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Insights, Marketing & Innovation 2016 Event Line-up

Designing Brands
with Purpose
April 4-6, 2016
Nobu Eden Roc, Miami, FL
The pressure to connect consumers and brands is more
meaningful than ever before. Those who can make the connection are thriving and
those who cannot are fading away. FUSE is the only event focused on design as a
strategic force in your quest to build brands and businesses that connect
beyond compare with consumers.
Use code FUSE16BL for $100 off the current rate.
Insight Immersion:
The New Value
April 20-21, 2016
Join a select group of brand and agency leaders, and dive
deep into an experience of consumer culture that will inform, inspire and
energize you.  We take you into the vibrant streets of New York City
to explore current marketplace trends, discover buzzworthy brand
spaces, interact with insightful experts, participate in unexpected
experiences and uncover valuable insights that will dramatically benefit your
FEI: Front End of
Inspiration Needs
May 10-12, 2016
Seaport World Trade Center, Boston, MA
FEI is a conference that senior level R&D,
Innovation, and Product Development executives rely on to thwart the growing
threat of disruption by non-traditional competitors. Large organizations are
under fire to be more agile and opportunistic in their approach to innovation,
adaptation, and disruption. That’s why the 2016 curriculum is designed to help
systematically tackle the innovation process- from ideation through execution-
in order to capture immense innovation.
Use code FEI16BL for $100 off the current rate.

The New Face of Consumer Insights: TMRE
in Focus
Are You Ready for
the New Face of Consumer Insights?
May 23-25, 2016
Ritz Carlton, Marina Del Ray, CA
The producers of TMRE: The Market Research Event arm you
with the new processes, procedures, frameworks and skillsets you need to remain
competitive and relevant. Rethink how your insights teams are structured, how
the back end and operations of research must evolve and harness game-changing
skills to deliver value both internally and to end customers.
Use code INSIGHTS16BL for $100 off the current rate.

Marketing Analytics & Data Science
Unlock Opportunity
and Growth
Jun 8-10, 2016
Hilton, Financial District, San Francisco, CA
The Marketing Analytics and Data Science conference is an
inaugural conference that demonstrates how to deploy marketing analytics and
data science to drive business forward. The conference offers a unique platform
for experts across industries to learn, collaborate and share best practices in
data science, IoT, marketing analytics, and more.
Use code MADS16BL for $100 off the current rate.
Insight Immersion:
The Internet of
June 15-16, 2016
Join a select group of brand and agency leaders, and dive
deep into an experience of consumer culture that will inform, inspire and
energize you.  We take you into the vibrant streets of New York City
to explore current marketplace trends, discover buzzworthy brand
spaces, interact with insightful experts, participate in unexpected
experiences and uncover valuable insights that will dramatically benefit your
Insight &
Activation Strategies that Define the Future of Retail
July 10-13, 2016
Radisson Blu, Chicago, IL
OmniShopper 2016 is a world-class experience focused on
how to translate shopper insights into dramatic growth opportunities for your
business – anticipate and predict the future, generate fresh insights, create
seamless and connected brand experiences along the complex shopper journey and
increase basket growth at every opportunity – in-store, mobile and online.
Use code OMNI16BL for $100 off the current rate.

Foresight & Trends
Save the Date: September 27-19, 2016
Foresight and Trends is for those within innovation, strategic
planning and insight that are charged with setting the vision for their
department and the overall business. FT explores macro trends that are/will
impact all industries and reveals how companies are converting these trends and
global shifts into something ACTIONABLE.
Marketing Research Event
Connecting You to the Best in Insights from Around the
October 17-20, 2016
Boca Raton Resort & Club, Boca Raton, FL
Translating insights into bottom line impact and
demonstrating the NEW business value of research is the holy grail. Level up
your skillset and ensure insights remain indispensable to your business.
Seismic shifts are banging at your door. Drive your future and shape the
industry’s future at TMRE: The Market Research Event.
Use code TMRE16BL for $100 off the current rate.
We hope to see you at one of our conferences in 2016!

The IIR Insights, Marketing & Innovation Team

Call for Client Side Presenters: The Market Research Event

The Institute for International Research (IIR) is currently
seeking presenters for:

The Market Research Event
October 18-20, 2016 | Boca Raton, FL
website: http://bit.ly/1mVGtjN

Submit your proposal by email to kschram@iirusa.com by
Tuesday, February 2nd.
Kelly Schram
Re: The Market Research Event
Date: October 18-20, 2016
Location: Boca Raton, FL

Please note: ONLY client-side submissions will be reviewed.
  If your
company is categorized as a vendor, solution provider or consultancy to this
market, please see below to find out how you can get involved in TMRE.

First Round Submissions due by Tuesday, February 2nd

NOTE: Presenters are accepted on a rolling basis so early submissions are

TMRE is the World’s Top MR Event focused on translating insights into bottom
line impact. Speakers receive a free pass to attend the event and a 20%
discount for colleagues.

We are looking for (in order of priority):

Exploration Leaders: Speakers who are willing to literally get
“outside the conference walls” and take smaller groups of attendees
to local areas to explore/discuss MR/ethnography in action.

Workshop Facilitators: Skilled facilitators who can lead the group in
interactive activities to get hands on with the content. Skill building topics
a plus.

Networking Activity Leaders: We are looking for outgoing MR/Insights
executives to lead one of a series of networking activities that will run
throughout the event. The networking leader will work with the conference team
to plan an activity (morning group run, morning yoga, cooking class, afternoon
run, art class). The more creative the better. There is no presentation
involved. Just be ready to lead the activity and help attendees connect to each
other in a fun non-conference setting. All ideas welcome!

Case Studies: We will only consider NEW case studies that haven’t
already been shared at another event or past TMRE event. Suggested topic areas
for case studies include:

  • Social Insights:
    Data Collection, Listening & Analysis
  • Shopper Insights
    & Analytics
  • Consumer &
    Market Trends
  • Biometrics &
  • Cross Platform
    & Digital Insights
  • Marketing &
    Brand Insights
  • Insight Driven
    Innovation & Product Development
  • Storytelling
    & Data Visualization
  • Business to
    Business Research
  • Data Analytics
    & Advanced Analytics
  • Innovation in
    Tools, Techniques & Methodologies
  • Global Insights
  • ROI &
  • Activating Insights
  • Big Data
  • Mobile &
  • What’s Next
    & The Future
Submission Guidelines
Client-side speakers that wish to be considered for the TMRE speaker faculty
should send the following information via email to Kelly Schram, Conference
Director at kschram@iirusa.com no
later than Tuesday, February 2nd. Due to the high volume of responses, only
those selected for the program will be notified.
  1. Benefit oriented
    title of session
  2. Summary of session
    (no more than 100 words)
  3. Full contact
    details for speaker including name, title, company, email, phone and mail
  4. Speaker bio

If your submission is selected, portions of your summary
will be used to promote your participation in print and online. In an effort to
ensure the utmost quality, all final presentations will be subject to review by
our content review board prior to the event. 
Special notices to vendors, solutions provider or consultancies:
This call is limited to client side presenters. If you are a vendor,
consultant, solution provider, or technology provider and would like to speak
at TMRE, please contact Jon Saxe at jsaxe@iirusa.com or
646-895-7467 or Liz Hinkis at ehinkis@Iirusa.com or

Three Predictions for Marketing Research in 2016

By: David Shanker, CEO, Lightspeed GMI, The Americas
is an evolving industry; with opportunities for those that can
quickly adjust to the changes and discover creative means to do more with less.
Clients expect deeper, enriched results at an accelerated pace. I see three
trends in our industry in 2016:
like a start-up, act like a researcher: 
Automation is the newest ‘game
changer’ in our industry and will continue to be. But while automation will be
a catalyst for change, new models will need to be created to meet client
demand. Faster, better, cheaper hasn’t gone away ‘ as a matter of fact, it’s
been amplified by a business climate that demands more ‘ much more ‘ without
the sacrifice of quality. Companies that can think, act, and execute like a start-up
will prosper.
the survey design agenda: 
Many researchers continue to struggle with
survey length, and as innovators in the survey design space it is up to us to
lead the way’ we are the research Sherpas. Guiding clients to design shorter
and more creative surveys for a fast growing group of mobile respondents
demands thoughtful design and structure. We need to communicate with consumers
in the way they wish to be communicated with. Surveys that are not device
agnostic are no longer an option. And, we can now better leverage easily
accessible behavioral data to help with crafting shorter surveys.
our teams from insights to innovation:
 It’s all about the people –
and here I specifically mean employees. Companies with a culture of innovation
will thrive. Building and maintaining a workforce of highly engaged employees
is critical to our success, and something on which we will keenly focus in
2016. The quality of what we put to market, of the surveys we put in field ‘ is
all a testament to the hard work of our people. We would not be where we are
without them.
Every minute we are online, we create data. Real time
insights and predictive analytics build better strategies, better business
performances. And as researchers, we need to raise two key questions in the
year ahead. Are we doing things right? Are we doing the right things?
From mobile design to panelist engagement, new opportunities
will emerge in the coming year. Overall I would say that 2016 will be a
challenging, yet interesting year. Companies that can leave a client meeting
and return the next day with solutions will be the darling of the industry. We
are in for massive change.

About the Author: David
leads the Lightspeed business across the Americas region, unifying and focusing
systems and expertise to meet clients’ dynamic needs and consistently exceed
their expectations. A veteran of 20-plus years in sales, marketing,
operations and research, he has served in senior management roles in
established, start-up and turn-around business situations

Call for Presenters for TMRE Next: The New Face of Consumer Insights

We are currently seeking presenters for:
TMRE Next: The New Face of Consumer Insights
May 2016, West Coast
Deadline: Wednesday, December 9th
*Please note this call for papers is ONLY for Client side
companies. If you are a consultant, solution provider, vendor interested in
speaking on the 2016 program please scroll to the bottom of this email for
details on how to submit.
Formerly knowns at InsighTech – TMRE Next: The New Face of
Consumer Insights is an in-depth follow-up to The Market Research Event (TMRE)
2015. This program will show how to action key hot topics and themes explored
at TMRE 2015. The content presented at this event will evolve the skill sets of
those within market research and consumer insights so that they can remain
competitive and relevant. It explores what’s next in consumer insights and what
it means for you. Key areas explored include: Collaboration, Re-thinking skill
sets necessary for success, Innovations in market research & consumer
insights, setting up your organization and team for success, re-framing the
problem, actionable frameworks, storytelling and a variety of sessions showing
you how research projects were executed and what it means for you.
We are looking for NEW workshops, case studies and
interactive experiences that can be ACTIONED. All sessions need to clearly show
the “how to” behind the content presented.
See below for specifics. Have another idea? Let us know -
anything is possible.
1. Deep Dive Case Studies: Have a NEW story to share? We are
looking for deep dive case studies that will show: What you tried, what worked,
what didn’t and what you recommend. Can you share a real life research project
success story? Tell us how it was executed?
2. Workshops: Do you have a hands on workshop that could help
market researchers evolve their skill set? Understand new frameworks? Show them
how to use new tools?   
We are looking for presentations in the areas listed below as
well as any other areas/topics that you think would be a great addition to the
2016 program.
1. Prioritizing
2. Data Visualization
3. Talking to C-Suite
4. Text Analysis- How to make things useful
6. Moving people to be an independent thinkers
7. Tracking Progress
8. Collaboration :Collaboration strategies to integrate all
sources of data – collaborate across different units to ensure impact of
9. Your Strategy for Success: How do you succeed internally?
How do we become internal change agents?
Dive Case Studies:
1. Bridging the speed vs rigor – data quality angle
2. How to approach Global: Best Practices and Practical Tips
3. How do you build an insights function?
4. Making Insights immediately relevant
5. DIY vs external Insights: Working in house vs external-
Why? What do you send out?
6. Budget: Getting the Most from your research budget: How do
we do the same for less?
7. Bridging the speed vs rigor – data quality angle
8. How to approach Global: Best Practices and Practical Tips
Teams & Organizational Structure: Structuring Your Teams
for Success
1. Team structures and reporting lines
a. Structure and Organization The future face of the insights team (structure,
prioritizing, DIY)
b. Matrix For Team Development
c. Where do people report to? Skill Sets needed? How do budgets work
(centralized budgets? Internal client chargebacks? Hybrid?)?
1. Storytelling
2. Data Visualization
3. Public Speaking
4. Innovation
5. Reframing the Problem
Re-framing the problem – the right questions to ask early on
- what does the business need
6. Frameworks
- Process models
- Communication Framework
- Product Development Framework
- Innovation
- Business Sizing
- MEOWS Framework
Client Vendor Relationships:
1. Navigating the Future of Client/ Vendor Relationships
2. Baseline- Finding new Suppliers
i. Vendor selection: Maintaining the ones you have, selecting new vendors
Additional Topics of Interest:
1. Creating Engagement
2. Insights from Scratch: Insights for Startups -Departments
of 1 :  What is working and what isn’t 
3. Managing & Working with Global teams
4. How do you set yourself so you can enable research
5. How are projects prioritized? Is there a system?
6. Budget: Where does funding come from?
7. When you don’t own data, how do you play in the data
economy? How do you partner w/ partners that do own the data.
8. Gamification
9. Creating a Culture of Innovation and Growth
10. Neuromarketing
11. Trends: Internet  of Things/ AI/ Culture/ Next Gen
12. Mobile Research Innovation
13. Visualization Analytics
Due to the high volume of submissions, only accepted
proposals will be notified. For consideration, please email rkunstadter@iirusa.com with the
following information by Wednesday, December 2, 2015:
‘ Proposed speaker name(s), job title(s), and company name(s)
‘ 3-4 Sentence Bio
‘ The topic your session would cover
‘ Session Title
‘ Session Description (60 words or less)- What is new and
unique? What will the audience gain from this presentation?
‘ Your complete Mailing Address, best contact number, best
  All vendors, consultants, agencies and solutions
providers that would like to get involved in TMRE Next: The New Face of CI
should contact Sponsorship Director, Jon Saxe at JSaxe@iirusa.com  or at 646.895.7467
All the best,

The TMRE Next Team

ESPN, GroupM, NBCU on Overcoming Measurement Challenges

Media is going through a major transformation and measurement
is one of the most critical issues facing the industry today. Keeping up with constantly
evolving media is the biggest challenge, particularly in terms of measuring
audiences across multiple platforms.
But how can you keep up? Join us in February at The Media Insights & Engagement Conference
where some of the industry’s brightest minds are coming together to standardize
measurement to get meaningful results. Hear from:
‘ Alan Wurtzel, President, Research & Media Development,
‘ Harvey Goldhersz, Chief Data Officer and CEO, GROUPM
‘ Artie Bulgrin, SVP, Global Research & Analytics, ESPN
‘ Cathy Hetzel, Corporate President, RENTRAK
‘ Frank Foster, SVP & General Manager, TIVO RESEARCH
‘ Moderated by: Jane Clarke, CEO, Managing Director, THE
the conference brochure for the complete agenda: http://bit.ly/1l56kp7
Take a look at who’s already signed on to set the future of
the media research industry:
A+E Networks
AMC Networks
BBC Worldwide
Comedy Central
Discovery Communications
Disney ABC Television Group
Dreyfus Media Advisors
Fox Networks
Frank N Magid Associates
Fuse TV
HBO Latin America
Home Box Office (HBO)
Horizon Media
Hub Entertainment Research
Insight Strategy Group
Millward Brown
Miner & Co Studio
NBCUniversal    Netflix
Norman Hecht Research Inc
Now What
Phoenix Marketing International
Pivot TV
RLS Media Consulting
Science Channel
Sony Pictures Television
Spike TV
Sveriges Utbildningsradio AB
The Oprah Winfrey Network
The Walt Disney Company
TiVo Research
TNG Research
TRP Research
Turner Broadcasting
Viacom Inc
West Bend Mutual Insurance
exclusive blog discount code MEDIA16BL and save $100 off the current rate: http://bit.ly/1l56kp7
We hope to see you there!
The Media Insights & Engagement Conference 2016 Team


10 Ways to Drive Survey Engagement

By Melissa Moxley,
Lightspeed GMI

According to a spring 2015 study from Microsoft, the average human
attention span has fallen below that of goldfish — and you can blame it on the
gadgets we use to watch YouTube videos and play “Crossy Road.” The researchers clocked the
average human attention span at just 8 seconds in 2013, falling 4 seconds from
the 12-second average in 2000, and putting humans just 1 second below goldfish.
We made the transition from CATI to online, but now we need
to make the transition from online to mobile. But, how do we keep survey
respondents engaged in a way that captures their attention? Can we carry them
past that eight second threshold?
From a questionnaire design perspective, we need to balance the
marketing research hat with the respondent hat. Yes, we need to ensure our
paired comparison questions are all implemented for proper analysis, but let’s
grab the attention of our respondents with some color and images, bringing life
to our questions. Let’s be their distraction.  
Regardless of whether or not respondents are on-the-go or
planted in their office or home, distractions are all around them. Have you
tried to take a survey while emails are accumulating in your inbox? Your
messenger pings are flashing and your boss is seconds away from walking in for
your 2:00p.m. meeting? How about taking a survey while cooking dinner, briefing
your husband on the day and pacifying the toddler pulling at your leg? While
these are exaggerated situations, reality isn’t too far off. Respondents
nowadays are taking surveys from anywhere and at any time. We need to capture
their attention and retain it.
Be the Distraction

So how do we do it? While we can’t sit next to every
respondent as they enter in their answers, we can take measures to prevent them
from closing their browser and moving on. Your survey should serve as the
distraction; your respondent shouldn’t be distraction from your survey.
Below are the 10 ways to design an appealing survey. Remember,
you only have eight seconds to engage.
1.     Scrolling
= Work = Dropouts
??  No one
wants to work to read an attribute list or find the ‘next’ button in order to
progress. The key here is ease, try
to limit your response lists to 15 points and minimize scrolling as best as you
2.     Be
Concise: The Shorter, The Better
??  I like
to promote the Twitter mentality: 140 characters, short and concise and easy to
3.     Avoid
Repetition: Didn’t I Already Answer That?
??  Nothing
is worse than being mid-survey and thinking just that. Don’t ask respondents to
rank their top three brands and then turn around and rank their top six. 
4.     Spacing:
Feng Shui Your Survey
??  The
spacing between the question text, response lists and images needs to be optimized
and balanced within the screen so that there is balance and symmetry.
5.     Sizing:
Bigger Isn’t Always Better
??  This
applies to font size throughout the survey (consistency is key) as well as
image sizing. There needs to be a middle ground between squinting in order to
read the question and scrolling in order to see the entire ad or concept being
6.     Consider
Compatibility: Are respondents going to be taking the survey on a PC? Tablet?
Mobile? All of the above?
??  Test
surveys on all potential devices and don’t allow mobile or tablet usage if the
survey isn’t compatible; it’s not worth jeopardizing the data or the
respondents experience
7.     Question
Types: the right question yields the right answers
??  If you
are asking respondents to ‘select all that apply’ ensure they can do so. In
turn, respondents should be able to visually tell which options they’ve
selected, getting rewarded for their answers
8.     Get
Active! Designing ‘active’ questions = engaged respondents
??  It’s
not just for physical health anymore. Mentally, respondents want something to
do when giving their opinion, they like dragging logos in order to rank them or
sliding the scale to the number ’10′ because they really do ‘strongly agree’
with that statement.
9.     Find
your inner artist: Colors, visuals and design elements go a long way.
??  Using
these features effectively in a survey locks the respondents’ attention and
keeps it from click to click.
10.  Survey
Experience: Taking the time to remove your researcher hat and put on your
respondent hat helps ensure the experience is an enjoyable one
??  Once
you’re positive you’ve got the survey of your dreams in place, take a step back
and look at it from a high level. Are the colors consistent from page to page? Was
that Arial font on question 10 when the rest of the survey was in Times Roman?
When the instructions say ‘roll over image to zoom,’ is it really working?
Still with me? If you’re at the end of this list, you’ve
made it past the eight second mark and are clearly engaged!
About the Author:  Melissa Moxley serves as Lightspeed GMI’s
Global Product Marketing Manager. As a key member of the Global Marketing and
Business Strategy Team, Melissa drives the adaption and implementation of
QuestionArts, Lightspeed GMI’s survey programming and design. As an escalation
point for regional teams, Melissa strategizes on commercial and marketing based
engagements and ensures global compliance.

Live from #TMRE14:10 Lessons Market Researchers Can Learn From Journalists

Tom Bernthal, CEO and Co-Founder of Kelton, shared 5 lessons that Market Researchers can learn from journalists at TMRE. Afterall, the truth is in the story,

Journalists are seeking human truth – stories that tell of human experience and create empathy.

Lesson 1:

Let the hypotheses guide you.

Reject or Modify

Lesson 2:

Story Making vs. Story Telling

The current conversation about storytelling puts too much emphasis on the “telling.” The story that is based on the facts is the one that is passed along.


Lesson 3:

Put humans at the center.

Yang: Story – experience, empathy
Yin: Report – data

Lesson 4:

The Inverted Pyramid

Journalists have an even less captive audience.

Start with the lead
Then the body
then the tail

Don’t bury the lead

Lesson 5

Today’s insights inform tomorrow’s



Valerie RussoFormerly a senior copy editor at Thomson Reuters, a research editor at AOL,  and a senior web publicist at Hachette Book GroupValerie M. Russo is editor at large of The Front End of Innovation BlogThe Market Research Event BlogThe World Future Trends Tumblr, the Digital Impact Blog, and also blogs at Literanista.net. She is the innovation lead and senior social media strategist for the Marketing and Business Strategy Division of the Institute for International Research, an Informa LLC., and her poetry was published in Regrets Only on sale at the MOMA Gift Shop. Her background is in Anthropology and English Literature. You can reach her at vrusso@iirusa.com or @Literanista.