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New Stats for Mobile Marketers

A report released by Jumptap reveals a state-by-state breakdown of mobile phone platform usage. As reported by Mashable, “Android patriots are amassed in South and Southwest states, while iOS loyalists are pooled together in Northeast and Midwest states. In particular, California, Texas and Florida over-index for Android use and states in New England and the Midwest over-index for iOS use.”

With more companies turning to mobile, and particularly app development, for marketing purposes this information is extremely relevant. When investing in app development, finding the platform that your audience is using is key. Check out the larger map here.

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Apple to introduce guidelines for the apps

After two years of little guidance, Apple has announced that it will introduce guidelines for Applications in its App store, as reported by the Associated Press. There are are currently over 250,000 apps available. For the past two years, the developers of these programs would submit their applications with no structure during development, leaving some with Apps that were not approved. Also, they’ve lifted the ban on using third-party development tools that ”translate” code written for another platform.

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