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Rick Smolan Shares Major Changes Revolutionizing the Research Industry

 Rick Smolan, (Photo: Wikipedia)

“It’s like you spent your whole life looking through one eye and all of a sudden you open a second eye. You’re not just getting more vision. You’re getting another dimension.” 

The Future of Consumer Intelligence Keynote Rick Smolan, Creator, Human Face of Big Data identifies how these historical changes are revolutionizing the research and intelligence profession as a whole.

“The ability to gather information, process it, visualize it and then respond to it while it’s still happening is something we’ve never been able to do before.”
The Future of Consumer Intelligence enables you to respond to this shift in a big way by exploring the emerging technologies and methodologies that can used to collect, analyze and evaluate consumer and marketplace intelligence in real time.

At The Future of Consumer Intelligence find out how you can leverage big data and analytics to engage, build and strengthen your customer relationships.

Joining Rick at the event is a world-class speaker line-up, including:

‘ Nate Silver, Founder, FiveThirtyEight.com
‘ Tom LaForge, Global Director, Human & Cultural Insights, The Coca-Cola Company
‘ Alex Hunter, Former Head, Virgin Online
‘ Joshua Kantar, Vice President, Total Rewards, Harrah’s Entertainment
‘ Eric Lucan, Director, CRM Strategy, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants
‘ Dinesh Mathew, Insights and Market Research Analyst, Market Trends and Product Innovation, Intel Corporation
‘ Joanne McDonough, Senior Director, Consumer & Market Intelligence, Heineken USA
‘ And more. Click here for the full speaker list.

Download the conference brochure for the full conference program.

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Community 2.0 vs. Focus Group 2.0

This post from ZDNet raises the interesting question regarding the boundaries of community 2.0. Recently Intel and Asus requested user feedback for a dream PC. The concept was that users come together, talk about what they want, vote about it, then Asus will build it. No one would argue that this is a community effort, and that it is an online forum, but would it really be considered community 2.0? So the author of the ZDNet post, Joe Brockmeier asked the question

“What do you think? Community, or focus group 2.0?”

Do you have an answer to his question? What are your thoughts?