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Front End of Innovation Europe 2010

The Front End of Innovation Europe 2010 Event is the world’s only unbiased platform for Front End of Innovation best practices. Along with the multi-national, cross-functional advisory board, we’ve matched best in class speakers recognized for making strides in the Front End with topics that address your current innovation challenges.

February 8-10, 2009
Amsterdam Hilton, Netherlands

New for 2010! Along with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, we are happy to announce a collaborative session – VISION 2050. Explore.

The 2010 Front End of Innovation team has identified unique Critical Factors that your organization requires for Balancing Short-term Profitability with Long-term Sustainability. There is no other European program with a similar event format. You will explore each factor throughout the event including:

MEET CUSTOMER DEMANDS Tap into unfulfilled needs
FOSTER ORGANIC GROWTH Continue long term strategies
DESIGN THINKING In Order to Solve Business Problems
AVOID COMMODITIZATION Move Beyond Product Innovation
GENERATE PARTNERSHIPS Make Open Innovation & External Collaboration Work
LEARN FROM THOUGHT LEADERS On Moving from Today to Tomorrow

Event Page: http://bit.ly/RyRrC
Brochure: http://bit.ly/3N3REU
Registration: http://bit.ly/2zgtei