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Google’s music service said to launch by Christmas

This Christmas you may be able to hear your favorite Holiday tunes by downloading them from Google. Mashable reports that the giant is said to be unveiling their music download service, which may be an iTunes challenger. The service would be deeply connected to the Android mobile operating system. According to Mashable’s Jolie O’Dell, “Right now, the ever-more-popular swarm of Android phones have an integration with Amazon’s MP3 store, but it’s not the best-integrated solution. If Google can perfect a music downloading system and include some of the mobile-desktop syncing features we saw at Google I/O, they just might have a killer app on their hands ‘ one that would continue to allow Android to successfully challenge Apple’s iPhone in the mobile market, too.”

What do you think of Google’s supposed service? Would you leave iTunes for Google?

On to the next one – Google acquires SocialDeck

The giant has acquired yet another social media start-up, SocialDeck. FierceMobileContent.com writes, Founded in 2008 by COO Anish Acharya and CTO Jeson Patel, SocialDeck creates Facebook, iPhone and BlackBerry titles enabling simultaneous play across multiple devices and social networks–the firm’s platform technology also facilitates viral content discovery, distribution and monetization. Just this week Google acquired Angstr??, a start-up dedicated to building applications that integrate with social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Wide speculation abounds that Google is set to roll out its own social network in the near future. PCWorld.com writes, Perhaps the acquisition of SocialDeck shows the direction in which Google wants to go with its rumored new gaming service–games that work seamlessly across multiple platforms and devices, that is. The WSJ reports that the companies in talks include Playdom Inc., EA’s Playfish, and Zynga.

What do you think is next for Google? Will we see a social network soon?

What is the “buzz” on Google’s Buzz? Anyone using it?

There is a lively discussion over Google’s Buzz in our Future Trends LinkedIn group. We’d love to have you join us as we discuss what Buzz means for social networking and community development for the future. Have you used it in conjunction with your other social networking services? What privacy concerns do you have?

Take a few moments and let us know what you think.

Join the discussion.

Google’s Nexus One Customer Service Problems

Infoworld.com reports that Google’s Nexus One is causing some unforeseen customer service problems. As Google is selling the phone directly to customers, they no longer have the cellular phone middleman to handle customer service requests. Google appears to be only accepting e-mail customer queries, to which it pledges to reply in one to two days — far too long, say most people who are complaining online.

Many people are also turning to T-Mobile and HTC, but getting little help there. T-Mobile is often referring people back to either Google or HTC for answers to questions. HTC is often referring people back to T-Mobile, according to complaints online.

Learn more: Google hit with Nexus One sales model complaints

How could this have been avoided?

Is Google’s dominance in lndia History?

LiveMint.com reports that a joint search offering from Yahoo Inc. and Microsoft Corp. could challenge Google Inc.’s supremacy in the Indian market, say analysts. According to an August report by market research firm comScore Inc., Google is the market leader in the Indian search market. ‘Unlike in Korea, Japan and China, there are no strong local challengers to these global players. So essentially the market will be divided between the new Microsoft plus Yahoo combine on one hand and Google on the other,’ said Ravi Shekar Pandey, manager (syndicated research) at research firm Springboard Research. ‘They (Yahoo and Microsoft) can emerge as a potent threat to Google, which in India enjoys a higher market share than it does in the US,’ he added.
What will this mean for the rest of the globe? How much of the market share does Google have outside the United States?

Google’s dominance in the local market may face challenge