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OmniShopper ’16 Gets Emotional with Gut vs. Data

By: Gina Joseph,
Communication Manager, InContext Solutions

OmniShopper 2016 kicked off at the Radisson Blu Chicago
on Monday, and with it came opening keynotes summerizing how much has changed
in the retail space since just last year. Cybrids? Templosion? These are just
some of the phrases that came from opening MC’s and “futurists”
Erica Orange and Jared Weiner, of The Future Hunters. Yet the next speaker,
Jessica Hendrix of Saatchi & Saatchi, was able to meld the importance of
technology with the power of shopper emotions. 
While we often talk about connecting with the customer,
Hendrix shared insights on how too much data can cause people to be overwhelmed
with too many choices. “Data struggles with human emotion,” she said.
Data can cause a “creepy” Big Brother effect that many people are turned
off by. Hendrix said to counteract that feeling, brands and retailers need to
dive into people’s emotional responses in addition to
utilizing data. 
As an example, Hendrix explained how Saatchi & Saatchi
developed a successful campaign with Walmart and a Cover Girl mascara
display. The campaign centered around connecting shoppers with unique celebrity
styles’it never had to mention the benefits and value of each product; the
emotional connection was enough to make the campaign work. 
In another example, Hendrix played a Gillette commercial
showing teen boys searching the internet to learn how to do everyday
things like tie a tie, ask someone out, or shave. Then their dads were brought
in and their sons learned how to do these things directly from their dads. Not
only did it bring out emotions in the people in the video, but it triggered
emotional responses from the OmniShopper audience. Hendrix was able to bring
home the point that technology often loses out to the human
Yet she was quick to point out it’s not an “Or”
situation. Gut feeling AND data should go hand in hand. But emotions are
what impact people’s buying decisions at the end of the day.
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