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Everything you need to know about your customers

Jacob Morgan recently wrote a great post about why your business needs to be online. He pointed out that 1.5 billion people are online throughout the world, and they’re using search engines to find out more about what they’re interested in. Yahoo, Google, and YouTube are some of the most visited sites on the internet. They’re already taking time to find you and engage about a topic pertaining to your product or service. When they arrive at your site, you are already given useful information to determine who they are and how to target them: who they are, how they find you, where they come from, what languages they speak, what they click on, how long they visit your site, and what pay they take through your site.

Negative Feedback can be positive

A recent article by Jacob Morgan at Social Media Today looked at the positive effects of negative feedback through social media. As opposed to cringing every time he receives it, Morgan looks at it as a good thing. He gave two main reasons why.
You can listen to what your users are saying, and make changes to improve your product as a result. It can be looked at as constructive criticism because you’re hearing how the consumers truly feel about your product and make your changes from there.
It’s also a lot like a giant focus group. These people are taking the time to tell you what they think of your product. If negative feedback is what’s keeping your company from fully harnessing the power of social media, take a step back and see what it actually does. Jacob is right, negative feedback only makes you strive to improve your product.
Do you agree?

How to Drive Traffic to your blog

Jacob Morgan at Social Media Today recently wrote a list of how he thinks people can best drive traffic to their blog. What do you think? Would you add anything else?
1. Comment on other posts related to your industry
2. Try to get syndicated
3. Put your URL in email signatures and profiles
4. Use Digg and StumbleUpon
5. Share your posts around the web, for example: Facebook and Twitter
6. Write guest posts
7. Write quality and engaging content
8. Network on and offline
9. Write often
10. Respond to comments
11 .Make RSS feeds easily accessible to your site