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Live from #TMRE14: Food Futures: A Portrait of the Food Connected Generation

Being a prolific foodie, which I learned was a word with negative connotations, I was pleased to attend the Food Network and Cooking Channel VP talk about millennials from Gabe Gordon.

Talking about an interesting juxtaposition of millennials, who don’t inherently watched TV, connect with shows, celebrities and reality television. The joy of cooking is an analog and senatorial experience in the digital world for the younger generation. The joy of cooking has grown exponentially over time, as well as just the need to consume more interesting food.

In terms of drivers, Facebook remains the key driver of conversations on food, as does Pinterest for repeat sharing, ideas and inspiration. Suprisingly, a social media addict’s favorite Instagram falls to the bottom of the pack.

Some interesting factoids include

  • Consumers are hungrier – 70% of people are finding food more important than 4 years ago!
  • Roughly half of food connectors are millennials, and half of those are me. Men have a deeper relationship with food than millennial women
  • 90% of women think a man that cooks is a turn on. 77% of men find cooking makes them feel good about themselves.

Probably one of the most disturbing thoughts was that millennials like their parents and GenX don’t, which is why the family phenomenon and the learning from parents is coming back as a saving behavior via food.

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TMREtv Video: The State of Brand Insights and Engagement in Market Research

Market Research is undergoing a transformation, engagement and insights are key to successful data capture that can truly become a catalyst for impact within your company. This video medley shows a medley of key
points from thought leaders throughout the event from 2013. This video is brought to you by TheMarket Research Event (TMRE)


  • Time Wasters & Gamification:
One billion people spend at least one hour playing a video
game every day.

  • Transforming Problem Solving:
‘Design thinking is one of the most critical components for
  • Devices and Tech Innovation:

In 1975, we spent 16 hours a week in front of a screen, last year
it was 44 hours.

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Ryan Polachi is a contributing
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