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NACCM 2010: Drive Business Performance: How Leaders Enable a Culture of Intelligent Execution


How do you differentiate from the competitor? Focus on great customer experience.

The core function of customer service is to deal with customers. Customer centricity is not a single department or function, but something that needs to persist across the organization. Everyone has to be able to understand customers: both their needs and their wants.

We have to understand customers, and how their perceive the issues. We should not only understand our customers, but understand who they are talking to and what they know. What does evidence play in making decisions?

Customer loyalty. They’re loyal to you, but how loyal are you to them? Is it easy to engage with your customers? Within Hilton, 5% Loyalty increase resulted in a 1.1% revenue increase.

Innovation is a challenge. Know what customers need, even if they don’t know what they need. Previously, Lego has been innovating, but not in a way that makes sense to their customer. They must understand their consumers, because the majority of their sales each year are on products that didn’t exist the year before. They started to focus on their core customers, and they see results in their sales.

NACCM 2010 Speaker Spotlight: Joey Fitts

Joey Fitts, Co-Author,
Drive Business Performance: Enabling a Culture of Intelligent Execution

Joey Fitts has spent his personal and professional helping people and organizations achieve their goals. Fitts’ focus is on bridging the gap between people, information and performance. His passionate insights and unwavering drive have guided the information and performance development efforts of many of the world’s leading organizations. Fitts is recognized as an authority on business intelligence, performance management, and strategy execution. A frequent international speaker, Fitts has presented in over 20 countries and been featured in newspaper, radio and magazine media across North America, Europe and Asia. Fitts has consulted over 25 of the Fortune 500, guest lectured Harvard Executive Education programs and the Stanford Executive Briefings, been featured in the SuccessFactors Research Thought Leader Network, raised over $16M in venture capital, and served on the Board of Advisors for InterVivos and the Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA).Joey’s bio courtesy of JoeyFitts.com Join Joey for his presentation, “Drive Business Performance: How Leaders Enable a Culture of Intelligent Execution” at 11:20am on Day 2 of NACCM 2010! Learn more about the program and register today!