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Why market researchers need to attend Measure UP 2010

For more than a decade, marketing mix modeling has been at the core of the marketing measurement process. However, new business issues and renewed attention on ROI, demands innovation in the world of analytics.

At the Measure UP Marketing Conference, March 10-12, 2010 in Chicago, senior marketing and market research executives will share their new models and assessment tools to ensure the most effective and efficient marketing mix. Below are some examples of sessions that are geared towards market research:

Empowering Sustainable Innovation: Ideas for Creating a Data-Driven Organization
Avinash Kaushik, Analytics Evangelist, GOOGLE, & Author, Web Analytics: An Hour a Day & Web Analytics 2.0 – How to create a data-driven organization through a mix of cultural approaches, destruction of some currently workshoped holy cows, tools, skills and mindsets.

Creating an Algorithm for Marketing Optimization
Scott Deaver, Executive Vice President, Strategy, AVIS BUDGET GROUP
- How marketing effectiveness has evolved and where he sees the greatest opportunity today from marketers to build a more sophisticated optimization system.

Modern Day Mix Modeling: Balancing Prior Information & Judgment with Statistics
Lisa Wellington, Marketing Sciences, THE COCA-COLA COMPANY
- How to employ Bayesian modeling to enable the integration of prior knowledge with sound statistics in order to product robust, comprehensive models.
Marketing Pricing and Spending Decisions Across Multiple Brands

Greg Michaels, Director, Analytics, Kraft International, KRAFT FOODS
- How optimization and risk analysis methods are applied to a representative portfolio of brands to make practical marketing decisions
Actionable Value-Based Customer Segmentation for Maximum ROI
Shannon A. Balliet, Analytics Consultant & Recent Director of Database Marketing & Customer Integration, CARNIVAL CRUISE LINES
- Actionable elements of a value-based segmentation strategy that will enable marketing organizations to realize measurable results, achieve strong ROI and fuel overall profitability.

Driving Improvements in Customer Value by the Fusion of Behavioral Data and Attitudinal Insight
Gary Class, Senior Vice President, WELLS FARGO
- How to integrate behavioral models with attitudinal data and how to leverage customer
insight to identify opportunities for improvement in service quality and breadth.

And that’s just a sample of the insightful presentations Measure UP has to offer you. Join us and hear senior level marketing and market research executives reveal how they are successfully linking marketing to financial value creation. Through real stories and case studies, you peers will share the latest, most practical techniques and innovative advancements in modeling, metrics and measurement.

Download the brochure to see the full program.