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Live from #TMRE13: Malcolm’s Keynote – Everything in Moderation

This morning’s keynote, Malcolm Gladwell, was introduced by Joan Lewis, Global Consumer and Market Knowledge Officer, Procter & Gamble.  She mentioned that when he was asked how he is able to write such amazing books, he said:  “I like to collect research that’s interesting and I like to collect stories that are interesting’and then I put those together.”  As a researcher, that hits home!
His focused his presentation on his latest book:  David & Goliath.  It was fascinating to hear him talk about how “too much of a good thing” is not a good thing and the role that plays in larger systems. 
He discussed his thoughts around crime and the American public education system.  He questions:  “Is there a point when classroom size becomes too small?”  
When teachers were asked this question, virtually everyone said that a class size of less than 20 is too small’.because it gets more difficult to control opposing views of children.  “It’s like having 2 squabbling teenagers in the back of a car while driving across country.”  

Because “the single most determinant of success with a struggling student is whether they have a peer or not to help them”  true learning occurs when the classroom is full of discussion.  So, when you don’t have enough discussion —  you have dead classrooms.  Not enough interaction with each other.
When all you think about is your child’s relationship to the teacher, you get locked into how to maximize that relationship.  However, when you think about the classroom as a community, you also start to maximize that part of the learning as well.

He also brought it back to parents and how it’s not only difficult for those with very little money but also those with “too much” money.  Being a “good parent” gets hard again because you have to try to explain concepts such as “hard work” in an atmosphere where those type of lessons do not make intuitive sense. 

Key take away for me – more is not always better…

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The reports of Market Research’s death have been greatly exaggerated

The market research industry was fairly slow to innovate during its first 40-50 years.


For most of that time, the industry intensely focused on scientific methods and representative sampling.


 Debates raged for decades over the merits of random digit dial versus listed number samples.


 Enter the internet.


 People whispered, calling Gordon Black a heretic when he took polling online.


The internet bubble burst in the early 2000′s, putting tremendous pressure on corporate profitability.


Many marketing researchers sucked up their pride (and some of their principles) and embraced the world of large, but non-representative internet panels.


“Good enough” actually became the new standard.


Despite losing what they once treasured, a critical mass was reached. (Well, look at that! A Malcolm Gladwell reference–see him and LRW brain scientist Jeremy Sack at TMRE in October! #ShamelessPlug)











 ‘And upon reaching that critical mass and tasting the fruits of new capabilities, the industry gave in and fell in love with technology.


Their trepidation gave way to excitement. Their excitement turned into zeal for anything and everything new.



fMRIs and neuroscience showed up. People ran to them, saying they would replace survey research.

Then there was ‘listening’ and ‘communities’ and ‘big data.’ Each craze caused predictions that the end of market research was near.



Our industry needs to stop falling in love with ‘shiny new objects’ and following whatever is the latest, coolest technology.


At LRW, we’re not the biggest company in the industry, but we have a mission to link world-class market research to real business impact.


Yes, we embrace technology when it serves our strategic so what’ vision. (Soon, you will learn more about our groundbreaking virtual reality work.) 

But we don’t do it because it’s unbelievably awesome and cool (though it is). We only embrace those technologies that serve our strategic mission and provide actionable data to our clients to help their businesses grow!


As you embrace new technology, please ask yourself: are you facilitating a strategic vision or following a fad?


Forgo fads (like BuzzFeed style blogs).

About the Author

David Sackman, CEO, Lieberman Research Worldwide

David Sackman has over 25 years experience in marketing and research.  He is an expert in marketing strategy and student of leadership.  Dave is the CEO of Lieberman Research Worldwide and has turned LRW into the global so what’ company, focused on using consumer feedback to drive business impact. You can follow him on Twitter (@DavidSackman).

* Republished from original at lrwblog.net with permission.

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4. For years we’ve considered including Competitive Intelligence and User Research in TMRE. As these groups work more collaboratively with insights teams, in 2013 we welcome these teams with open arms.  Learn how to better integrate with CI and user teams to develop truly holistic consumer and market views.

5. It’s serendipitous when one of the world’s best known and best selling authors just happens to write a new book on the EXACT topic you’re craving more information about. Dan Pink, Author of To Sell Is Human, recognized that even though we aren’t in “sales” by title, we are indeed in sales by responsibility. We must “sell” the value of insights and research to our end users, internal and external clients daily.  Dan will bring a wealth of knowledge about how those not classically trained in sales can excel.

6. TMRE is proud to once again host two of the research industry’s most prestigious awards. The winners of the annual EXPLOR award will be on hand to present their case study demonstrating the business impact of technical innovation and the winners of NGMR’s Disruptive Innovator Award will unite in a provocative panel about what true innovation really means for our industry as a whole.

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