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Market Research Event Keynote featured in USA Today

Kelley Styring, a featured keynote at this year’s Market Research Event, was featured in an article today on USA Today. The article Is there junk in your trunk focuses on the new study Styring is doing on what Americans carry with them in their cars. Styring did a study in 2007 focusing on what American women carry around in their handbags. There were many useful findings for marketers with her initial research on purses which led to her interest in examining another storage vehicle, this time cars. Styring is traveling to seven US cities, and studying the contents of people’s cars. She takes two hours to chronicle what each car has to offer. One of the most interesting things she’s found so far is the use of the cup holders. She says a lot of the cup holders don’t actually hold cups, but instead coins, golf balls, air fresheners and other items. Her research will help both car manufactures and companies looking to fit consumer’s needs. Car companies are trying to find a way to maximize the storage capacity in cars, and there are many opportunities product manufactures are missing when it comes to the usability in the car. Styring is chronicling her adventure at her webpage, and you can read her experiences at her blog. Don’t forget to come see Kelley Styring kick off The Market Research Event October 15 at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California!