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Market Research Appreciation Society

In Germany we have a lot of “days”, of course not more  than 365 a year, but definitely some of them for specific purpose. We celebrate re-unification on 3rd October, we celebrate Easter and Christmas. And sometime we have the “Tag der Marktforschung” (“market research day” which was June 16 this year)…

Originally this was implemented to inform and educate the general public about the “What” an “Why” of market research. They try to show people that market research is not about cold calling, that we are not a gang of ruthless people disturbing people with cold calling in order to sell something. Yes, we take data protection serious. Those kind of events want to bring market research to live.

picture taken from:  http://bit.ly/USlCLg 

Basically I think it is a very good idea to do so. In times when response rates for participation in market research survey drop significantly we definitely need participants’ willingness to participate in our research programmes, regardless if this is a focus group, panel survey, IDI, car clinic or online research community.  And we have to make our plans of what we will do with the collected data as clear and transparent as possible.

So all in all I very much appreciate the efforts that have been done by colleagues all over the nation.

However, I’m wondering if they got their audience right. Wouldn’t it be good (or even better) to have a “market research day” for our clients? If so, how could it look like?

Here’s my take…

I think it would be good idea to have a deep and intense change of perceptions. What are the requirements? What can we improve to be better service providers, research consultants change agents, etc. And what can buyers of market research improve in order help us understanding their needs?

Let’s learn from each other, not only when it comes to methodologies. We should share our different views
on the topics of consumer understanding and bring together our different point
of views. And personally I’m very keen on learning more about how clients use
our work in order to get things done.

Sometimes I’m disapointed to see
that only very little of our work obviously found the way in clients’ organizations. But sometims I’m really impressed by the power research can have, when it is used in an inspiring and creative way. In my dreams this would really the key asset of a “market research appreciation society”…

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Today’s guest post is from Christian D??ssel (@olympiamilano). Christian is Senior Research Director at MM-Eye, a market research and research consulting firm in Hamburg / Germany helping clients from US and Asia to research Europe. He has worked for TNS, TBWA and other advertising, strategy and market research agencies helping clients from industries such as finance, transport and logistics, telecommunication and entertainment to understand consumers through market research and to increase implementation excellence. He will be live blogging from The Market Research Event 2012 this November 12-14 in Boca Raton, Florida. If you’d like to join him, register today and mention code TMRE12BLOG to save 15% off the standard rate!