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Track This: Indoor Positioning/Mapping Meets Real Time Marketing in 2014

A couple of things happened this recently that makes me think we are on the verge on a big change in the way we use data to push marketing messages and segment desired audiences.

Over at Foursquare, an engineer and a data scientist figured out a brilliant data hack for an innovation they had been trying to develop for years – figuring out how to send tips to users when they were in a certain location automatically without any prompt based on their GPS proximity by matching a cloud of points to another.

nerd candy. some iBeacons have arrived
Nerd candy. some iBeacons have arrived (Photo: mrtruffle)

Everyone’s been admiring Apple’s iBeacon technology hold promise for a hyper-personal in-store shopping experience but over at Qualcomm, they’re about to give Apple some fierce competition in the playing field:

Use of the platform enables brands to increase sales and drive loyalty by delivering highly relevant communications while those consumers are physically present in their stores and venues. Brands using the Gimbal platform can send customized communications based on interest derived from geofence triggers and proximity triggers, all matched to inferred interests.”

Also gone mainstream: “Indoor location technology brings Internet-style tracking to physical spaces…RetailNext, a company offering ‘comprehensive in-store analytics,’ says its products are being used by 100 large retailers and in thousands of stores. Euclid also says it has 100 customers, including Home Depot.”

Indoor location services on mobile phone
Indoor location services on mobile phone (Photo: IntelFreePress)

So what will this mean in 2014? How will this change the way we analyze data and use it? It seems to me that companies who stash researchers away in silos or lack innovative and collaborative teams are likely to miss these types of new opportunities. Also something to keep track of is the privacy issues that terrify consumers but I believe those can easily be appeased by making the returns on sharing way more beneficial than the concerns and then taking the right steps to ensure that their data is safe with you.


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Foursquare Checks In to Times Square

Even if you’ve been religiously checking in to Times Square, Foursquare has a gigantic reminder to do so. The social networking site squared off with other ads by displaying, “‘Check in, find your friends, unlock your city,’ which, according to TechCrunch is the largest digital billboard in Times Square. Will you be checking in soon?

The ad is up against a myriad of visual stimuli and it just may stand out. We wonder if tourists will take note and help spread Foursquare’s presence back home? What do you think of the digital billboard?