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How to Gain Superior Insights Through Information Integration

Research departments are being hit with copious amounts of data every day –  from primary market research, syndicated data, transactional data, social media, etc. Synthesizing knowledge from the information river has become an necessity; a searchable repository and basic meta analysis is just not good enough.

Special guest, Simon Chadwick, Managing Partner of Cambiar Consulting, will set the stage with an insightful overview about the future of research and the evolution towards synthesis.

Using real case studies, Kumar Mehta, CEO at blueocean market intelligence, will reveal how to apply a holistic 360 approach to produce better insights and achieve greater business impact.

He will also discuss common myths surrounding typical departmental challenges – time, money, access ‘ when applying this integrated approach. Together, Kumar and Simon will share recommendations for creating a more collaborative exchange between clients and suppliers, and what traits make for a good synthesizer and thought partner.

Join us for the Superior Insights Through Information Integration: Debunking Common Misconceptions and Myths Webinar on Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 1:00 PM EDT. 

Register here: http://cc.readytalk.com/r/kbrxftuhorj0

Presenter Information: Kumar Mehta and Simon Chadwick

  • Kumar Mehta is the Chief Executive Officer of the Cross-Tab group of companies that includes blueocean market intelligence, Cross-Tab Marketing Services, Informate Mobile Intelligence and Borderless Access Panels, with over 600 professionals specializing in analytics, market intelligence, social media, mobile and emerging markets.
  • Simon Chadwick is the Managing Partner of Cambiar, a management consulting company dedicated to the market research industry. Before founding Cambiar in 2004, Simon was Global CEO of NOP World, a $400 million market research and consulting company. In this role, he was responsible for creating a cohesive global group out of nine highly distinctive and successful research companies in the UK, U.S., Europe and Asia. Before joining NOP, Simon ran a number of research companies within Kantar.