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This Week in Market Research: 9/15/14 – 9/19/14

Artificial Intelligence has no future if we don’t control our data: Algorithms are using bad data to learn

Video: The Next Frontier for Big Data

3 key statistical analyses for predictive big data analytics

Marketing 2.0: Marketing to an Online Generation

Om Malik ponders how does the new world of data-driven intelligence not just provide quotidian services that make our lives more efficient, but create moments of serendipity that make our lives more joyful?

Hitachi, Gilead, Amazon, and Facebook: Intellectual property disputes via Bloomberg

A new study from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) indicates that few senior executives rely most on data when making big decisions.

9 Ugly Lessons About Sex: OkCupid uses big data to come up with revelations

The Future of Crime Prevention – Big data can stop criminals in their tracks

3 things HR executives need to bear in mind when evaluating how big data fits into their current and future operation

Top 10 Big Data Quotes via Smart Data Collective

Toshiba Collaborates with Johns Hopkins University on Big Data Healthcare Research

Christmas in September? Why you should starts pay-per-click Christmas campaigns right now

20 Free Big Data Sources Everyone Should Know

Personalized Medicine Using Nanotechnology: Medicine of the Future is on the Cloud at H.D. Smith.

73 Percent of Organizations Have Invested or Plan to Invest in Big Data in the Next Two Years

Fighting Cyber Crime, America’s Secret Weapon: Defending the country from ransomware

Four Keys to Making Data Analysis a Competitive Advantage, and the Big Data ‘Ambiguity’

Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence: Renewing interest among midsize firms

Big Data in Pro Sports: Getting a competitive advantage

MIT on How Small, Simple Models Can Yield Big Insights

In Elemento’s lab, researchers are using big data techniques to analyze the genomes of tumors from patients with blood, brain, prostate, and other cancers

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