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Country Music and the Social Media User

While social media has been a key staple in the pop music world for a long time, it’s just now that a country music star is taking advantage.  While many believe that many country music listeners aren’t engaged, that’s simply not true.  According to Mashable, two out of four people buying technology are country music listeners.  Approximately 76% of those attending the CMA Music Festival were engaged in social media during the event.

In a recent article at Mashable, they profile new country music singer Jana Kramer for her use to engage her listeners.  Through the use of Instagram, she encouraged her listeners to take pictures to share what certain songs meant to them.  For engagement, after certain numbers of photos were tagged, songs and a video were released to the public.  Her campaign was successful, encouraged engagement and rewarded her listeners with great content.  This proved that not only was the country music listener online, but enjoyed interacting and sharing with their singers.

At The Market Research Event 2012, on Monday, November 12, we’ll have a fully symposium dedicated to Social Media Listening.  Jana knew where her audience was, and found out what made them want to engage.  If you’d like to begin to survey your market to do the same, we encourage you to join us in Boca Raton this November.  For more information on the event, download the brochure here.  If you register to join us today, register and mention code TMRE12BLOG to save 15% off the standard rate!

What does this mean for the market research community?  Your users are online.  Do some research to find out where they are.  Also, they’ll engage for the right reasons.  What can you use to connect with your market?

The Market Research Event 2012 Full Program Unveiled!

As organizations across the globe demand more from their insights groups than ever before, what will your role be?

The Market Research Event 2012 is focused on developing you both professionally and personally into a transformational leader in your organization. The new value proposition for the market research community is about uncovering real insights that will create new value. TMRE will empower you with new skills that will enable you to tranform research into insights and use storytelling to build a compelling business case for meaningful action.

Introducing TMRE 2012: The NEW Value Proposition: Transforming Insights Partners into Strategic Consultative Leaders.

TMRE is the largest and most respected market research event in the industry. With more than 136 sessions and 170+ speakers, gain access to the most comprehensive set of industry perspectives from insights leaders across the globe.

2012 Featured Speakers Include:

  • ‘ Philip Chambers, SVP, Global Insights, PepsiCo
  • ‘ Daniel Kahneman, the World’s Most Influential Living Psychologist, Best Selling Author, Thinking, Fast and Slow
  • ‘ Robert V. Kozinets, World Renowned Expert on Net-Nography, Professor, Schulich School of Business, York University
  • ‘ Guy Kawasaki, Former Chief Evangelist of Apple, Author of Enchantment
  • ‘ Robert J Atencio, Global VP, Consumer Insights, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare
  • ‘ Jonah Sachs, Author, Winning the Story Wars, Co-Founder & Creative Director, Free Range Studios
  • ‘ Jim Stengel, Former Global Marketing Officer, P&G, Author of Grow: How Ideals Power Growth and Profit at the World’s Greatest Companies
  • ‘ Bob Johansen, Ten Year Forecaster, Author, Leaders Make the Future

Completely New Content Areas For 2012:

  • ‘ Social Media Listening
  • ‘ Mobile & Technology
  • ‘ Trends: With a Special Hispanic/Millennial Focus
  • ‘ Consultative Skills Development
  • ‘ Strategy & Futuring
  • ‘ Data Analysis and BIG Data
  • ‘ Collaboration in Action: Industry Roundtables & Interactive Work Groups

Returning Themes – With all new, never before seen presentations for 2012:

  • ‘ Ad & Media Research
  • ‘ Shopper Insights
  • ‘ Business to Business Research
  • ‘ Global Research
  • ‘ Insights Leadership & Transformation
  • ‘ Brand Insights: Letting the Brand Tell the Story
  • ‘ Insight Driven Innovation
  • ‘ The New MR Toolkit

Find out for yourself why The Market Research Event has been dubbed year after year as the World’s Top MR Event. If you’d like to join us, as a reader of this blog, when you register to join us and mention code TMRE12BLOG, you’ll save 10% off the standard rate!  If you have any questions, feel free to email Jennifer Pereira.

Teens and Social Media: Where are they going?

Facebook has been the go-to social media site of the past eight years. But recent research shows from Microsoft Research shows that teens are gravitating from Facebook and using social media with apps specially made for SmartPhones is their new destination.  Tumblr, Twitter and text messaging is the popular destination now of those who turn 13.  But studies show that they’re still using Facebook and 93% do have accounts.  The article at the LA Times also mentions that three out of every four moms who went online in March did visit Facebook.

At The Market Research Event 2012, we’ll have a track dedicated to social media listening looking at how you can listen to you audience online.  As the younger generation has so fully integrated technology into their lives, brands should discover how teens are communicating their brands online.  For more on TMRE 2012, download the brochure here. As a reader of this blog, save $500 off the standard rate when you register before June 5 and mention code TMRE12BLOG!

What what does this mean for the social media giant and it’s next few years? Do you think that the younger generation gravitating away from the site has to do with it’s personalization and and a view of invasion of privacy from their parents?  What does this mean for the future of Facebook?

Top 10 Reasons Why You Cannot Afford to Miss The Market Research Event in 2011

What are the 10 Ten Reasons you can’t miss The Market Research Event?

  1. 1. TMRE is the most comprehensive conference in the world for elevating the business value of insights to advance the industry forward. With 175+ Speakers and 140+ Best in Class Sessions, it’s the experience of 8 conferences in one trip.
  2. 2. TMRE is the only event focused on the BUSINESS VALUE OF MARKET RESEARCH

  3. 3. TMRE invests in the highest caliber of keynotes ‘ bringing you visionaries that will transform your thinking.
  4. 4. All the hottest topics in market research are covered in depth, including: Social Media & Communities * Trends * Segmentation * Ad & Media Research * Technology & Mobile * BRIC * Shopper Insights * Activating Insights * Marketing Research & Brand Insights * ROI & Performance Measurement * Insight Driven Innovation * Data Analysis & Integration * Insight Leadership * Business to Business Research * Innovations in Tools & Methodologies * What’s Next?
  5. 5. Year round insights and networking. Get access to the private TMRE online community and post event webinar series.
  6. 6. No commercialism from the platform. Every session is reviewed by our content advisory board to ensure the highest integrity of content.
  7. 7. More meaningful networking. Over 12 hours of dedicated networking time to enable you to make the right connections PLUS you have the opportunity participate in the EPCOT’s world renowned International Food & Wine Festival.
  8. 8. TMRE has a proven record of uniting the more client-side participants than any other industry event in the world. More than 60% of our attendees are from client-side companies.
  9. 9. You have more choices. At TMRE you always have anywhere from 7-9 concurrent sessions running at the same time, making sure you can always choose a session that is relevant to you and your business.
  10. 10. The event with the greatest representation of researchers from around the world. We’ve scoured the globe to bring you the best of the best in market research. (Look for the sessions with the flags in the brochure to see those that have a global focus.)

Download the TMRE Brochure to see the full updated program.

If you mention priority code TMRE11Blog and save $300 if you register by Friday! If you have any questions about the event, please feel free to contact Jennifer Pereira at jpereira@iirusa.com.

TDI3: Technology Driven Intelligence, Insights & Implications – Call for Presenters Now Open

TDI3 – Technology Driven Intelligence, Insights & Implications
May, 2012 | Las Vegas, NV
Call 646.895.7335 or email Conference Director Slevyn@iirusa.com 
Submission Deadline : FRIDAY, September 30, 2011


The Institute for International Research (IIR) presents:
Technology Driven Intelligence, Insights & Implications
Date: May, 2012

Due to the high volume of submissions, we suggest you submit your proposal early and no later than Friday, September 30, 2011 to Stacy Levyn, Conference Producer at slevyn@iirusa.com or 646.895.7335.

About the Event:
From fragmentation to integration, data convergence is changing the landscape of business today. Primary research methodologies are no longer sufficient. A 360 degree perspective is required to fully grasp all of the data and tools that are being used, creatively and effectively, to better understand consumer behavior. It’s more than Technology Driven Market Research; it’s a holistic synthesis of intelligence, insights & implications.

Event Focus & Key Themes
2 Symposia’s:

  • ‘ Mobile Research & Technologies
  • ‘ Research Innovation

High-level Keynotes:

  • ‘ Storytelling
  • ‘ Cultivating Insights from Numbers
  • ‘ Data Visualization
  • ‘ Social Media
  • ‘ Leadership & Strategy

3 Concurrent Tracks:

  • ‘ Intelligence
  • ‘ Insights
  • ‘ Implications

The Audience
Managers, director level and above in Market Research, Innovation, Technology, Marketing, Analytics, Consumer Insights, Business Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, Social Media, Data Mining, Text Analytics and CRM.

Speakers receive FREE admission to the conference as well as any pre-conference activity such as workshops or symposium.

Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities
If you are interested in sponsorship or exhibit opportunities please contact Jon Saxe, Business Development Manager at jsaxe@iirusa.com or 646.895.7467.

Interested in Becoming a Media Partner or Featured Event Blogger?
Contact Kacey Anderson, Marketing Manager, at kanderson@iirusa.com.

Call for Presenters:
For consideration, please email slevyn@iirusa.com with the following information by Friday, September 30, 2011.

  • ‘ Proposed speaker name(s), job title(s), and company name(s)
  • ‘ Contact information including address, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail
  • ‘ Talk title
  • ‘ The main theme you plan to address
  • ‘ Summary of the presentation (3-5 sentences)
  • ‘ Please indicate what is NEW about the presentation
  • ‘ What the audience will gain from your presentation (please list 3-5 key ‘take-aways’)
  • ‘ Previous conference experience
  • ‘ Short bio

Due to the high volume of responses, we are unable to respond to each submission. All those selected to participate as speakers will be notified shortly after the deadline.

Lock in the Lowest Rate for The Market Research Event!

The Market Research Event 2011 Event Preview has just been released. What’s in store for you at TMRE 2011? We’ve focused this year on bringing more networking, bigger attendance, more client side representation, more never before seen content, more diverse perspectives, and more opportunities for interaction with other participants! The Market Research Event will connect the best in insights from around the world.

We’ll soon unveil the 2011 full agenda. In the mean time, download the TMRE 2011 Preview.

Until then, we invite you to register to join us this November 7-9, 2011 in Orlando, Florida! Register by this Friday May 13th & Save $800 off the onsite rate when you mention priority code TMRE11BLOG. Register here. If you have any questions about TMRE 2011, feel free to contact Jennifer Pereira at jpereira@iirusa.com.

Join us for free at TMRE! Be a guest blogger

You could earn a complimentary All-Access pass to one of the world’s largest market research events by serving as a guest-blogger. As a guest blogger at The Market Research Event, you’ll have access to the amazing visionaries, authors, academics PLUS retailers, manufacturers, industry authorities and explorers. With six track sessions, networking hours and innovative sessions ‘ you’ll learn and have a great time and this premier event.

Responsibilities will include attending specifically assigned sessions and blogging live or same day. You must have industry experience within the market research field. In exchange for guest blogging, you will receive an all-access pass to the event $3,000+ value. Guest bloggers are responsible for their travel and lodging.

Apply today by sending your name, company, biography and links to your blog directly to TMRE Media Marketer, Jennifer Pereira at jpereira@iirusa.com. Deadline for submissions has been extended to Wednesday, October 20, 2010 at 12pm EST.