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Live #TMRE13: Data Visualization: The Subtle Art of Data

Alisa Olander, Vice President, Strategic Insights & Research, Universal Music Group, started today by sharing:

‘Seeing comes before words. The child looks and recognizes before it can speak. But, there is also another sense in which seeing comes before words. — Jonah Berger

The human memory is naturally associative and remembers information associated with sensory cues better especially visual cues.

Visuals have a tremendous impact but there is a need to Explore. Explain. Expose. to gleam insights and communicate those well for decision makers.

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  Valerie RussoFormerly a senior copy editor at Thomson Reuters, a research editor at AOL,  and a senior web publicist at Hachette Book GroupValerie M. Russo is editor at large of The Front End of Innovation BlogThe Market Research Event BlogThe World Future Trends Tumblr, the Digital Impact Blog, and also blogs at Literanista.net. She is the innovation lead and senior social media strategist for the Marketing and Business Strategy Division of the Institute for International Research, an Informa LLC., and her poetry was published in Regrets Only on sale at the MOMA Gift Shop. Her background is in Anthropology and English Literature. You can reach her at vrusso@iirusa.com or @Literanista.

Protecting the Science of Understanding While Translating Insight into Business Decisions

Protecting the

We’re researchers, but we’re also trained scientists. Skeptical of the overnight
DIY sensations, we’re classically trained and we must ensure the integrity of
data and insights. Yet, we also need to operate at the accelerated pace of
change resulting in a balancing act of rigor and expediency.

Confident Business Decisions
was conceived on the notion that research deserved a seat at the table. Now, we
focus on elevating the researcher to a strategic, consultative leader – at the
forefront of setting strategy, exposing new opportunities and mitigating risk.
This year, we couple best in class
business cases with professional development sessions focused on building the
skills in highest demand for researchers today like storytelling, data
visualization, business improve and sales techniques.

Only the Best

We’re thrilled to work with some of the longest standing leaders in the
industry to bring this vision to life. Like Joan Lewis, the head of consumer
and market knowledge at Procter & Gamble, who will interview Malcolm
Gladwell to help tie his provocative thinking directly to industry. We’re also
excited to bring you rising stars like Jane McGoingal, whose thinking is
destined to revolutionize but modern consumer culture as we know it.

We’re in This Together
There’s never been a more exciting time to be your partner in development and
your connection to the best in insights from around the world. TMRE is the
perfect blend of executive development and best practice sharing. It’s the
place where career researchers develop and advance into next generation
leaders. See what TMRE 2013 is all
about here.

TMRE connects the best in insights from around the world and
is the #1 research and insights conference.
  • 1200+ attendees
  • 180+ rarely seen speakers
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  • 100+ cutting edge exhibitors
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  • 9 breakout tracks
  • 8 symposia
  • 4 in depth professional development workshops
  • 0 commercialism from the platform. Our content review board
    ensures it.
  • New demands. New skillsets. Converged intelligence. More
    strategic guidance. 

TMRE: Your partner through change.

Download The TMRE
2012 Executive Summary
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Protecting the Science of Understanding While Translating Insight into Actionable Business Decisions

Connecting the Best in Insights from Around the World, The
Market Research Event
delivers more proven value than any other conference
of its kind. That’s why it’s the #1 trusted event brand in the world and the
annual meeting place for career researchers – uniting over one thousand
consumer insights executives with more than 65% from client-side companies.
Featuring more than 140 sessions and 175 speakers, this is the most
comprehensive research learning and networking experience of the year.
Why TMRE? Why Now?
You believe in consumer insights as a catalyst for change
and growth
You respect the science of market research
You recognize that the world is changing and end-users
have increasingly rising expectations
You understand that the pace of business decision making
will continue to accelerate
You are excited about the new opportunities disruptive
bring to the industry
You believe in the importance of scale, projectability and
representative sample
You believe in your own role in helping to shape the
future of consumer insights
You strive to embed insights in every corner of your
You seek new ways to package insights for impact to ensure
You are eager to round out your skill set with strategies
for storytelling, data visualization, sales techniques and more
You crave access to visionary information from hundreds of
clients from the best companies in the world
You want to interact with top vendors on your terms
Then TMRE is for you.
TMRE has always been a place of best practice and discovery.
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TMRE is all about.
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Your Invitation: The Future of Consumer Intelligence

Truly understanding is more than just asking questions and getting answers. It’s about translating insights into confident decision making. The collective notion of “Consumer Intelligence” as a source of strategic guidance now spans primary market research as a functionality integrated alongside the aggregation of data behavior patterns into knowledge that serves as the foundation of a customer campaign. It has come full circle as the realization of more intimately understanding a consumer is a viable aspiration.

Now, how close we can come to doing this in real-time?
What technology, innovative methodologies and thought leadership are behind it to see it through?

The Future of Consumer Intelligence covers everything you need to know now, and what you’ll need to know for the future:

‘ Big Data
‘ Consumer Intelligence
‘ Prediction Science
‘ Cultural Tracking
‘ Social Analytics
‘ Customer Loyalty
‘ Data Visualization
‘ Maximizing Technologies
 ‘ Relational Database Strategy
‘ Mobile Research
‘ Digital Ethnography
‘ Mobile Wallet
‘ Crowdsourcing
‘ Neuroscience
‘ Gamification

 Check out this video invite from the #FOCI conference Chairman Ben Smithee to find out why you need to attend:


Download the conference brochure for full program details.

Together, let’s embrace new opportunities and new ways of thinking about our industry. Here’s to a great year.

Registration Information: 

May 14-16, 2013 ‘ PARC55 Wyndham ‘ San Francisco, CA

 * Mention your Blog VIP code: FOCI13BLOG to save 15% off the standard & onsite rate. 

Email: register@iirusa.com
Phone: 888.670.8200