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How Abreva Leveraged Loyalists to Convert Non-users

If you missed the webinar last week, here’s your chance to view the recorded session:

The Non-user Fallacy: How Abreva Leveraged Loyalists to Convert Non-users 

At the time of the study, the Abreva team possessed considerable knowledge regarding the category and consumer’s needs and motivations. However, the brand did not understand the disconnect between non users desires for treatment and the rationalizations at shelf to choose less expensive, second tier brands. Why was the Abreva team missing the mark with non users when all signs pointed to ‘yes’? They were chasing the wrong idea and asking the wrong questions.

While a typical approach would focus on studying non-users and uncovering their attitudes toward the brand and their rationale for not using the brand, Abreva partnered with Brandtrust to understand how and why non-users became users. By focusing on those who currently use the brand, the brand was able to not only uncover what obstacles prevent non-users from trial but also what motivates non-users to move into trial.

In this presentation, you will learn:
‘ Why reframing the research question may reveal a more valuable source of insight.
‘ Why studying brand loyalists offers more insight than can be leveraged to bring non-users and rejecters into the brand.
‘ How emotional insights can transform a campaign from one focused on rational benefits to one that connects to consumers at a deeper, psychological level.

Presented by:

Elizabeth Latoracca is the Global Insights Director of Pain Management at GlaxoSmithKline. She has worked within market research and insights for over 20 years, starting her career on the supplier side with Perq, Captone and Spectra, and then shifted to the client side with Warner Lambert, Pfizer and, for the last six years, GSK. Outside the office, Elizabeth enjoys spending her time with her husband and two children, running, reading and cooking.

Kristian Aloma is a Senior Consultant, Team Lead, at Brandtrust, has over a decade of experience in developing and improving brands across industries. He is currently finishing his Ph.D. in Narrative Theory, a.k.a. the psychology of story, with the hopes of understanding better how consumers make meaning of the world around them and how brands become integrated into their personal narratives. Kristian lives in Florida with his wife and two children, and in his fleeting spare time, he loves to geek out on cutting edge technology.

Brandtrust is a leader in deep social science led emotional research methods that reveal the unarticulated needs of consumers specific to your category and brand.