder of Agency of InnovationTM Maddock Douglas. He has helped 25% of the Fortune 100 successfully invent, build and brand. A serial entrepreneur, Mike has launched three successful businesses and chairs the Gathering of Titans entrepreneurial conclave at MIT. He is a featured innovation columnist for Bloomberg-BusinessWeek and author of Saving the Idea Monkey, a book due out in early 2011.

Marc is VP of Green Innovation at Maddock Douglas. He was an award-winning creative director prior to founding his own green brand agency, which was acquired by Maddock Douglas. He writes for Fast Company and Huffington Post, speaks on the subject from coast to coast, has been featured at TED, and regularly appears as a green expert commentator on television.

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Innovations in Market Research with Dr. Howard Moskowitz and Steven Onufrey

You may not recognize the name but Dr. Howard Moskowitz has changed the way you eat. Back in the 1970s when Diet Pepsi asked him to create the perfect sweetness for the soft drink, thereby making the perfect Diet Pepsi Moskowitz went to work – but he found out that there was not a perfect Diet Pepsi but perfect Diet Pepsis. People wanted variety – some liked their soda very sweet, some liked it just a little less. Thanks to his research, we’ve now have a variety of soda concontions to suit every taste bud. But Moskowitz didn’t stop there, he went after spaghetti sauce.
Malcolm Gladwell describes it best: “…in 1986, he (Moskowitz) got a call from the Campbell’s Soup Company. They were in the spaghetti-sauce business, going up against Rag?? with their Prego brand. Prego was a little thicker than Rag??, with diced tomatoes as opposed to Rag??’s pur??e, and, Campbell’s thought, had better pasta adherence. But, for all that, Prego was in a slump, and Campbell’s was desperate for new ideas. Standard practice in the food industry would have been to convene a focus group and ask spaghetti eaters what they wanted. But Moskowitz does not believe that consumers’even spaghetti lovers’know what they desire if what they desire does not yet exist. … When Moskowitz charted the results, he saw that everyone had a slightly different definition of what a perfect spaghetti sauce tasted like. If you sifted carefully through the data, though, you could find patterns, and Moskowitz learned that most people’s preferences fell into one of three broad groups: plain, spicy, and extra-chunky, and of those three the last was the most important. Why? Because at the time there was no extra-chunky spaghetti sauce in the supermarket. Over the next decade, that new category proved to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars to Prego.”
We have a fantastic opportunity for you to join Dr. Moskowitz and Steven Onufrey in a complimentary webinar “”Applied Market Research – The Next Generation: Addressable Minds” on April 6th from 2-3PM EST. This is your chance to learn about market research from the best of the best. Use priority code M2246W2BLOG to secure your seat today.

CALL FOR PRESENTERS: The Market Research Event 2010

Email kvazquez@iirusa.com by Friday, March 19, 2010

From: Krista Vazquez
Re: The Market Research Event 2010
Event Date: November 8-10, 2010
Location: Hilton Bayfront San Diego, San Diego, CA
Deadline: Friday, March 19th, 2010

Krista Vazquez, Conference Director, The Market Research Event is now recruiting speakers for the 2010 program.

The Market Research Event is the industry’s leading conference showcasing the business value of market research and introducing the very best of what’s new in the market research field. Recognized for consistently delivering high quality content and speakers who are willing to share real stories, TMRE has earned the reputation as the “World’s Top MR Event.” The 2010 event is projected to attract nearly 1000 attendees with more than 60% representing end users and clients. Get involved today. All speakers will receive a free pass to attend the event ($3000+ Value).

Read on for submission guidelines.

Note: Submission deadline is Friday, March 19, 2010.

Content areas include:
Marketing & Media Mix
In-store Research & Shopper Insights
Research & Social Media
Analytics & Measurement
Marketing & Brand Insights
Management & Leadership
Insight Driven Innovation
Business to Business Research
New Tools, Techniques & Methodologies

NOTE: Suggestions for alternate topics also accepted. Sessions can be presented as a case study or interactive/roundtable discussion.

All submissions must include the following:

1. Compelling and benefit oriented session title
2. 75 word description of proposed topic
3. 2 bullet points identifying key take-aways
4. Short bio for proposed speaker (include name, business title and company)
5. Contact information including e-mail address and phone number for proposed speaker.

We encourage you to forward this to your colleagues.

Are You Familiar With ‘Haul’ Vloggers?

There is a new phenomenon happening on YouTube and market researchers are taking note. New York Magazine reports that they’re called “haul videos” and consist of girls videotaping themselves showing the world what they just bought at the mall. Like, they go home, plop down in front of their webcams, and pull their new purchases out of shopping bags. And discuss each item in way too much detail.

Here’s some more buzz on this phenomenon:
We’re interested to hear what you think of this burgeoning phenomenon. Will (or would) you use this as research?

Advice for Developing a Market Research Strategy for your Small Business

Ron Consolino is a management counselor for SCORE, Counselors to America’s Small Business and he offers up a great strategy for developing a market research strategy for a small company.

He writes, “Your market research can be as informal as observing customers in the store or doing a survey, and as elaborate as conducting a full-scale research program with focus groups and computer- generated maps.” Consolino also offers up the idea of using a market research firm if you have the budget for that service.

Learn more: Valuable research not costly

HDTVs in Two-Thirds of US Homes

Market research firm ORC reports that two-thirds of American households now have an HDTV. Geoff Duncan of DigitalTrends.com writes, if the numbers are accurate and the forecast bears out, that means that in 2013 about three out of four American households will have upgraded to HDTV’something that movie and television producers’as well as consumer electronics companies’will be delighted to hear.

‘As movie studios, cable and satellite operators, and broadcast networks offer more and more high definition programming, consumers are responding by upgrading to high-definition televisions,’ said ORC VP Manuel Flores, in a statement. ‘While purchase intention over the next 24 months looks promising, the economy remains a major hurdle to sustainable growth.’

What do you think about this rise in HDTV’s among American households?

Learn more: Study Finds Two-Thirds of U.S. Homes Have HDTVs

Changing Mobile Advertising

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google, Apple, Best Buy and Volkswagen and more are looking to revamp their mobile advertising. Until now, mobile advertising mainly consisted of small banner ads tucked into the corner of a mobile Web page or text-message ads that often resembled spam. As a result, the mobile-advertising market remained relatively small, even as mobile phones proliferated.

Marketers are carefully watching the iPad, which can run software applications similar to iPhone apps, along with other new products, as they look to broaden their strategies beyond first-generation mobile ads, such as text-messages ad

Learn more: Giving Mobile Ads a Makeover

As we look at these changes with mobile advertising, what sort of predictions can you make on the success of these efforts?

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Knowing your customers inside and out is the key to innovation. These days, we’re operating in a transparent “real time” world with abundant choice and increasing customer power. Identifying and focusing on core segments is critical. Understanding needs and behaviors and translating those insights into new business opportunities becomes the real foundation for achieving growth.
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IDC Predicts Android to Second Spot by 2013

Itproportal.com reports that Market research firm IDC has predicted that the Google-owned Android platform will grow faster than all its rivals to reach the second spot by the year 2013, second only to Nokia’s Symbian.

In terms of figures, Android OS, which roughly had 700,000 units shipped in 2008, would grow rapidly to reach to the figure of 68 million units by the end of 2013.

Learn more: Android Platform, Second Most Important Popular Mobile Operating System

PROOF: Market Research for Package Design

What motivates purchase behavior? From the first moment of truth through engagement towards loyalty, creating a brand relationship begins and often ends with the package itself. In a world of abundance, get the message right.

PROOF: Market Research for Packaging Design is back!

April 14-15, 2010
Trump International Hotel & Tower
Chicago, IL

Event: http://bit.ly/6TiGWO
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This April, join the leading minds in brand, research and design and arm yourself with the strategies, insights and tools you need to “lead the way” and stay ahead of the competition in 2010.

What’s New for PROOF in 2010:

Keynote Jim Stengel, Retired Global Marketing Officer, Procter & Gamble shares his experience with Applied Leadership, Amazing Results

Featured session by Coca-Cola, “Busting the Burst” Optimizing On-Pack Promotional Messaging Brand”

Industry leading corporate practitioners sharing case study presentations, including: Kimberly-Clark, Sherwin Williams, HP, DuPont and more.
Presentation of the 1st Annual Packaging Awards brought to you by The Dieline and FUSE

More interactive networking sessions than ever before enabling you to meet your fellow PROOF attendees. Plus shared cocktail receptions with FUSE allows you to network with hundreds of design and branding experts and visionaries.

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