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The Market Research Technology Event Presents: Entrepreneur Tech-Off

The Market Research Technology Event is bringing you the brightest and most innovative minds in market research for a head-to-head competition. Join us as we moderate a Tech-Off of the bleeding edge entrepreneurs and find out what technologies and tools are being created to better understand consumer behavior.  The competition will take place next Wednesday, May 2, in Las Vegas.  For more information on The Market Research Technology Event, visit the webpage to download the brochure.  If you’d like to join us at TMRTE, register today and mention code MRTECH12BLOG and save 15% off the standard rate!

Announcing the Competition:

When a group of passionate, hard-working, and ambitious people come together, beautiful things happen. We founded Pinerly because using Pinterest gave us a huge boost in traffic (at some point over 30%) and we wanted to empower brands and users by helping them do the same. The team takes criticism positively (so reach out), loves to learn (so challenge us!), and acknowledges that our goal is to create products that we are proud of and love. We are always within reach and available to help.

Roozt let’s you discover the dopest, trendsetting, cause-oriented brands all under one roof. That means no more scouring blogs, facebook walls, or google searches to find that fav new brand that’s helping save the world with their business. Our experienced team of caffeinated, motivated, and inspirated curators (ok, so maybe inspirated isn’t a real word but it rhymed so just go with it) do the hard work for you! We’ve found the coolest companies that you need to know about and put them all into one simple, fun, and rewarding (literally and figuratively) shopping experience. Just by the click of a button you can discover a new favorite brand, learn about their impact, shop from their products, and earn rewards by sharing with your friends.


Consumers are constantly inundated by different brands trying to claim their attention. In the digital world, you can’t wait for customers to find you – you have to find them. Insightpool allows you to initiate your customer acquisition lifecycle by pinpointing those that could be most receptive and engaging with them in the most personalized manner. Let us help you raise awareness and build your customer base by converting your competitor’s customers.

Who will win the great tech war of 2012 and become the next Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare? Join this panel to weigh in your vote!