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Is Google’s dominance in lndia History?

LiveMint.com reports that a joint search offering from Yahoo Inc. and Microsoft Corp. could challenge Google Inc.’s supremacy in the Indian market, say analysts. According to an August report by market research firm comScore Inc., Google is the market leader in the Indian search market. ‘Unlike in Korea, Japan and China, there are no strong local challengers to these global players. So essentially the market will be divided between the new Microsoft plus Yahoo combine on one hand and Google on the other,’ said Ravi Shekar Pandey, manager (syndicated research) at research firm Springboard Research. ‘They (Yahoo and Microsoft) can emerge as a potent threat to Google, which in India enjoys a higher market share than it does in the US,’ he added.
What will this mean for the rest of the globe? How much of the market share does Google have outside the United States?

Google’s dominance in the local market may face challenge