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What would you do if you ruled the world?

The world is changing all around us and everyone has ideas about what they would do differently if they were in charge. If you were calling the shots, what would you do? Where would you start? What would be your goal? How would you make the world a better place? Speak up and spread your ideas by joining If Marketers Ruled the World today!

Who knows, maybe someone who really is in charge will be listening.

Join the community, share ideas in the forum, post photos or share videos.
If your idea is selected as the winner, you win a trip to THE Conference on Marketing on us!*

Everyone who posts an entry will be emailed an exclusive VIP discount code for THE Conference on Marketing taking place November 2-4, 2009 in Miami, FL.
For more details visit www.theconferenceonmarketing.com

* Offer includes complimentary pass to attend the event, airfare voucher for $300 and 2 nights at the Eden Roc Hotel.