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Behavioral Science: Meeting In The Ladies Room

Why, asked Stephanie Magnan of Kimberly-Clark in her
enthralling TMRE Day 2 presentation, does behavioral science stop at the
restroom door?
From moving candy out of employees’ way to incorporating
play and stress reduction, modern workplaces use behavioral science in all
sorts of ways. The concept is simple: discreetly ‘nudge’ people into behavior that
does them good and makes them happy. Small changes in the environment can make
a huge difference in this, because they shift people’s emotional response. As
Magnan put it, ‘we think much less than we think we think’. Emotions are the
But very few behavioral science studies look at workplace
restrooms. And that’s a bizarre omission, given how critical they are to employee
wellbeing and the fact that, well, everybody uses them. At Kimberly-Clark,
Magnan’s team made a few small changes ‘ adding lotions and boxes of Kleenex to
the restrooms ‘ and were wowed by the results. Restroom satisfaction jumped
from 17% to 77%. People reported lower stress and greater wellbeing. And there
was a knock-on effect on perceptions of workplace cleanliness as a whole. The
real insight? All these changes were most pronounced (by orders of magnitude)
among women.

Behavioral makeover required.

Something about restrooms was critical to women’s experience
of the workplace. But what?
With the agency Brandtrust ‘ specialists in behavioral
science based projects, who use psychoanalytical techniques to probe emotions
in far-ranging 1-on-1 interviews ‘ Magnan and her team vowed to find out. 
Standard satisfaction surveys are of very limited use when
you’re looking at emotional response, because they tend to play back
post-rationalised reasons instead of getting to the guts of an experience.
Magnan described how Brandtrust and Kimberly-Clark instead wanted to ‘ask the
bigger question’ ‘ getting to the difficult, perhaps uncomfortable truths
lurking behind such dramatic shifts in opinion. Empathy, she pointed out,
precedes innovation ‘ to respond to someone’s needs to have to walk in their
shoes, not just listen to their voice.
So in this case the bigger question turned out to be ‘ what does it feel like to be a woman at
By answering that question Magnan was able to get a fuller idea of
the unique role the restroom plays in women’s working lives.
The women she talked to described a ‘cycle of vulnerability
and confidence’ ‘ working lives made up of small victories and disappointments,
including dealing with levels of workplace discrimination. In an open office
environment, women feel all eyes are on them ‘ meaning they are always somewhat
alienated from their authentic self.
In this context the bathroom is a vital space ‘ a place you
have permission to be alone in, where you can sigh, relax, and refocus
yourself. While American restroom stalls are perhaps too bijou for it, in other countries women talked about praying or
practising yoga in the restroom. It is a sanctuary ‘ a safe space of utmost
privacy. No wonder small changes made such a huge difference. The restroom is a
space where women ‘prepare and repair identities’ in the gendered panopticon of
the modern office. But it’s also a space where they can connect ‘ hierarchy relaxing
side-by-side in front of the mirror.
Magnan used her insights to refashion a Staples restroom,
adding Kleenex boxes, flowers, full length mirrors (to check outfits properly)
and slates with inspirational quotes. The results were a huge success. As one
woman put it, ‘it reminds me so much of my restroom at home’. Exactly.
Magnan’s presentation is an example of the power of
behavioral science. Not just to transform experiences and emotions, but as a
way in to asking far bigger questions which can lead to deeper human truths
emerging. She left the audience with four take outs. First, empathy precedes
emotion ‘ only by empathising can we find insights. Second, risk asking the
better question ‘ go wider, deeper, less straightforward. Third, know your
mission ‘ remember the ultimate goal of your behavioral project. And finally,
find your passion within the mission ‘ Magnan’s obvious love of and belief in
her work shone through this presentation.

How the Role of the Consumer Researcher Is Evolving

As the researcher function continues to evolve, there are number of organizational models to source, mine, and activate insights. Identifying and defining consumer, shopper and customer insights functions in your organization will help focus the research, ensure improved operational efficiency and lead to synthesizing key insights and translating into omni-channel activations.

One of the biggest opportunities for shopper strategists today involves identifying future opportunities that exist in drawing correlations which happens when connecting the dots.

This means really working to identify the right problem to solve and turning to both big data AND small data as we look to predict the future by genuinely understanding the past.

When you think about how much has evolved even in the last 5 years – technology, methodologies, shopper behavior, redefined skill sets and capabilities – it makes you wonder what the shopper researchers role will look like by 2020.

The Evolving Role of the Shopper Researcher
  • Is Research Headed Back to the Children’s Table?
  • Evangelizing Insights: Amplifying the Insights Message Throughout Your Organization
  • The Dark Side of Social Media
  • Storytelling and Actionable Research Delivery
  • Effective Storytelling: Disney’s Merchandise Innovation Project
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Translating Insights to Innovation In-Store
  • Insights on Insights: Building a Bridge Between Shopper, Consumer and Customer Insights
  • Changing Perspectives: A Journey to Customer Centricity
  • 2014 Mass Merchant Channel Study Findings That Will Change Your In-Store Activation Strategy
  • Taking Insights to Action: Retailer-CPG Collaboration in the Convenience Channel
  • Category Specific Trip Missions: Getting Beyond Stock Up & Quick Trips
Gain best practices from Campbell Soup Company, GfK, Luxottica Retail, POPAI, Dean Foods Company, 7-Eleven, Big Heart Pet Brands and more at Shopper Insights in Action 2014.
Phygical: Seamless Blending of Physical and Digital Worlds
  • How to Maximize Sales with Health & Wellness Trips
  • Understanding the Shopper: Using Technology to Uncover the True Voice of the Shopper
  • Engaging with and Learning From the Always Connected Consumer
  • The Signage Game: Using In-Store Research to Break the Mold, Streamlining Messaging, Strategy and Tactics
Discover how to integrate the store with the web in a way that works for your shoppers. Hear from these self-starters The Dannon Company, Quester, PepsiCo – Frito Lay, Ubisoft and more at Shopper Insights in Action taking place at the Navy Pier in Chicago this July.
Big Data & Super Analytics
  • The Intersection of useful and Important: Combining Data Sources to Provide New Insights
  • Shifting NPS to the Mobile Device: A Cause for Concern or Celebration?
  • Retail Trendwatching: Reality vs. Hype, and How Retailers Can Make Predictions Matter
Emerging Shopper Segments
  • Definitely Gen Z: 45 Million Loyal For Life Shoppers
  • Monetizing Millennials: Leveraging Insights Communities For a Deeper Understanding of Millennial Shopping Behaviors
  • Beyond Generic: How Private Brands Target Emerging Shopper Segments
Use the power of insights to win with new shopper segments. You’ll hear from Kimberly-Clark, ESPN Research + Analytics, Safeway and more.
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 This year’s Shopper Insights in Action is resetting expectations and synergizing ecosystems:

‘ No matter how much we’ve evolved we’re 100% focused on the “IN ACTION”
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And on that note, Shopper Insights in Action emerges into a holistic Shopper Strategy Summit with a curated narrative of experience, expertise and new ideas.

 Keynotes Include:
Shopper Insights in Action 2014 Keynotes

See all the 2014 Keynotes here 


Commerce Everywhere I Data Slaves Revolution I Shift from Transactional to Interactional I Passion Economy I Phygical: Seamless Blending of Physical and Digital Worlds I Big Data & Super Analytics I Intersection of Big Data & Leadership I Monetizing Millennials I Innovation at the Shelf I From Insights to Actions I The Future of Retail: Defining its Pure Purpose I Selling Like Amazon I Storytelling & Actionable Research Delivery I The Evolution of the Shopper Researcher I Collective Action I From Conceptualization to Design to Implementation I Implement Behavior Design into Shopper Marketing I All Categories are not Created Equal I In-the-Moment Research and much more! See the full brochure here

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Disruptive & Groundbreaking Research Revealed at The Future of Consumer Intelligence

You are being charged with being disruptive, doing things
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Let the Data Speak to You ‘ Uncover Future Opportunities at The Future of Consumer Intelligence 2014

“We are on the cusp of the second wave of the big data
revolution.” 2013 was about understanding big data, from collection to
analysis – 2014 is about translating big data into new opportunities. It’s
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The Future of Consumer Intelligence will help you discover how data is
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The Future of Consumer Intelligence

May 19-21, 2014 // Sheraton Universal // Universal City, CA

Keynote Spotlight:
Making Data More Human
Jer Thorp, Former Data Artist, The New York Times, Co-Founder, The Office for
Creative Research
  • How can understanding the human side of data lead to innovation and effective
    change? What value is there in the novel and interactive approaches to data
    visualization? And, what are the business applications of creative data-focused
    research? Thorp teaches audiences how adding meaning and narrative to huge
    amounts of data can help people take control of the information that surrounds
    them, and revolutionize the way we utilize data. 

Plus, don’t miss our entire track
focused on Big Data & Analytics: Connecting the Dots for a Holistic View,

  • AIRNB: Beyond Data Driven
  • Coca-Cola : Two Ears, One Mouth: How
    Coca-Cola is Evolving Social Listening for Deep Analytics and Rapid Response
  • Heineken USA: Unlocking the
    Marketing Mix and Consumer Brand Relationships for Sales Impact
  • Intel Corporation: Incorporating
    Big Data/Analytics into a Traditional Market Research Team
  • Kimberly Clark: Using Consumer
    Insights/Data to Create A New Consumer Category through D2C
  • Lowe’s: Data Philantropy:
    Unlocking The Power of Adjacency Across Sectors
  • Research Now: Holiday Shopping
    with All Screens 24/7

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Measuring data from online communities

Computer World recently took a look at how some companies are mining online communities and collecting the rich amounts of data that their users can provide by using the online community. They gave Kimberly Clark as an example as one of the companies who is using their space to collect information.

Kimberly-Clark is now using the warehouse to link data compiled on its community site with customer profile information, helping it identify its most loyal customers and determine which content they view or tools they use. Thus, the company can serve up the content most sought by the site’s users, Hoerter added.

Have you started mining your social networks to find out more about your customers? What have you discovered?