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TMRE 2012 EXPLOR Award Winners Share The Hidden Motivations of Mobile Users ‘ Complimentary Web Seminar

The EXPLOR award, brought to you by uSamp & DM2, is presented each year at The Market Research Event and recognizes technology innovation and the advancement of research. Congratulations to the 2012 EXPLOR Award recipients, InsightsNow & AOL!

We’re pleased to present a webinar recording of the award winning case study for you to view and share: 

In Seven Shades of Mobile: The Hidden Motivations of Mobile Users, Vicki Draper of AOL, and Alec Maki of InsightsNow, share the details of this groundbreaking study, and how AOL and BBDO partnered with InsightsNow to answer the pressing question ‘What should we be doing on mobile’?

To get beneath the surface and unearth the underlying motivations of mobile users, a revolutionary three-pillared approach that combined mobile, metered data, a primary ethnography study and a quantitative survey was applied.

This research provided strategic clarity as to why consumers behave the way they do, uncovering several insights that run counter to the traditional view of the mobile space.

In this webinar, we’ll describe this innovative approach and counterintuitive findings that emerged.

In this session, you’ll learn:
‘ How using the lens of the moment enabled AOL to move beyond the conventional view of mobile behavior

‘ About the groundbreaking methodology employed to integrate mobile ethnography, a quantitative segmentation and metered mobile data
‘ Surprising findings about mobile behavior uncovered by the study
‘ Implications for how marketers should be thinking about mobile